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  1. Brush your teeth with baking soda. Do some oil pulling with coconut oil by rinsing your mouth with 1-2 tbsp of coconut oil for about 10-20 min.
  2. It's worry. In Chinese five element theory, the stomach is of the element of earth. The negative emotion of earth is worry. Teal has a video on worrying:
  3. First thing in the morning drink about 2 glasses of water with 1oz of raw apple cider vinegar. Drink through a straw to bypass the nasty taste. Do this every day and you will have a beautiful complexion.
  4. I used to have an issue like this when I was about 15. I asked my dentist about tasting bad breath in the back of my mouth. He said the same thing almost everyone else here did. It's most likely coming from the stomach. Pay attention to the foods you are eating. Try to eat a cleaner diet. Try to detox more too. Maybe drink more water if nothing else.
  5. Man, I love the dark poem at the beginning. I understand that your style of poetry has changed since then, but it's still really good!
  6. Haha, thanks and yes for some people a plant-based diet seems more like a trend. Tomorrow morning I will be drinking beet, lemon and apple juice from an actual juicing machine. I find that it really clears the small intestine, and to an extent the colon. I remember when I gave up gluten (white flour/wheat) I lost four pounds in less than a week!
  7. I mentioned I was gluten-free. Trust me, no flour in this body. Furthermore I clean my colon using water enemas at least once a month. How long did you fast for? How did all these changes impact/change your life?
  8. I appreciate everyone's input but this is probably the most practical advice. Do you have any sources (books, websites, youtube videos, etc.) that you can recommend to further expand on this topic? This is not a bad idea. Maybe I can explore why I felt the need to have a sexual dream in the first place. My guess is what Alex7 suggested, which is just thinking about it in general or denying desires. (I.E. giving up junk food but still wanting it)
  9. Yes I exercise for one hour, three times a week. I follow a vegan, gluten-free, sugar free, alcohol free diet. I do not typically consume preserved foods either. I doubt it's diet. I am sticking with it being linked to my sexuality as I have noticed the only times I feel fatigued are from a sexual dream or releasing sexual fluids. I'll give meditations a go. Maybe the true reason for my fatigue is not the sexuality itself, but the frustration associated with it.
  10. Okay, but if I act on my sexuality I get fatigued. Based on what you are telling me, do I need to express my sexuality in a different way? How can I express my sexuality without releasing sexual fluids?
  11. So I know this topic is late and I just posted in another one with similar issues. My advice is drink 2 oz of raw apple cider vinegar mixed with a glass of water. Drink it on an empty stomach twice a day. This works amazing for clearing acne or other skin blemishes.
  12. I found that nothing clears acne for me any better than drinking raw apple cider vinegar. Take two ounces of it, then mix it with one cup of water. Drink it through a straw to bypass the nasty sour taste. Drink this twice a day on an empty stomach. Your skin may clear so fast it could blow your mind.
  13. Intense fatigue after sexual dreams Hey everyone, To start with, I am male. I had a sexual dream last night. In this dream I experienced climax three times and had a massive amount of sexual fluid completely drenching my pants, underwear and top. When I awakened, I checked to see if I ejaculated in my physical body. I did not experience any ejaculation in physical reality, however I was still mildly erect. I had to urinate, which is presumably why I awakened. I had slept for roughly four hours at this point, so I also felt pretty groggy. I went to go urinate, then went back to bed. I had some other dreams but they were not sexual so I don't think they are relevant. Today I have been feeling lots of fatigue. I just don't feel like I have the energy to really do much of anything. I took multiple naps today only to still feel really tired. If it means anything, I used to engage in self pleasure, however I have stopped doing it for well over a month now as I had noticed every time the next day I would feel this similar feeling of fatigue. This time though I did not ejaculate physically, yet I feel so fatigued. What I am asking here is if there is any way for me to keep my energy? How can I prevent myself from having a sexual dream? I may be able to stop myself from having sex or masturbation in the physical, but I don't necessarily have control over every dream. I would appreciate any information regarding sexual energy in general.
  14. Try exfoliating your skin everyday before you shower with natural sea salt. The sea salt kills bacteria and any infection, including acne. From my experience though, I find diet plays the biggest role. Try to really limit the toxins you put inside yourself (alcohol, meat, gluten, etc.) and try to consume more fruits and veggies, preferably raw. I found that by consuming a more "clean" diet, my skin became more "clean." If you are having trouble not focusing on your acne, you can always wear makeup. Someone on here is probably going to yell at me telling me that perpetuates the problem, but this is still a vibrational universe. If you can take action steps that are pro-active (sorry, couldn't resist the pun :P) then that can be enough to change your vibration. You may find that the acne goes away faster by virtue of wearing makeup since you won't feel so insecure, focused, worried, etc. about it.
  15. It sounds like you are on the right track. I'm glad you respect your inner child's boundary to not share a certain thing until she is ready. I bet you have been doing this for a while now. Just an interesting thing I have noticed is after I integrate the memory, I ask if there are any other fractured aspects. I will see other children of the same age as the one in my memory, but they are literally a shadow. As in all pitch black like a silhouette. Sometimes their behavior creeps me out, but later it makes sense. One time I had in one memory a child sitting on the couch watching the tv, another hiding in the pantry, and the last one (which I thought was creepy at first) just standing in front of the trauma without any reaction at all, just staring at it with very minimal movements. When I asked why he was just standing there, he said it was him disassociating. That made sense, and suddenly I was able to actually see him, not just a shadow.