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    I have a hard time hearing that Heath Ledger died because of his role in The Dark Knight; this has been stated in more than one of Teal's videos. Heath had been known by his family and close friends to express that he would die young; at a soul level, he knew. He also had said that playing the Joker was the most fun he had in his career. I ask myself, 'what about all the other actors who played the Joker?' Having free will, don't we choose when we leave the physical? Most of what Teal shares resonates but not this; I feel my vibration drop when this is mentioned about Heath. I can't help but believe it would do so whether it was about him, who I happen to love, or someone else that I do not feel a pull towards. With love, M.
  2. I say ditto to what Lenika has posted above about the sound. I wish that questioners would be reminded to bring the mic closer to their mouths. It is so frustrating not hearing what they say. It is like having access to only half the workshop. Please, please, keep this in mind for us Premium viewers! Aside from this, it is an amazing experience I feel very thankful for.
  3. I so love watching these workshops, I learn so much about myself. I feel so happy to have registered as a premium user to have access. It would be much appreciated if it was required for anyone in the audience to come up to the microphone when asking a question so we the viewer can also hear it. It is frustrating to miss bits and pieces, especially when Teal replies, "yes, yes, that's it". Oh no, what is it? This is too good to miss any of it. Thank you, Teal, for this amazing work, and for your incredible generosity in sharing so much on YouTube. Love to you and your group.
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