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  1. Julie-Anne


    As someone who enjoys the BDSM world, I love Teal's explanations on Fetishes. They are very accurate! I would imagine rope would be creating a container? Beyond the endorphin rush, what is behind most of the pain play?
  2. Julie-Anne

    False Humility

    I agree! There are areas and fields within the psychology curriculum that are very helpful and necessary to learn to be effective and safe for your clients. Gesault, inner child work and many others are courses offered as part of the curriculum or as continuing education that are getting more notice and use. In Canada having a degree in Social work also lets people charge their insurance companies for it. That brings it to people who can not afford it otherwise. A degree doesn't make someone good at this kind of work, and it should not be the only thing people respect, but sometimes it is needed to help bring it to the general population.
  3. Julie-Anne

    Narcissistic Service

    I am a Massage Therapist so I am in service to others all the time. I also love my work. I am always learning different techniques to help my clients, but in doing so I feed my love of healing,my own healing, my love of learning, and I get to travel. Oh and I get paid to do it. Sacrificing self is a wonderful concept but a very short lived life style in my opinion.
  4. Julie-Anne

    Why Do You Vacation?

    My vacations are usually courses to learn new things. I get some distance from my current life to reevaluate what is working and what isn't and I get new knowledge and perspective to come back with that often encourages me to change what I do and how I think!
  5. Julie-Anne


    I know I hold myself back often. I have been rejected most of my life for what I "see" and how I act. As I work through CP I find it easier to be myself. Petosin (sp?) is so hard on a baby. It causes them to ram their little heads against a closed cervix until Mom actually dilated enough to get the head thru. It also reduces the uterus's ability to fully clear endometrial tissue. The amount of tearing with that drug goes way up and leads to problems with Mom for decades after. A natural vaginal birth has a rhythm that stimulates the baby's cerebral spinal fluid and organs to move and function normally.
  6. Julie-Anne


    I like to think I am an enlightened healer. I realize that healing myself heals the people around me, and helping them heal themselves helps heal me. I treat 21 clients most weeks so at the end of the week I usually do CP on myself for whatever the dominant issue was for that week in my clients. So far it has been working pretty well. My clients are getting better physically and mentally and so am I!
  7. Julie-Anne

    "Ask Teal" Mood

    Do you think people think of Teal as a persona instead of human? I don't know anyone who doesn't dress and act differently at work, vs with friend, vs with kids. The require different parts of us to take charge. Being conscious of which part is taking the lead is part of being authentic isn't it?
  8. Thank you so much for doing this video! I loved hearing those early stories and watching your banter and how you interact. My best friend was my girl friend for a short period. We work great as friends, but are not compatible as romantic partners. Now I help her work thru any old trauma to help her with her new relationships! Thank you from PEI!
  9. So excited for this! Very curious to watch one live and tune in to the collective!
  10. Love the joy you radiate when you remember the opera singer! And the mischievous when talking about food.
  11. Julie-Anne

    Shadow Reasons

    You see this in massage therapist as well. We usually have a history of pain and dysfunction. Any further study we do is usually based on trying to resolve our own pain so we can pass that healing on to our clients. The plus side is if you do find things that help, you start attracting those you can help!
  12. Good, bad, right, wrong. They are all subjective. They change with circumstance, culture, and time. I am working on changing it to "will this hurt anyone, myself included"
  13. Julie-Anne

    The Catalyst

    Sometimes truth is harder to face than criticism. I can understand how it would be painful on both sides of your relationships. I also think it would be worth it if it was true love. Thank you Teal for being our mirror. I know it is a painful road but you have made a huge difference in my life. I hope you continue your work.
  14. I think the only way to start to see the canvas, or love what we are painting on it, is to clear a lot of the old trauma and separation in our lives. Spiritual, self help, trauma work, or smootching puppies! I love the work you teach Teal! Thank you!
  15. Julie-Anne

    Online Livestream (Jan 2016)

    I would love to see this video promoted on Teal Tribe. I think many of the people would benefit form hearing it as much as I do!
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