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    You would have to orient yourself towards something... What goal would justify the suffering of your life? start trying to piece that together its a personal process. If the internal reality is a mirror of the external reality start with the immediate surroundings. Do you make your own bed? Is your room neat(an externalization of your mind)? do you clean your own room(are you waiting for somebody to do the awakening of your masculine for you)? do you know how to wash your own clothing? Do you know how to cook your own food? how much of your diet do you control? all of these things don't have to apply to you exactly, just another perspective. I ask these simple questions in light of how much responsibility for meeting your own basic needs do you take ownership of on a daily basis? Stop saying things that violate your own conscience. Pay attention to the things you say and do that make you feel weak, stop that. Once you have aims/goals you have moral obligations. How committed are you to the pursuit of improving .01 percent everyday in the direction of something so important to you that people will line up to see how enthusiastic you are about getting better at your passion. The moral obligation is how you achieve your aim. If you have no aim you're aimless. Sitting waiting for life to happen to you. Active vs Passive Receptive VS Adamant that the thing you want is what you are going after with everything you have. ( This is what I am currently working on within myself as well)