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    Same. Feel like I have more self awareness than ever and have processed a lot of old stuff but situation remains the same.
  2. Amairani

    Wash Your Vegetables!

    You look so beautiful, Teal! I mean, you always are but you look exceptionally beautiful in this video! A damn queen!
  3. I’m also going through this very thing right now. I have a disorganized attachment as well, with very intense avoidant tendencies a lot of the time. I would sooooo love to hear Teal speak more about this, as I’m sure it would benefit so many of us
  4. Amairani


    Yes!!! I loved this soooooo much!!
  5. Amairani

    Unconditional Presence

    What does it look like on a practical level? Does it look like keeping my focus in my own body, watching my sensations while at the same time also directing my focus on the person I’m with? I have the tendency to abandon my own self and sensations when I’m with others. So does that mean being present with both? My own sensations and internal reactions as well as having that focus on the person I’m with? Any suggestions would be truly appreciated.
  6. Yes!!!! This will be my first! So excited!!! ?
  7. Amairani


    Thank you for these gems!
  8. Amairani

    Feeling Insignificant

    Love this, thank you! Can you guys record more of these and upload them please? I would love to listen to more of this content!
  9. Amairani

    Austin Workshop 2015 - 1/5

    Thank you for uploading these!
  10. I’m the same. I have enmeshment trauma as well, so I’m working on boundaries, autonomy, and developing a sense of self. But I also feel needy for my partner at times (especially when I start to feel depressed). I assume that the reason I am this way was because I think my mom only showed me love when I wasn’t feeling good. When I’m elated, I like to be alone, away from my partner. Working on that as well. So yeah, disorganized attachment. Feels less lonely to know I’m not the only one.
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