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  1. Kevin Sun

    Testing the waters. Testing the waters.
  2. Kevin Sun

    Nice school anecdote. Much love.
  3. Kevin Sun

    I like small breasts. Well sometimes. Hehe.
  4. Kevin Sun

    This is ballsy haha. I am entertained and I relate.
  5. Kevin Sun

    Well you are the one who is uncertain. When uncertain, it is good to test what you are uncertain about. I think this is not only hard for you, but also her being caught... but you know, it's more out of curiosity and empathy that you would go ask her to explain. You could learn a thing or two about why that happened as well, and how you are incompatible. Cheers! ❤️
  6. Kevin Sun

    Chase your dreams x) It's awesome that you are scarred. Do something about it as soon as you can! I'm jealous lol.
  7. Kevin Sun

    It's not about what you want. It's about what you want in relationship with what is possible; something to think about.
  8. Kevin Sun

    UPDATE #2 As much as I have pity for us, I can't make this work. I just found out what is truly meaningful to the core (and it applies to all), thereby I see most of the people of the world as leading meaningless lives. It becomes very apparent. I wish I could make this clearer. I like your interests. They appear to be born out of awareness. I identify with them generally. However, I would suggest that you find the ''entirely meaningful'' first. I just deleted mine. I have to keep it a secret before the time is right. I now have something to do everyday, no matter the external circumstances. I am grateful for this meaning thing. What a great idea when you really think it through.
  9. Conventional psychology is very limited in my limited opinion. I just saw a video where someone was wrongfully labelled as a psychopath and spent a dozen years in a psych ward. Haha. It's retarded. As for healing others, well it depends on how. Are you doing an activity together to alleviate mutual loneliness or are you giving advice, which could be ill-conceived without decent integration? Also they might not want or need your advice at all (happens to me much).
  10. Kevin Sun

    I feel pity for all lonely people on this planet, myself included. Have a nice day. lol It's not easy to have a connection. The internet is not a tool in that sense because we all live in different areas and our interests and level of consciousness are very different. What are your interests (looking for stuff in common)? lol Just for fun.
  11. Kevin Sun

  12. Kevin Sun

  13. Kevin Sun

    Your desire is admirable, but no romance? Hmm... personally I don't like that much (character wise but whatever)--like what are your main desires? Connecting for what purpose? Do you have any specific fantasies about human connection? Food for thought.
  14. Kevin Sun

    Hey! I love your idea of creating a space for people to look for love. I have been thinking about this as well today. Also the idea of polyamory for me is exciting although I do enjoy the idea of having one main person to love and that loves me back (and uniquely me... which, is not balanced but I sort of enjoy the idea of being rather possessive)... but enough about me, I have to PM you right away so that I don't lose your contact. I'm new to this platform sort of (never truly dedicated myself to it or paid for it until now lol). I'm a person of great imagination and would love to discuss with you a bit about love and constructs that would favor love.