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  1. Right and wrong do not really apply to the concept of compatibility. I would suggest you put yourself in her shoes, become her and think like her. Use all the information and memories of signs that have been provided to you in the past. It is easy to glide over signs when we are in the enthusiasm of the moment. Again, don't be too harsh on yourself. In situations like these, the more love you create, the more you would feel better and choose to understand. Let it fill you down to the deepest nerve. Communication and listening are also crucial if possible.
  2. Why not? Why is the method so important? (rhetorical)
  3. Tiny House Builders -- Experimental Community That's the main purpose. We'll buy the cheapest land together (North America), set-up tents (because it should be enough initially and I find the idea quite awesome actually), then work on learning and building extremely cheap tiny houses, either individually or collectively (depending on how much money we have). We will possibly become level 1 friends. This skill and the tangible results can later be showcased in a Kickstarter to form your own community; that's the reward, the outcome, the desire.
  4. Yes, I think you should let her. Tell her about the points you are concerned about but coming from a frustrated young adult male, let her. Life is hard enough as it is (and I bet social dating tours is also ''work'' in some sense). We need to be open-minded enough to try new methods to find connection. At the end of the day, this is a question of specific facts (concerning the boy she met for example), not methods of connection. But hey, I'm just a guy with close to no experience when it comes to love. I just have some common sense.
  5. Kevin Sun

    Your desire is admirable, but no romance? Hmm... personally I don't like that much (character wise but whatever)--like what are your main desires? Connecting for what purpose? Do you have any specific fantasies about human connection? Food for thought.
  6. Kevin Sun

    Hey! I love your idea of creating a space for people to look for love. I have been thinking about this as well today. Also the idea of polyamory for me is exciting although I do enjoy the idea of having one main person to love and that loves me back (and uniquely me... which, is not balanced but I sort of enjoy the idea of being rather possessive)... but enough about me, I have to PM you right away so that I don't lose your contact. I'm new to this platform sort of (never truly dedicated myself to it or paid for it until now lol). I'm a person of great imagination and would love to discuss with you a bit about love and constructs that would favor love.