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    I just want to say, this comment is probably technically correct in some way BUT it was so far off, vibrationally, we don't really need to respond. How difficult is it for awakened people to filter other peoples comments out if they don't feel in alignment? I don't mean ignore to make a point, I mean why would I want to follow that? We just stop going down that road, they'll still be there - but we won't. This not something we need to know but something we need to practice. I personally love how Teal can sometimes open a whole layer of consciousness with one sentence. She has a way of evokin
  2. Ahhhh...... Now that is the question.
  3. Well there you go suggesting that Teal should get back in the box you like her to be in. What Teal is is authentic and I love that she expresses her mood honestly. The question you have to answer is - can you still respect her even in her honest imperfections? It is perfectly fine to point out what she said that offends but it is shallow to then unleash a whole garbage bag of judgment based on it. Her mood will shift again and again and not even she will always understand. It is just the box you seem to be placing her in that offends me - so I wanted you to know.
  4. I hope you read this Teal. It strikes me how confusing it is when fierce resistance shows up and we cant see how we could've attracted it into our experience. And worse yet when our enemies (a growing entity) points out that what we are attracting must be indicative of who we are. It has always been confusing to me - when I am doing so much good why would the Universe let so much resistance get in my way? As I read this blog post again it hits me - from an introspective point of view it must be an indication of how much resistance we have to the inner growth taking place. I always love t
  5. That is exactly my heart reaction! Oh what a wonderful world we will have - and it is up to each one of us to be the change now. What Teal is describing makes me hard with desire. The pieces of our unfolding world are coming together!!! Today feels really good to me and the thoughts I have attracted makes me feel exuberant. Thanks for this community, Teal.
  6. Teal I am reminded of your story of being held captive awaiting your fate - not knowing what that day held for you and being consumed with fear - and then realizing how by focusing on the ant you found peace and contentment. I feel like there is something to be learned in that story concerning this phase of your life too. I am anxious to see how fired up you are when this phase of your learning curve comes to fruition. Love!
  7. It feels oddly satisfying for me right now that there appears chaos just ahead but my vibration is in creative mode. I am piecing together parts of my puzzle. I am sensing a true calling, my deep honest desire is appearing in my mind. I am beginning to grasp more and more pieces of what my manifest purpose is; what it looks like and how it feels. I note a vibrational confidence present and from this perspective fear feels like excitement. My mind , the conversation between me and me, is resolved, I'm going over the falls. I guess basically I feel ready or I am confident that I will be foc
  8. Loved the Irish list - I identify with about 85% and it cracks me up. I love my Irish traits except for when I don't. The dream seems to work well as a metaphor for how you might be feeling about your physical role in life right now?!maybe?
  9. Teal we suffer alike in that anytime I stick my head up above the crowd i become a threat to so many groups and suffer the energy body damage. I became a social outcast 15 years ago and I've kept my head down for many years of that but now i am truly compelled to speak up for myself and my ideas. You are an exposed version of my desire and right now you are an inspiration to me. You help me guide myself. This is a very important role you play in my life, keep that in mind when you get down please. thank you for being so tough and fearless.!!... I am here too. My experience in being topi
  10. Thank you for writing like this, it opens up imagination so. From your fox perspective I grasp reality of the divine nature experiencing itself. I admire your fearless journeys through consciousness. In your writing about them I feel deeply the experience and that is liberating. I love your adorable, vulnerable fearlessness. I admire your fierce courageousness and determined intention. What you are is so validating for me and I am so grateful for your presence in my life. Thank you Teal.
  11. I adore floating in this concept of inter-dimensional realities with you as my guide Teal. I am one who at 4-6 years of age was horrified by consensus reality as I was losing my imaginal self to the collective. My dreams had been so beautiful before i was indoctrinated with the horror of the angry god of Southern Baptists Dogma. They believed it was important to scare children out of Hell early. I guess that no matter what they think they believe - their technique is clearly designed to use fear as a motivation for relationship with Christ. For me the reality of Hell and my obvious guilt creat

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