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  1. It's JUST PAPER! http://cachepoker.titanbet.co.uk/sites/default/files/pictures/tarot-cards.jpg
  2. YOD

    You're describing Cannabis Indica. If you ever come across some Sativa (Cannabis Sativa) strains such as White Widow, I would urge you to try it again. You'll find your response to it will be very different than the Indica (which is traditionally associated with "relaxation" and lethargy.) Sativa has almost stimulant-like properties.
  3. YOD

    Nope. Proud Omnivore/Ex-Vegan.
  4. YOD

    Sex is always a surprise when you're with me
  5. 1. The colored text is a feature built into the forum software. 2. Teal/the developer she hired for her site allows us to use colored text, so I choose to do so. 3. The red is an appropriate color for illuminating Krogi's bullshit claims and drawing attention to straight up lies in his words. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. 4. Krogi was trolling my topic - seeing as he did not provide anything to debunk my points about Feminism, nor did he include any of his own opinions on the topic. In other words, he came to this Anti-Feminism topic, did not contribute to the conversation in any way and took a big steaming dump everywhere, while e-slandering me with claims of non-existent alts (AKA "lies.) Is that a sufficient enough explanation for you as to the purpose of Colored Text or do you require more words? Feel free to PM me if you found your comprehension to be lacking. I'd be a pussy if I didn't defend myself from keyboard warriors, Pro-Feminist faggots Regressives like him. Lying = INSTANTLY NON-CREDIBLE
  6. I still haven't seen 1 example of the Mandela Effect that isn't someone with poor memory recollection or poor biology/science/geography background. As per the NYC-landmarks video, it's laughably wrong. I live in NYC and none of the landmarks have been moved around (but I guess I'm just one of those brainwashed Anti-Mandelas that wasn't paying attention to street signs until I heard about this supposed Effect.) --- P.S. calling something an "Effect" without a "Cause" means it's not an "Effect." The Mandela Effect as it's currently framed, has no "Effect" or "Cause" it just changes some letters around on certain consumer goods and PRODUCTS. --- Sorry friends, I know we want so strongly to believe that (a few years ago, on a quiet night) CERN activated a Parallel Dimensional Portal and some of the lucky souls on Tealswan forums got sucked into an Alternate Timeline where: BERENSTEIN BEARS = BERENSTAIN BEARS But this is simply not the case. -You're not a cross-dimensional Time Traveler. -You're not in a Parallel Universe (Because there's no such thing as a Parallel Universe lol and no scientist alive has been able to demonstrate the mathematical-existence of one let alone physical proof.) -You're not a special snowflake who remembers the "universe as it really WAS." Accept that you're boring and mundane, drop the pretense and individuality and rejoin Oneness. Debunking Mandela Effect: 1. Is the person older than 22? Ageism aside, most pre-college grads don't pay fine attention to anything so their opinion is virtually useless. Many people in their early 20s think they have the world figured out to a substantial degree - this is extremely unlikely considering ancient Mystery schools often held initiates for a minimum period of 10 years after puberty and in the modern era, most of us aren't Freemasons or Illuminati so we have to do this "Initiatory Period" on our own. 2. Did the person suddenly pick up Sacred Geometry, biology and Global History late in life, even though they failed those subjects in school and were bad at math during actual MATH CLASS? 3. Can the person genuinely demonstrate good LONG-TERM MEMORY RECOLLECTION? 4. Does the person have any First-hand experience dealing with these "Altered" cross-dimensional objects? (i.e. do they own any Berenstain Books, do they live in the city where they claim landmarks have been moved around?)
  7. I'm not "disagreeing with you." I"m telling you you're incorrect. If you just let go of your ego sufficiently to accept someone else's feedback, you'll see I'm not trying to invalidate you or your opinions, just trying to point you in the right direction, since you seem to be quite lost on this particular issue. My knowledge also comes from years of research (I know how to Google just as well as you do, ) but the difference between us is that I'm willing to let go of concepts I thought I understood correctly - but your research shackles and imprisons you into forced beliefs, beliefs you are unable to let go of when the time is right to modify/update your pre-existing information stored within your physical brain. ------------------- --------------
  8. Not everyone gets to decide on an Objective version of reality. (Just because I Say the moon is made of cheese doesn't make it true.) Parallel Universes don't exist unless/until someone tears a hole in spacetime and photographs it.
  9. Still alive. Baked some chocolate muffins today, so the spells mustn't have been very effective.
  10. Catch him in the act again. 1.. Tell him "I'm going out for groceries! I'll be back in an hour." 2. And then hide in your closet or under your bed. 3. Also record the aftermath for us.
  11. Sorry, but there's no such thing as Parallel Universes. I know it's cool to believe in Sci-Fi and weird myths like black holes and Parallel Universes, but it's just not real and has no basis/microcosmic-equivalent in reality. Refer to my post in the Parallel Universes thread:
  12. People that are Anti-Voting are Anti-Democracy. (i.e. Communists/Autocrats/Authoritarian/Dictatorial) The same people that "REFUSE" to Vote are the same ones that just turned 18 or have never voted in their life - so nothing changed, in actuality. It is VERY POSSIBLE to change local/state laws by Voting. Examples: Marijuana Legalization in California Marijuana Legalization in Oregon Marijuana Legalization in Washington Marijuana Legalization in Florida Medical Marijuana in NYC US/Nation-wide Gay Marriage (it's still an accomplishment for the legislative/judicial process, even if you don't agree with the premise of gay marriage.) Prop-8 passed in California, which more than 80% of Blacks/African-Americans voted YES on (which is why I wouldn't ever consider blacks as allies of LGB/T communities) I acknowledge my examples aren't particularly diverse, but those 6 things show the POWER THAT VOTERS HAVE WHEN THEY SET A GOAL AND HAVE THE NUMBERS. @AngelRose147 This woman is correct - Voting with your Wallet is just as important as voting for local government. But good luck Voting With Your Wallet if the entire Democratic system collapses and we regress to a anarcho-communist Orwellian society.