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    gorgeous! I love this photo
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  3. Releasing yourself from possession states? I just tried channeling a part of myself and I can feel some it is still here after I repeated: "I release myself from this possession state." Is there anything else I can try to release myself fully? Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks
  4. Dollhouse Vision - sound familiar? I have this weird experience with my vision. Does any of it sound familiar to you? Faces are extremely clear and everyone looks breathtakingly beautiful. Everything feels closer and farther away at the same time. I have less of an awareness of my body and of my mind. I feel like I’m looking at everything through a window. When I start to feel it fading away I can get it back by meditating. I’ve felt it “turning on”, so to speak, even with my eyes closed. I can feel my awareness shifting and my body expands. This is one way that I know it’s not just a shift in the way I see but I total shift in my awareness. When I first used to get it I really only noticed the shift in sight. I can stay in the present without much effort. I just have to let it be. It’s been brought on by times when I felt really connected or focused. Examples of this are when I’m in a conversation and I’m making eye contact with someone as we both discover something about our situation or ourselves. If I’m really focused on reading or writing it turns on.
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    I've heard about the right side of the body being masculine but I hadn't heard about the forward action. I'll say that makes a lot of sense because I've been resisting changing a lot of areas of my life and moving forward... Gotta work on that! Thank you, Michael. I appreciate your support but I really didn't know what it meant! Still, I love that you would back up my intuition.
  6. does anyone know what this means? (Reiki experience!) When I recently had Reiki done to/with me, the practitioner held her hands on my crown chakra and an electric-like pain rain through my right side only - my left side felt practically nothing. All ideas/intuition/knowledge invited could look this up online but or in a book BUT I'm gonna go straight for my need for community! 🤗