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  1. The “captcha k THING on the question page was NOT my friend this morning so I’m posting my question for the Synch workshop HERE .....

    With so many “realities in play” now , how the HELL do I attract ,find, engage with / in MY TRIBE?

    I have been in participation with  the nouns ,(person,places and things ) ACTIVELY for over a decade! ( @ least half of that linear space devoted to your & yours) 

    This includes being/ loving myself AUTHENTICALLY !

    All of which has either cast such a HUGE fucking resistance shadow, that I nearly explode on entry ! 
    which I surmise means that I’ve not only gone through that shadow of resistance, but that I’ve gotten sucked in to a world NOT compatible with my  the design I’m intended for! .

    It serves no viable expansive purpose for all those involved to keep this game alive when the ends DO NOT justify the means! Besides, even with my (more often times than not) comedic prowess , even the laughs start to sound “canned” ! 
    I need  ( & actually , am entitled to) a REASONABLE  ACCOMMODATION to waylay and dismiss this lonely anatomy to which I’m unwillingly having to participate with! ( hey I didn’t get the book  deal! Sorry 😕 )

    Now what Teal? I’m ready to commit to TRIBE!

    Oh, &  as per your “note “ to me.....I have never (nor will I ever) stop seeking!

    stace ( aka breeze)

    1. Pastor George

      Pastor George

      Stace you sound very frustrated. When I have felt this way I have found it works best to let go of all my expectations and try to step back and see the bigger picture. This has shown me where the options and opportunities are for movement or growth and helped me overcome my feelings of anger and frustration.



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