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  1. Teal you said that water picks up vibrational energy like MIRRORS!?! please (x 3 ) elaborate on the mirror thing! ive been in the UNFUN HOUSE of mirrors from HELL for several years now....all along thinking it was an exterior vibratory influence ..... ....if I’m the one that is in causation, I need some help please!
  2. Say β€œpeanut soup” 3x fast! (well not TOO fast!) (I’m allergic to p nuts)
  3. Blake the shirt under your sweater TOTALLY EXPLAINS the dress a galpal gave me yesterday. Thanks for keeping the β€œleader board” in The Parallel, parallel with the board leader! oh, & far be it from ME to apply an unhealthy meaning to things! ,
  4. Teeeeeeeal...... your β€œlook” for this daily! Very β€œ Stardust Gypsy-Hip”! Totally β€œ Depeche Mode β€œ ! (aka fast fashion) & D.Bowie! Love, Ziggy
  5. Oh BS! vejls & filters! smoke & mirrors! cheap parlor trick & AR OVERLAY
  6. Killer Cool room yur in for this vid Teal....looks like below deck on a BITCHEN SAIL BOAT! & of course this update is in TRUE alignment with my be-ing today . I questioned the likelihood ( having satisfied the sense of a β€œsuccessful β€œ potentiality ) of a relationship I’m β€œcurrently” aligned with. She spoke of rooting for the β€œUS” . Of a β€œclean happy”. Of adventure in sailing the Sea. I mused the perfection in her answer! Knowing that this encapsulated how the journey of the goal offers just as much adventure as achieving it opens up new journey! t
  7. OM FN GAAAAW! ( & the beat goes ON! thank you Sunny & Sher)
  8. β€œWeeeeell.......THAT explains THAT !! (.....& that & that & especially THAT!)” ....says ME ! ( coming to you LIVE from Calif’s Central Coast ~SLO)
  9. Ha! it! ( looks like AiYogi had synced us up again Teal) You!
  10. Peace & Light for your β€œDNA” family for the Earthly loss Teal.
  11. β€œLife Hacks”... ...”Love/Relationship Hacks” (ESPECIALLY for those if us that have no gender bias) Team!
  12. Is there something I can do to recognize a dead end / under fulfilled potential BEFORE I beat my head against the wall or worse fall in love with the IDEA of said potentiality , & the subsequent brain injury or broken heart?
  13. Ok, I HAVE to chime in on this one! Talk about a trigger puller! Teals comment on we being Life and how we are lived through ( something to that affect) makes me crazy bc of the exposure to a currency I’ve had over this past decade . Currency both in the monetary fashion & a vibrational one Both however producing a shadowy greedy β€œlow rent” sorta feel that makes otherwise β€œnormal β€œ people act in degrading ways towards themselves and others AND actually participate AND PROMOTE criminal acts and behaviors.....all under the guise of inter active video games(& or journeys, puzzl
  14. How can I get a " specific read" on which door is actually a brick wall? please please please

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