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  1. You two have such a special bond! I loved hearing about how you met, and became so close through the years. Blake is SO funny and seems so incredibly kind! ? Teal your just flat out amazing! Thank you both for doing this video!
  2. opalskies

    Peak Narcissism

    So grateful for you and all your incredible teachings, Teal! I do relate to what you are saying in this video. I grew up near L.A, eventually moving away, it all became too difficult to stay. You are a gift for all who finds you as a Spiritual Leader in this lifetime! Sending your courageous heart much love. ?
  3. opalskies

    Life Changing

    This is one of my favorite daily updates. A gift you both are to this Universe. Thanks for sharing, Teal!
  4. opalskies


    You and your insightful teachings are a gift to the future of this planet.
  5. opalskies

    "Ask Teal" Mood

    You Teal, are a unique, brilliant, courageous being. For those that may be wondering, like the rest of us, with humanly moods that vary. Authenticity, Teal actually lives what she teaches.
  6. opalskies

    Online Workshop - January 2019

    This workshop was so incredible. I loved it so much! Thank you Teal, and to your Team as well! ???
  7. opalskies

    Always Work Mode

    Sending Christmas cheer and love to you both, and the tribe! ?️
  8. You two are the cutest. ? Star Wars is one of my favorites also!!!
  9. opalskies

    What Are Angels?

    Ohhhh I love this! ?
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