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  1. Kittie

    Teal On Candy

    I never could appreciate the texture of cotton candy. My face retaliates when I eat sugar. It breaks out in acne
  2. Kittie

    Holding On To The Past

    I am opposite of positive nostagia. I have known people, including my father and former spouse, who were so positively nostalgic that it caused me to feel disgusted by both of those men. I also feel disgust with “friends” who are too positively nostalgic. . I have made concerted efoort to stay away from or out of being positively nostalgic so that I can be here now and expand my self. I am wondering if I am receiving this message from Teal today to offer me comfort from these past relationships that have ruined my ability to have any more relationships now?
  3. Kittie


    What the ?! How amazing is that?! Everyone on our planet should be able to eat well! What an experience this would be.
  4. Kittie

    Talking About Other Dimensions

    Makes sense. This also helps me appreciate good ol’ 3D a little more. Trying to explain Earth puts us in a position where we have to look at so much of what we think makes up the planet It’s actually quite miraculous. And so many, many, many things to try to put in a description. Probably almost impossible to do so.
  5. I do not know these Pleiadians, but I am eternally grateful they are willing to assist in any way to help our lives and life-lessons be less painful.
  6. Kittie


    Plus, I know there is a goddam hierarchy and I am always somewhere close to the bottom of it. That is why I HATE THE WHOLE IDEA OF HIERARCHY!
  7. Kittie

    If You Were A Drug...

    If I were the drug that people took, the side affect would be loss of energy, confusion and irritability after “enjoying” a long conversation with me.
  8. Kittie


    I am soooooooooooo looking forward to your take on Alcoholism AND the 12-step program. I have two opposing sets of thoughts on each of these topics! I am a professional counselor in the substance use treatment field and if you think working with the clients is challenging, let me tell you that the biggest challenge is working alongside the other “professionals”!!!
  9. Kittie

    Get Unstuck

    Ugh! I just had a facebook commenter (and I mean like a day or two BEFORE You posted this!), say something about me being in a bubble. I didn’t like it, felt offended and like a very mature 1st grader told her that my bubble was stretchier than her bubble. Someday I hope to actually grow up and find peace within. Sigh
  10. Kittie

    Independence Day

    Thank You Teal. About an hour before you posted, I had posted a little July 4th rant on my own page. I then logged off because I thought I would get some hate from my flag-waving friends. I think I ticked several of them off waaaaay before yesterdays post though. I think maybe I have half a dozen followers anyway. My big point is that several hours later when I felt brave enough to check back, I saw your post! I felt such relief and validation! Teal, you are a great soul-buddy! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and very hard-earned wisdom. You are adding immensely into my life! I pray that you may have true joy, love and happiness always!
  11. Kittie

    Codependents are Narcissists

    Well, the jig is up, then! That is me, through and through! I am an asshole! This explains why people repel from me, and I from them. Fu#@! So now what?
  12. Kittie

    Energy Technology

    I need to find a new way of making a living! Thank you for the inspiration Teal.
  13. Kittie

    Medium Roast

    I love coffee! I have tendency to run on the depression side of the personality spectrum. 2 cups of Coffee lifts my mood for the whole day! I have tried many other ways to lift my spirits and coffee is what works. I can't drink more than two or three cups in a 24 hour period though or it makes me feel anxious. Fresh roasted like that sounds awesome. I read somewhere that the lighter the roast, the stronger the coffee. Hell, I don't know. But, I do need to make my coffee connection on the daily though.
  14. Kittie


    Love road trips. Going "back home" is a weird thing for me. Thank you for letting us in a little bit Teal, et al. Love you guys!
  15. Kittie

    Teal's Childhood Home

    Thank you, that was wonderful. I hope someone got a photo of Graciela bringing the horsies to you What (weird, subtly intense) feelings this must have brought up. Wow, thank you for sharing this?
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