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  1. Very nice track. Why not? i liked it. Thank you for sharing with us here!
  2. Jeez girl... definitely go see another doctor ! Hugz
  3. How does one know true Sexual Power? What does full Sexual Power looks like? What does it feel like? How does one know when it is true or not? Once one proudly claim his/her erotic self, it doesn't just continue happening on its own. You have to use your Mind to channel sexual energy to keep the flow going. The way I see it Sexual Power is not just who I am in bed, although that's an aspect of it. There has to be a blend with Spiritual Power as well. Isn't it what gives it a turn on and makes it continuously go like a wave or an impulse ? Because otherwise Sexual Power gets abused, or used to hurt others, manipulate, make conquests, or used for pleasure at the expense of others. Sexuality is not a constant state. It has its phases and aspects. That's why I find my Mind is so helpful in cultivating it. When I caught myself on how much I am depended on my own Mind.. I cried... For the first time I started appriciate my Mind for what it is instead trying to cut my head off. I think it is incredibly important , especially in relationships , to be able to tell your partner (and also allow yourself to be told) that one is going "off course ". which is why I am so grateful for my husband , for the wonderful Man that he is. The level of attractiveness decreases when one acts unattractively and this eventually leads to decrease of his/her Sexual and Spiritual Powers. I came to the conclusion that the quickest way to ignite one's Sexual Power is by observing it! There is nothing like that feeling of knowing that You are being seen and recognized by another for the great and beautiful things you do. Love each other and Ignite each other Garnet ❤
  4. Very interesting video above . While I was watching it an image poped in my head. I had the picture of this car on the wall beside my desk when i was a student. The image wasn't something i was attached to in a way like i had to have this car, no, although i do remember saying that yes, this is my dream car or something like this. The car was more of my visual focus and every time i looked at it I felt what i needed to do.
  5. Maybe it's the energy of kundalini is calling you.
  6. Maybe there is a certain benefit of the outcome the person chooses to have? Health has always been an inspiration and a topic for discussion for many regardless of the condition .
  7. With me it depends on the content of the book. If it's something that i don't really want to read but feel like i have too... yes, my mind will come up with hundreds of other distractions or even very important things to do. Sometimes i read in portions. I stop to digest and discuss it with others untill i fully satisfied and then i can easily move on to the next chapter.
  8. For everyone
  9. Loud dreams/noise/sound Is there any noise /sound (sometimes repeated ) that particularly stands out to you in your dreams? I was running away from a woman that was trying to hurt me physically . Finally i got into a small bathroom . Closed the door, sit down with my back against it and with my legs against the toilet. I heard her going through the tool box (metal sound) . The picture of her doing that appeared like a projector around my 3rd eye area and I saw her taking an axe. The thought flashed through my mind: "if i don't move the axe is going to get into my back. I need a window ". The image disappears and i see a huge glass window in front of me. As she hits the door with the axe I go through the window and the loud noise of a shattered glass wakes me up. As I open my eyes my husband's phone starts ringing . Not the alarm. His older daughter was calling using Line. I turned around to reach my phone and look at the time. In my next moment I see a phone in my hands , I swipe it like i usually do and take it off the airplane mode. Suddenly Skype is on and my mom starts talking to me. I can't say much because I realized that I was not at home. I don't know where I am. It is a different house and much larger then I expected it to be. There are many people around I don't even know (perhaps distant family members ?) and so much noise around that I can't even respond properly . I asked mom to give me a few minutes to find a place where i can hear her. Finally I am in a room and everything started fading there: noise , people , light. I look at the screen and keep saying "Mom?" but there is only silence in return . She did not hang up but was not saying anything either . So i just kept looking at the white screen untill I woke up again. Note: my mom never physically done anything to me. All the issues we were solving verbally . A while ago I fell asleep around 6 pm . I was cold and got under the covers. Just before I fall asleep i often hear a lot of noise . Images flash through my head that mostly don't make any sense . Sometimes I hear music or a song and then it gets louder and louder. In that particular day in my dream i was standing in front of the swimming pool. I remember taking a deep breath and jumping into the water. Then everything went into a slow motion . I remember the sound of the water, then the vacuum silence . The water was clear and i could see the white tile. Then I felt being pushed out of the water. The noise returned and as I took a deep breath again I was jolted out of this dream back into my bed. I woke up fully when i realised that I was no longer in the water but under the comforter "swimming " in the same way I would do in the water. And it was only one hour dream))
  10. Just wanted to remind of what you already know))
  11. Well... yeah... isn't it why we are here in the first place? to connect the separate ?
  12. I don't understand what's so special about chats? can someone please explain me? There are pm option always available. Or other apps and platforms . I am not sure if TT was the same place if the majority of the users here were sitting in chats 😄
  13. Thank you everyone for replying . Whether everything is already written or not it is up to every person to find out. I think at the end of the day whatever comes to the mind probably means that it found its way and place to be there. So by paying at least the slightest attention or observing it as a potential "warning ", when our light touches it we instantly give it a choice. ❤
  14. I don't see it either . Not sure where it went. @GabijaCij ?
  15. Could you please post a link so i can see what you see?