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  1. Garnet

    How does she explain this?
  2. Garnet

    Being affectionate is not hard. Never go days without affection. It can turn into a habbit.
  3. Garnet

    @MistaRender I will never apologize for the disgusting way your sick mind twisted my words.
  4. Adam, Your comment above was flagged and I would like to adress website rules for you here that way I know you saw and read it. If you think that for some reason your comment does not fall into any of the categories, please let me know. As of now I am giving you a strike for disrespectful attitude and cyber bullying. If anyone has something else to say, you are welcome to leave a comment and/or suggestions. I'll be glad to hear back from the community. In the meantime, thank you for the attention. Hope everyone is doing good and enjoying warm summer and all it has to offer. Garnet
  5. Garnet

    Masculine and Feminine are equally important. But are we truly equal in our skills, abilities.... physicality?.. hell, no This is our difference. And it needs to be embraced in my opinion. As it was said in the video, masculine is a forward moving energy. I feel that a lot of it begins with how a man responds to a woman. Especially when she goes over the edge. Your ability to put a woman back on her place and voice your own opinion in a very constructive manner is usually what is needed for this. She may not admit her faults right away and that's okay as long as she does it later. The point is that you are not a little boy and she needs to respect the man you are. So if a nice guy is poorly treated by women it's because he allows it to be this way. And then it gets worse with time because a man is quiet about it. Unblock that. My suggestion next would be to set plans and goals in life, know your dreams. Get yourself a decent notebook where you can write down this even if it's just 1 sentance at a time. This can be as simple as cleaning your garage by Sunday to becoming the President. Don't use sticky notes as they often get lost. Planners work well too and it is easy to see the progress as months go by. In fact I think it is vital for a man to be able to see and track his own accomplishment. This is the healthiest form of competition that I currently know of because the only man you compete with is you yourself.
  6. Garnet

    Good story. This would be great if people actually get together.
  7. Garnet

    Of course, this not your responsibility to take care of your nephew. You have different priorities in life. But you are free to spend time with your nephew when you feel compelled to do so. And yes, that would also give your sister and her husband some time alone, which is a very valuable gift for many parents. Also why does your mother ask you to do that? Grandparents usually don't mind spending time with grandchildren unless their parents overstepping something and/or pushing responsibility for their child onto someone else.
  8. I think it depends how one deals with change. People don't like to feel uncomfortable and often would rather stick to a familiar pattern than to try something different.
  9. Garnet

    Have you read his book and watched YouTube videos? How long has it been since you started your general cleansing? Do you still eat junk foods? Having clean system will make you super sensitive to your old habits, so please consider this prior doing this. I haven't done the cleanse the way it described in the book. I have a feeling that a major cleanse like this should be done with a guidance to help a person stay within realistic limits and avoid potential sideaffects. Here is a page with a caution note
  10. Garnet

    Power Position. According to Feng Shui the desk in the office suppose to be facing the door. This way you are welcoming the incoming energy. It is advised to place golden items in the office room; hang motivational images and quotes to bring more success, money and abundance. They also say that it is not a good idea to have photos of your family and/or your social life in the office. Instead choose images to focus on that you want to achieve like new house, car, vacation.... => vision board.
  11. Garnet

    Feng Shui There is a 1-hour masterclass on Feng Shui offered by Mind Valley. It is free if anyone is interested, the link is under the video when you open it through YouTube. I am new to Feng Shui. Space sense is fascinating to me. I can definitely feel the difference in my mood and productivity. It bothers me when things seem to be out of order, proportion, color.... etc. Funny, navigating outside the home can be a nightmare for me, so thank you Universe for the built-in GPS into the phone. Has anyone tried FS? Or perhaps you regularly use it? Share your results and experiences here!
  12. I can see that... yes. And as far as relationships go... I think it is important at least to have a sense of direction to which you steer the boat and it has to be the same direction as the other person's. What you described reminds me of situation when for ex, you want to buy something but can't make a decision... perhaps money issue or any other doubt. So you don't buy it. Then you go back to the store and the item is still there... sitting on the shelf and starring back you. Or when that store is finally out, you go to another one and omg... there it is again. It's like you can't get away from it because it reminds you if its own existance and keeps nagging. So unless you find a way and deliberately "kill" the intention and erase the original purpose signal.... only then you can forget about it. Untill then there's not much you can do.