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  1. @vincent one of the things that keeps people going (like in those in the movies) is the thought "what if...": what if they find a cure. What if tomorrow something changes and etc. Unfortunately this is what also happens to their love ones after they gone - and it is devastating to think that if a people would have waited just a little longer everything could have been different . But you never know for sure.
  2. I just watched a movie "Me before you" a few days ago. The movie is very beautiful and tragic at the same time. A girl was taking care of a paralysed man as her job, they fell in love but he chose death over giving this relationship a chance . It may seem like a very selfish choice but you have to watch the movie to understand it. Honestly , while the movie itself was emotionally very deep I wish they would have shown more of a true reality of someone in a wheelchair 24/7. I 've had a similar experience once and I can honestly say that was the most difficult job I've ever had both physically and emotionally. I was taking care of a 21 year girl who had a mind of a 3 year old. She could barely see, didn't speak, but was able to crawl a little bit. She could also respond to two languages (engl./spanish) and this was very helpful because i needed her to cooperate with me when i was getting her in and out of a chair. But it was still very-very difficult and i ended up hurting my back while giving her a bath. She was born this way so she didn't know any difference. In reality it takes at least 3-4 people to take care of a completely paralysed man. And they need to be alternated too because the majority of this care is literally cleaning and preparing the area around. It is far from a movie and it takes a lot of time . Not to mention how psychologically difficult it is for those who do know the life before. When a person like this looses his hope and doesn't see himself living as is ....there is not much you can do. All he can think about is freeing himself and everyone around him.
  3. Everything is possible 😊
  4. You did what you felt was right. The man didn't even ask you anything .
  5. @Tony P what a great explanation ! thanks for sharing it here! I would like to add from my personal experience i have noticed that the soul/twin/group flame relationship is a lot lot like the relationship that you would see sometimes between people from 2 or more different cultures . I don't know if anyone noticed but often people with different backgrounds understand each other better than those who are from the same place and speak the same language . I think it's because people are putting more effort to understand one another and remember each others differences which in return always form a much deeper connection .
  6. Sometimes i wonder if in the future i would have to do shadow work on the shadow work i am doing today😄😄😄
  7. I feel that your first slogan is not very harmonic )))
  8. Thank you @sparklinghueman! very helpful !❤
  9. I think a lot of it depends on how the generations are being brought up. Also it's possible that if you stopped doing something then it's because it is no longer feels authentic to you not because that was your true authentic self. We all evolve overtime.
  10. Go to your settings /account settings /settings area => display name
  11. Do you believe you create all of your obstacles? I have a hard time believing that. Applying shadow work process usually shows what potential issue(s) might be but there is clearly something else is out there if shadow work doesn't make any sense when issues don't match or aren't issues anymore . If the Universe has its own plan set up then it is obviously invisible to me from where I stand. Is it some kind of mental block that is put there with its own purpose ? If so then how do I understand its purpose and thus make it visible to help myself at least see what I am working with. ❤
  12. Thank you @sparklinghueman i will definitely look into all that! my current diet is clean. Mostly fresh fruit &vegetables / lightly cooked (i don't like my food cooked to death) . Very few processed foods here and there.... What is maca powder taste like?
  13. Only if you are not afraid to loose him as a friend. Remember that once you tell him and if he doesn't feel the same.... i doubt you'll be hanging out again... if he cares, of course .
  14. Okay, this is a little bit funny but i know a couple and i know that they met on the internet . I don't follow much of their stuff but my husband gets notifications of their tweets and then tells me about it and honestly even after 10+ smth years it looks like this is the way they still communicate and understand each other 😄
  15. I think it boils down to would you do what you think is authentic to you when you're not alone and still be happy? or would you do it differently ?