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  1. Let's imagine that LoA is obsolete. What would that leave us with? I actually miss LoA the way it used to be for me because I knew that by vertue of focus I could manifest anything and/or bring it closer. At the same time I am not saying that it is not. The problem that I encountered is that quick manifestations are often not tangible and/or very obstract and it leaves me with the void I haven't understood yet. And I know other people who experience the same thing. We can work on the shadows for a lifetime. But to say that one doesn't get what he wants because of the shadows aspect is like marking the person up for a failure. And I am not buying into that BS. Everyone has the right and freedom to experience that what they want at least one time to know if they truly want it again. The problem is that not everyone wants to be responsible for the consequences of that what they want.
  2. Has he introduced you to his family&friends? If you/him feel embarrassed by the age aspect or anything else your relationship is doomed to be a secret. That's type of embarrassment is awful imo. My husband is older than I am by 17 years and we never allow this to be an issue. Perhaps your feelings are not 100% genuine. And if they are then you need to carry it with confidence, respect and protect from any evil remarks. The more you stand up for each other, the stronger the relationship gets.
  3. It is very-very seldom that friends and/or couples can work together without stepping on each other's toes. Besides that, many people tend to take jobs that they really don't want, so that adds more to the problem and creates conflict of interests. Mutual interests are one of the best bases for any long-term relationships. It would be great if it's work related, but how many of you had success with that? Not, unless you are able to stick with that. The same goes for anything you are able to do outside the work place. @kimboisvert what else do you like doing besides work? Where do you like going? A few months ago I got a gym membership and met potential girls I could hang out with while taking classes there. Unfortunately I didn't know the instructor was only temperary, so the relationships progressed to nowhere as the result, but I might have more luck in the future.
  4. I agree on this. At the same time I wish it was like that. Unfortunately many people the higher the rank, the more they try to solve their personal issues through others. Wish they lived what they preach about and be a better example instead of dragging the rest in a hole and blaming them for it.
  5. Well... since you are here and brought this up, looks like you want to get it off your chest... What's going on? Work isn't always the best place. You are new there, so it is completely understandable.
  6. My first thoughts. This most likely has to do with our sense of being included. Inclusion with parents => inclusion with the world. Then there has to be a concept of space. Or understanding how big is the space that is shared by family members. When a small child begins to recognize that space has a certain limit, he can stay alone because he knows where exactly his parents are - in the next room/kitchen/etc. However it is different when one or both parents are away.
  7. @Melody Sky Imagine your worst case scenario and what would you do then. When you find your way out of there, anything is possible.
  8. There are 24 hours in one day. You work 8. Perhaps sleep 8 hours a day on average. What do you do with the rest of your 8 hours? If you want to change your life start right there! Many people get caught in working so many hours that they barely see the sun. When you start prioritizing what's more important, what actually gives life and not sucks it out, the work begins rearranging itself to accommodate the lifestyle you see yourself living.
  9. If you ate something and didn't know what that was how would you distinguish the difference? Only when a child can conceptualize what animal is, then he can make a choice. This also depends on a child's vocabulary. You know about those picture cards? I still don't know how people pass the stage with hot-dog.... that was a nightmare for us.
  10. I do. Although it is definitely interesting to think about. As it was mentioned above : We have cats and what's interesting is that they actually prefer raw frozen dog food over raw frozen cat food.... Typical raw frozen cat food is mainly meat, skin and grounded bones. And raw frozen dog food is approximately 50% animal/50% vegetable ingredients which i was pleasantly surprised to find out as I was adding greens to my cat food to make it more appealing. P.S. I go for a chicken as the main source of meat as this would be the closest animal a cat could catch with bare paws. Fish is next when life on land gets tough. Why they use beef is a good question.
  11. The equipment looks familiar. In my experience the led vest was the only thing that was used. Nobody seems to worry about the head.
  12. Originally Hulk is a character that was hit by massive amounts of gama-reys and it resulted in accelerated growth. So, yes, I'd be angry too. Explore if you relate to this. It takes more strength to look at yourself then at someone else.
  13. Babies. Can anyone distinguish the difference? To say that someone is 100% this or that would be the same as recording your own perception onto that person. And in case if it is a baby, you are playing with the free will and taking the choice that the baby may have had.
  14. The ability to observe and understand multiple timelines at the same time brings us closer to a more objective truth.
  15. Never underestimate the children. You only mentioned it once.