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  1. You can do whatever feels like best to do and still feel miserable! The difference is an overal quality of your life. If what you do brings the quality of your life up, you are most likely to continue going into that direction of improvement. That means you are doing what you feel is best from a place of love. If the quality of your life is degrading, than you are doing your best from a place of hate and ignorance. And if it seems like your life is going to Nowhere.... than you most likely stuck doing the same thing over and over again living the Ground hog day every single day.
  2. I think most people can relate to animal's pain because they recognize the color of their own blood. It is different with plants and insects but that doesn't mean they don't have blood. Their blood is different.
  3. I hope you feel better and welcome to the tribe!
  4. Hello @vincent @Mai-da Thank you for bringing this issue up. I completely understand your concern around the repeated posts along with mentioning the same dating website. Unfortunately we couldn't decide what to do with it at this point since there is nothing against the website violation. I would like to revisit this again and see what can be done. Garnet
  5. Love is very powerful. To love is like recognizing your own healing power. To feel being loved is like recognizing the healing power of the other.
  6. Where are you all coming from? If that website is so great that you keep promoting it here, then why it doesn't assist you with any relationship issues/questions?
  7. First I froze. Then I got motion sickness 😭
  8. AshleyLyn, as long as that⬆️ is your belief , you're not capable of this job.
  9. The only time that I can think of consistency as crucial and necessary is when life(s) depends on it. For ex, when constructing a building, dosing medication, creating a safe product etc.
  10. Hello again! Have you tried to plan your day by small sections like 5-10-15 min at a time or hour /two If it's a movie for ex. It was in one of Teal's videos. Don't remember what it was about but the point is to ask yourself what would you like to do next; what would make you feel good(or better) in the next 5-15 min and so on. I still use it today and it has been a life changer and helped me understand and reconnect with my child self.
  11. If that what you realized doesn't change anything, please remember to not beat yourself up on that mirror and take steps towards different changes in your life.
  12. Hey Violet Dove! Didn't see your comment. Here it is! @JeskaFaye you are welcome!
  13. I have a feeling that what you're experiencing has more to do with a sense of belonging that was created through action of taking care of the cats. I don't know why things didn't work out for you. I know a lot of animal lovers treat their pets like children, so it's always good to keep that in mind when volunteering. Your standards may not be the same as your friend's. And vice versa. What it looks like to me is that when you lost the place to be and do something for another , whether it was your friend or the cats, you automatically lost that sense of being needed and/or to belong. I think that's what you are doing with the website. Cats are your inspiration, the link for the website. It is great if that's gives you that something that you're currently missing due to your circumstances. But i also think that what you are missing in your case is more of reason to belong somewhere (animals=>place=> people) which is why you're attached to the loss of cats that were never yours to begin with. Hope this helps! All the best
  14. Welcome to the Tribe! From my understanding that which you call karma is the knowledge you have that no one understands. When no one can reflect that and/or support the necessary communication/conversation It becomes your very own luggage you have to carry. The knowledge really has no use to you unless you can expand yourself through it. That's why sometimes you can hear stories about people who buried deep down their gifts/abilities/skills long time ago and then came back to it later in life. They simply didn't know what to do with it or even explain untill something started reflecting on that which causes the knowledge to unfold itself. Hope this helps!