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  1. Wow just reading this part. Wow Are you sure your family want to see you? I think they might already forgot about you.....
  2. Health is very relative. It comes from the health of one self. We are all sick and traumatized in one way or the other . So when you meet another one who is as sick as you are... it feels pretty healthy
  3. Here is a page from the book "Metaphysical Anatomy " by Evette Rose. I always thought it was elderly problem and only now looked at the possible causes of it .
  4. I think every relationship has its own challenges to go through . Mapping the problem is a big step forward . It's good that you continue working on it and yourself .
  5. Hmm... it would probably die and wake up somewhere else...
  6. Sounds like something is trying to wake up within you through her. Remember that you are the one who is in control of your actions and responsible for it. If you don't feel that then you are going to feel triggered and it's probably going to get worse untill she realizes that she is basically your punching bag and puts a stop to it. What are you going to do then? Does it really have to get that bad?
  7. Have NO IDEA... maybe put the blanket over it 😄😄😄
  8. @Jiří this is a very good question !!! The perception of beauty varies from person to person , culture to culture etc. And i think a lot of what women have today was actually copied from men and then tailored accordingly to what suit them better! Men habe always painted/tattoo their bodies and dress in eccentric outfits!
  9. You will not believe the dream i had last night !!!!!! I was in PARIS!!!!!! FIRST CLASS!!! P.S. Not trying to hijack the topic. Just wanted to share😊
  10. Interesting . .. as I was reading this the picture from the book "Psychic warrior" popped into my head. Could the Internet /Tech. be that doorway for many people today? I think yes and no depending on how the tool is being used...
  11. Hahaha Depends where you are 😄
  12. Treat the cause of your depression , not the depression itself . Stains are not that hard to remove and there are plenty of options available including affordable ways to do it. So if you are still holding to it then stained teeth are serving you in some beneficial ways .
  13. Yes, sounds like you are on a right path. Good Luck!