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  1. Garnet

    Skype isn't the only source for video communication. Speaking of which.... while I am on the current subject.... Anyone wants to Skype?
  2. Garnet

    @Done Now I honestly wonder how anyone solves their personal issues through the internet/forum unless it is face-to-face, so of course it is going to create confusion. And confusion breeds more confusion. Obviously.
  3. Garnet

    The video reminds me of Dr. Emoto's water experiment. Of course, I don't know which water he is drinking......
  4. Garnet

    Starstruck9, I did not ask you to read your words to me on Skype. I asked you to face me and back your words up. Actions speak louder than words. Right now it is just words on this page. I am much more than what you assume about me. I am sending you my Skype name. Show up please and find out for yourself. Be honest and take responsibility for what you did. According to your profile you registered here on March 25. Two month ago. "War room" is the only thing in your history. First you unloaded yourself onto the Universe. But then you turned around and picked me. Looking at it now I can see that I was already there, so that was easy. As i said that before your very first response to me was very sudden. Cold stab into my back. You had all the cards in front of you, all you had to do is to pick one and continue the same cycle you said you understand. In the "land of no rules" this is what you choose to do. You hurt me and I want to know why. This is the last time me asking you to respond. Nothing more after that. Have a great day.
  5. Garnet

    Mai-da, instead asking yourself, ask me directly.
  6. Garnet

    @Scot To me it would be very difficult to group all people who commit crimes under one umbrella. We have to examine all on a case by case basis. A victim has a longer memory than a perpetrator. Would that give you an answer? (I am unable to answer for the masses, only for myself) Yes. A sentient human being belongs to HumanKind. A person who no longer has the Kind/kindness seed.... i don't know what he has become.
  7. Garnet

    @starstruck9 are you a rapist? A murderer? A serial killer? Are you trying to confess in something? What is YOUR INTEREST IN UNDERSTANDING MURDER? It sickens you, yet it is okay for you to come here like this and spit your poison on me. @starstruck9 if you truly wish to understand that person, you have to fully step into his shoes. For real. Once you cross that line, there is a very small chance of return. Because that person likes it. That's how the cycles continues unless he is being caught and brought to the judges. (I plan on expanding more about it on a separate page, so if you're still reading which i am sure you are, keep an eye then) So, what's there for you to understand? Good luck And be careful what you wish to understand.
  8. Garnet

    WoW That was out of nowhere Clap clap clap I certainly know that I haven't spoken to you @starstruck9 before Or have I? If yes, then you are hiding under different name to make it easier for yourself to say what you just said to me. PM me and let's Skype. I want to see if you have enough balls to back yourself up and say what you said face to face because I certainly AM. I am not a fucking Jesus Chist myself to shower every crappy piece of trash with love, nor I feel compelled to be doing so at this time unless I see and feel otherwise. As a sensible human and parent myself I would never want that type of person anywhere near my child or anyone else's child, nor around myself and my family & friends. Period. I don't have time to save every sorry soul under my wing. Those people have made their choices by doing what they already do. The only "enlightenment " I'd give them is to set their fucked up asses on fire! Apparently that's where their brain is! Ooooohhhhhh SHHHHHHHiT
  9. Garnet

    Sad story. But true. Greed can harden any heart and leave a person in a deep state of lack regardless of how much he has....
  10. Garnet

    Hellooooooo and thank you @Done Now! (Saved A clockwork Orange audio book into my playlist)
  11. Garnet

    I think most boundaries gets easily broken when we are not firm enough about it. Developing that firmness can be a tricky process but it's possible. Stick to your words!
  12. Garnet

    Wow Angeldust, you have a lot on your shoulders and if I remember that right you had enough before already. I came back to add to my reply and just read your response. I am getting ready to fix dinner and think about you said, but what I was going to say is that the 11 year old girl has an older siblin/sister she can always turn to and perhaps that would help the girls with developing teamwork skills or at least a sense of it as a start. No. This would be prioritising the needs in accordance with the situation. Abandoning looks different.
  13. Garnet

    Being nice doesn't cost a thing. Respect is a personal preference but rudeness doesn't need to be justified. Angeldust, if your partner can change the way he responds to his daughters, a lot of your issues can be solved in an instant. For ex, whenever you two are together he can simply say "I need about ___ min and then I can help you with __________". Done. By dropping everything and running to them he actually disrespects you more, and it also teaches the girls that it is okay to do that in a relationship. A more appropriate response will teach the girls to find or at least start thinking about solutions first before calling their dad which is what leads to responsibility and therefore maturity regardless of their age. Perhaps your parner doesn't realize it as he is their father, so it is up to you to explain that. Note: real emergency is an exception.
  14. Interesting 😊 I think you probably don't know or don't remember anyway what you "signed" and when before your current incarnation so unless you meet the person, how can you tell? It is always up to you to decide what to do with it next.