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  1. Garnet

    @MistaRender If you follow from the beginning and read from top to bottom than you'd have seen that I was asking how patriarchy affected men. Not "oppressed women ". Understand the topic first before you open your mouth and make a fool out of yourself. Game, set, match.
  2. Garnet

    I can relate to this feeling and I've been thinking about recurring events as the way to look into the future through the eyes of the past. Recurrence is the connecting dots.
  3. Garnet

    Take a risk. To fully trust is to risk. Trust is also handing power over. So the same as with people when you give your inner wisdom the power of trust, true colors show up very quickly) You'll save more time and progress as a person much faster than if you keep holding trust back.
  4. Garnet

    Patriarchy. I feel that the whole word is the trigger. Trauma. Individual. Collective. We know by now that having trauma is very serious and it can leave very deep footprints along the way. Including in our HISTORY or His Story. As far as I know doing as much work as possible is the only way to healing. There was a book that was mentioned several times during classes "The Body keeps the Score" by Bessel van der Kolk. While I haven't read it myself, from my understanding the main idea is that the only way out of any trauma is through it which means that we have to be willing to go as deep as it takes and to literally dissect what has actually happened to the smallest details possible. This can be very scary, same as shadow work, so having someone knowledgeable, experienced and accountable is always a good idea because it takes a collection of multiple perspectives to look at one situation to gain most clarity. And by the way, this has been the only thing that has truely worked and helped immensely among my close circle of family.
  5. Garnet

    It's great that you feel calm about your finances! Always appreciate people who challenge you. Getting too comfortable reduces your alertness and can cost you a fortune.
  6. Garnet

    What if.... food was the best option you had at that moment? When looking back did you know what else you could have done? Perhaps you know it now therefore you have more options next time. Knowing that is your wisdom.
  7. Garnet

    That's a good way to put it. At the same time stone has been the best so far for preserving history))
  8. Garnet

    Once a man is a father, his child is his biggest vulnerability.
  9. Garnet

    What is your opinion on this scene of the movie "Napolèon" where his troops were marching on the bridge to impending danger of the burning barge coming towards them and Napolèon failed to give the order to hault the march.
  10. Garnet

    Well... when Hitler's art got rejected, the man went back to doing what he knows best - war.
  11. Garnet

    Very interesting story, thank you for bringing this up @DoNow I would like to ask a question if you don't mind sharing as I think it could potentially clarify what you said above for everyone who is following. Did you feel bullied by the weakness of those two boys? Were you ever able to trace it down with shadow work? And what changed later?
  12. Garnet

    Yes, @Scot I am more inclined to think that a lot of the times vulnerability does not benefit men and more often does damage than anything else. That's why I think people should only take their guards down when the outcome does not really matter or it has more to do with trust, family, very close relationships, basically leave it as the last resort and hope for the best, of course. When people are ready for only a favourable outcome, then it is not a surprise to me why some of them turn around and blame those who use the vulnability as a soft spot to attack as if the person who opened up didn't fully know/realize what he was doing. And in the last case vulnerability is very questionable then imo.
  13. Garnet

    As harsh as it is but there is some truth to it. Let's take school bullying as an example. The boy that usually gets bullied is often seen alone or if he has any friends they probably don't make much difference as far as standing up for his friend. A bully does not operate alone. I am not talking about Cyber bullying, it is a different animal. In real life it is super rare to see just one bully on his own. That's the key. Bully's power comes from his gang. His back up. And often times these boys have already been together through thick&thin and all stages of puberty which is enough to create a very strong bond within the brotherhood. So if one them gets hurt, the rest feels as if they also got hurt. This sets a chain of reaction and they can go into attack mode instantly. Great bond wakes up army from the dead.
  14. Garnet

    It seems to me that the idea that "men suppose to be strong " is somehow becoming "wrong" lately. While I understand where it is possibly stemming from, I also have very debatable feelings about it. I honestly do not know any man who feels great about himself while seen as "weak" for too long. Especially publicly. Unless he is sick, of course, or it somehow benefits him, perhaps serves a certain purpose or attention (attention or predictable responce from a woman, for ex) I am not talking about home in this case. Home is a different story. Home feels safe to take our armours down because we know that we can be taken care of regardless of our physical, emotional or mental well-being. The men that I know feel their best when they feel strong, like they got it all right and going forward towards success. I think emotional, physical and mental strength are always ALWAYS going to be valued. Weather we like it or not. It applies to both men and women and often has to do with their overal health for various reasons that are not always the same for both genders. So, I think it makes more sense to accept it, process through ourselves rather then going against it. Mountains are moved by hands and if hands can't do it, we build constructions that can. I've also been told that men's physical strength is often viewed as "empty bag of muscles". While I have seen the examples of what this could mean, I'd say it's same as with women: physical beauty "fades" quickly on an empty inner canvas. Also considering that Mother Nature creates every man to be unique in his own way that doesn't always mean that every man is "military fit" unless, of course, military is mandatory with very lowered standards in the country you live in. As sad as it is but in case of the last men don't have a choice or very little can be done. Usually healthwise.
  15. Garnet

    Okay, so what about the things or events that never cross with our path? Or would you consider that knowing is enough to be a part of your being? Let's take Hitler. He's been preserved in the history and became a part of our memory. But in reality he doesn't exist.