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  1. "A horse! A horse! My kindom for a horse!" - Richard III
  2. Autumn Reyes

    Mulberry Cobbler

    Oh my... people, please do not attempt to open the oven with your foot! Older ovens fall forward easily!
  3. Autumn Reyes

    Board Games

    I don't remember what that game called.... "continue the centantace" I think... where people sit down and add sentance to the previous sentance and we all have one cool story ?
  4. Autumn Reyes


    Interesting. Fragmentation is the video I am in conflict with...
  5. @Kaile Kelu Hi! Of course, it's okay to disagree! You are paying for the content you recieve! Therefore every voice counts! The feedback is a driving force for improvement! I am not a tech nor in charge of premium but i am sure the options under each video are for a reason... collecting data and such.... the comment section is different here than on the general forum, so that also probably for a reason. Hope you are having a good day, Garnet
  6. Why did you down vote the video? I thought something terrible happened....
  7. Autumn Reyes


    Oh wow
  8. Autumn Reyes

    Wind Down

    Not sure I should be writing here what comforts me, so if you're sensitive skip my post. Here it goes: - definitely NOT cooking. When not well I stay away from the kitchen and utensils . Also I opt out to easy meals that don't take much thought. For health and wealth sake. - having hands in dirt - cutting plants. I love giving them a haircut - when driving in a passenger seat I lean back and watch the world turning into wind - rain - staring at the wall/ceiling. I solve my world's most difficult problems this way - music - animals - books - bath - aromatherapy - tea - movies
  9. Autumn Reyes

    Wind Down

    @H_Eart(h) cool story!
  10. I'll buy it even if it's half-healthy. Please somebody put it together. ❤
  11. Sent it to my husband first! Thank you❤
  12. Autumn Reyes

    Mother's Day

    Happy Mother's Day!❤?
  13. Autumn Reyes

    3 Things

    Aww... too bad Teal hates non-choreographed dance. I run Witch House Club ???
  14. Autumn Reyes

    Dinner By Teal

    Gosh... a thanksgiving feast... ? What is all in that summer corn salad?.. corn+what? ❤
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