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  1. I love how much of a history buff you are
  2. I agree she is the most enlightened person I've found so far and I watch a good amount of content I feel like she has a great grasp on what people need Its odd that people meet her content with such distrust She even has a degree I'm not sure why people take information from people without using discernment Thats my only explanation for why people are freaking out and buying guns to defend themselves from the government Its as if they hear the content but take it out of context They then use it justify their fears instead of fighting them within or ending t
  3. @my-alteregos-and-meYou may have to watch a collection of videos from her before you catch all that you need to understand not that she doesn't try to explain that but that its hard to understand concepts if you don't have the prerequisite information. It takes specific examples to find exactly where you are. Ya know what I mean? Shadow work starts with meditation though. Find the space between your thoughts. Then ask yourself literally anything. See what pops up. Ask if its true. Ask what the first time you felt this was and well you probably know how that works, so releasing resistance is th
  4. Teal I want you to know that you have ended up a target but the thing they fail to realize is that you are still here having a human experience with us. This is the shadow side of being a spiritual leader that most don't see because they fake it. Authenticity is your over arcing message and you actually live by it. This is why I think you gain such momentum with both sides of this. The people who really see what your trying to say are truly becoming themselves and thats the beautiful part but the darker side is that some of these people are gonna take the information you gave them and use it

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