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  1. I love how much of a history buff you are
  2. I agree she is the most enlightened person I've found so far and I watch a good amount of content I feel like she has a great grasp on what people need Its odd that people meet her content with such distrust She even has a degree I'm not sure why people take information from people without using discernment Thats my only explanation for why people are freaking out and buying guns to defend themselves from the government Its as if they hear the content but take it out of context They then use it justify their fears instead of fighting them within or ending the internal battle Which does help aid in healing the collective issues we all worry about it but the solutions are found within before you can change the world you have to change yourself ya know this doesnt always get solved by just buying a gun that may actual just make the world worse off if you do it out of that type of fear
  3. @my-alteregos-and-meYou may have to watch a collection of videos from her before you catch all that you need to understand not that she doesn't try to explain that but that its hard to understand concepts if you don't have the prerequisite information. It takes specific examples to find exactly where you are. Ya know what I mean? Shadow work starts with meditation though. Find the space between your thoughts. Then ask yourself literally anything. See what pops up. Ask if its true. Ask what the first time you felt this was and well you probably know how that works, so releasing resistance is the same type of process. Just as you can not rush healing, you can not resist resistance. So you must find out what you need. You cant force yourself to be okay with something you are not okay with. Teal this isn't just a Seattle thing. I feel it everywhere I go as well. I feel them pulling themselves in so many directions that they can't focus. Waging wars within themselves that they have no hope of winning. They have convinced themselves that we are fighter and while we are very courageous we are mostly here because of love. We got as far as we are because we believed in a cause not because we fought our way here. But the fight would mean nothing without the cause and the cause nothing without the fight. Both live in harmony with each other swinging off of the momentum of this connection and opposition. Owning your resistance is different than resisting it. Knowing what you desire is a completely different vibration from resisting what is stopping your desire. If you focus to much on the problems it can be hard to find solutions. People can tell you what they want but if you really wanna get them going ask them what they don't want If they'd fix the perspective they'll find the answers you seek Say I prefer Rather than I don't want Focus on your desire and not what holds you from it and watch how the universe responds I bet its with the same respect you are giving You are the universe after all you want to give yourself everything you desire you just gotta figure out how you want to do it You're just setting up your preferences after that its almost all flow with no ebb the ebb is just asking you questions dont get to frustrated
  4. Teal I want you to know that you have ended up a target but the thing they fail to realize is that you are still here having a human experience with us. This is the shadow side of being a spiritual leader that most don't see because they fake it. Authenticity is your over arcing message and you actually live by it. This is why I think you gain such momentum with both sides of this. The people who really see what your trying to say are truly becoming themselves and thats the beautiful part but the darker side is that some of these people are gonna take the information you gave them and use it against you. You sharpen their swords for them only to have it used to cut you down. Hurt people doin what they do best I guess. It sucks when people turn out to be someone different from who we thought they were. It makes you question yourself and your judgment but sometimes its really not your fault theres really nothing you could have changed. They did this for themselves not to you. We have also manifested a way of life here that these fake people are getting real good at fooling even our extrasensory and perceptive people. They can disconnect from reality to a degree that they almost channel another persona whether its to fool us or just because they dont feel like they can be themselves either way I wont justify it I just suggest that aside from all the actually stuff they are doin to Teal that the community not entertain these negative people in their pointless endeavor to stop this wonderful woman from healing our world with us. I get why people are clinging to you for dear life but I feel like they forget that you are just as human as they are. I also want you to know that you've helped me out of countless dark lonely nights with your messages of self love and just the fact that someone exists that thinks the way you do has given me and I'm sure many many others hope for our world. Always in step with the collective despite it all. PSA A high vibration doesn't mean no problems It can however mean that your problems get as real as you do I hope we can move through these problems as a community We need to take this opportunity to help Teal tackle this problem We all want to live in a better world some even want to start intentional communities We should be looking at this blog post thinking about how we can better help our community Our own people are crying out for help lets reach out sometimes all they they need is a hand Sorry I type a lot lol
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