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  1. Your imagery is beautiful and in a world where individuals spend their lives in a passive state of consciousness and darkness absorbing beautiful imagery is probably healthier than say CNN. The one thing that irks me about you Teal is you are always showing people resources or tools that can only be achieved with a basic understanding of active and passive thought , polarity and the six remaining principles that keep nature in harmony. What Matters to me is giving individuals my unconditional love by sharing the following link. I am 30 as of April and feel as if I’ve been living with a blanket over my head until I began reading James Allen. I’ve lived in foster care, boys homes and whatnot for 18 years of my life and ultimately never had any idea of what a thought was until today and you have to realize every technique begins with a thought composed by multiple thoughts that both exist and don’t exist until we bring them into fruition and manifest them into this reality. You sound like you have a really nice life Teal cheers ?
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