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  1. i like his voice
  2. Hi ling, nice question. How old are you?
  3. @Garnet, haha, pretty cool However, if we are destructive, being sick, how healthy is it ?
  4. I love the blog, as always. Just around the same time, I met a vegan awesome cook too, that envisions her own restaurant here too, but is afraid there will not be enough demand. I encouraged her and will be her most loyal customer, as she is really amazing. It's difficult here though to carry out personal businesses, but things are changing. She made me a great vegan burger, no flour or bread, loved it. I love the referral to the ghosts/thought forms, and how alive actually is a haunted place, while the general public finds it terrifying to think of and/or feel, experience it. It helps, to have this perspective. Enjoyed it, as usual. Unify,muah
  5. I like your comments Best,
  6. Hi Marina. Not remembering childhood memories is because of dissociation most of the time. Dissociation happens when an event was so painful, that you have stored the experience of it in the subconscious, some part of you suppresses it all in the subconscious, so your conscious, doesn't remember it. Also, until age of 8, we remember mostly with the soma, the body, that is why Teal is working with emotions and somatic therapy, because many memories are stored in the body, (how the body reacts on certain stimulus), and in the feelings, not the images or mental memories. Many ppl are so hurt, were, and still are so dissociated, that we don't remember anything. This is very sad to me, and i have/had this too. But the completion process, as well as other processes techniques that you may think of, can unfold the truth about you and your story at some point, and throughout the journey. There was a similar question in a workshop i saw from Teal, all of this was said, and I also learn these stuff. Many feel the same, or have the same issue, so do not worry. Many, many people. If anyone can add stuff, or have other ideas or experience, please share. Love, Maida *
  7. I just hope you're not apologizing on my behalf, because i have nothing, nor did i wrote anything, against Vincent. Nor against you, just against some of your intentions. Mention Teal as much as you need, she's the reason we're doint this... more or less Bye
  8. I really apologize if I was rude, i really didn't mean it , but i do mean everything i said, i was just not withholding myself, as, why would i wishing you the best anyway, and hope to receive your insights anytime anywhere , as we need eachother, more or less here we are all peace lovers, or love lovers, or, tealers right muah, hug
  9. Let me tell you something. * If i approach you and ask you for your view on stuff, perspective, feeling, whatever, i wouldn't like you handing me a video to watch or a book to read, or even quoting someone. Maybe quoting after YOU telling me how YOU feel about the issue, what would YOU do, what is YOUR experience, what does YOUR guide tell you, how do YOU feel about it... What is YOUR experience. If you are in a position to need healing, and i approach you with my issues, then i am simply not sensitive enough. but it can also be a possibility to heal together never done it, dont know, but always hated when ppl start quoting others or telling me how god will settle everything, omg... I need YOUR perspective, if i approach you, i need YOU, not the video right. If you need healing, then yes, i suppose ok... this is how i see that maybe they don't respond because you are not being direct, honest enough, about what you truly actually need, from them in this case i also got very sad about that too very, very anxious
  10. @Crystal Rob, hey, i do trust people, when i reread what i wrote, i saw it wasn't true, but i didn't once, so i speak in the name of all that can't do it anymore, simply dont trust, won't, can't, and saying a person i feel sorry for you not being able to trust, connection is essential, is killing them double, so bravo. However, not all people are meant to or inclined to learn how to approach all kinds of pain, states my soul is crying out?! Sorry Rob, but you have no access to my soul. This is just my ego protecting the soul from your destructive minimazing behavior and wannabe wise ass. I DIDN'T ASK FOR ADVICE FROM YOU! HELLO! Where is your self-conscious damn it?! let me enlighten you Robby you have a fucked up fractured aspect of yourself that is fucking abusive, ok. Anyway, i am not reactionary at all, trust me, but someone acting smart with me telling me who i am, how i feel, omg how my soul is feeling, what?!?! you?! Rob, i am sorry, i dont find you competent. Thank you for trying to cover your feelings by telling me what MY issues are, but, i didn't ask this time, thank you Try creating your own shit, not repeating Teal all the time, and then we can talk
  11. ...Read about not giving advice and telling people where to refer, since we are called by what is ours. How do you know what i am doing and if i am doing any shadow work? are you some sort of super enlightened being guiding people and foreseeing their future and future states ? and do you think the smile on your face is the bliss you will reach after death ? or just an attempt to jump over some steps, forget the pain and lack of knowledge and understanding ? i don't like people telling me what kind of future expects me and what will the smile on my face at one moment reflect, neither predicting any sort of feeling. Specially people that don't know anything about me. Especially you Rob, i truly believe you lack seeing people and their real concerns, but you know what, one day you will meet a person, whose pain will be so big, you will forget about anything you think you know and want to just be around. You will meet that person if you become ready for that anyway. Expansion happens on multiple levels and majority of people don't know what expansion of soul, awareness means. That's why i asked. Best to you Rob,
  12. No. No more of that, i guarantee you, ppl are so independent today in this (information) age, that they would rather remain hurt than to trust someone just because. And i respect this, totally. I even like it. I am this way, because i trusted a lot and was shit all over, so i respect it, honor it, and support it. People that have lost touch with their "no", are first to be guided towards the support of the "no", validation and support, of the doubt in them, of the "no". Leaving them not trusting themselves, but trusting you, just because they need energy healing, is devalidating their capacity to judge for themselves, to conclude for themselves, what they need, what they dont, what they like, what they dont. They should trust their OWN life, that's what they should simply trust. But to trust your life, you need to first see yourself, and that is what i (would) show ppl, it's how and what Teal does, why I love and appreciate her unimaginably. In the end, once you connect to yourself, healing happens by itself, no need for others placing hands all over you, manifesting what you can manifest by yourself. I am saying just because i am this way, i dont trust anyone. I have trusted, and they have transfered all their fucking shadow on me, so... And i fully respect when ppl dont allow this, and i encourage it. In the end, healing for one, heals the healer him/her self, we are one, so.. it's just you have cleaned yourself and you are a better transmuter. But making them reach their core by themselves, guiding them, is the true art for me, and the real help. they dont fucking know what expansion is, how would you explain this, i mean..
  13. Hi Crystal Rob. I agree with many things you said, if they dont believe it, you, it can not happen. However, ppl don't believe, that's why they are hurt. So, to me, it's essential that this person builds trust with you, trust in you, and your authenticity. Trust is essential. To me, you need to show your best interests and be authentic around them, so they can feel safe, right. Saying they just need faith is so poor, and shallow, because many dont have faith, many have suffered so much, they have lost trust in all right. I think you know this, just adding to your points of view. <3
  14. well, it looks pretty real. first, if you have hard time imagining it, it means you have hard time or havent even done it yet, built a healthy relationship with yourself. It all starts from there. So moving away from a toxic person is already listening to and supporting the aspect of you that can't stand it anymore. Healthy relationship with yourself would be to listen to, be with, honor all of your aspects, but sometimes we need to totally shit all over them in order to finally start taking care of them, which is all us right. All of these fragmentations, hurt children of/in us, they just need attention, need your full presence. You need to integrate them, that is the relationship that is wanted, needed, the healthy relationship with yourself. And this is a life long relationship right, so it's every day, every moment, that you take care of you, of them. But you have to meet them first. The vulnerable aspect, the protector, and all sublayers, specific ones created along your journey Building a healthy relationship with yourself will guide you to building healthy relationship with people outside of you, around you , and recognizing them