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  1. what arrived this morning good luck
  2. Yes... well it's something we have attracted, and it will stay as long as it needs obviously. I don't think it's reading this btw, don't worry if you did do
  3. Yes. They are mirroring your shadow aspects. No one is just light. You portraying yourself this way makes you just romantic, but if you feel jealousy? Haha no, that's not love. It means you decide to project what you just want to project. But we are mirroring your shadow aspects. I am a healer too, and I know what you're saying, but I never put myself above their ability to love. If you're a healer, heal your broken aspects first, and as a healer, we are often broken, but you feel the healing clearing you and you somehow face the presence again. If we do... But your love is not healing if they mirror back what you said. You are in the process, as we all are, a true healer sees the love in all people, the passion, the lifepath, the choices.. at least to me. We are not just light, and they are mirroring your shadow aspects. And check codependency issues, from Teal for example, with Ross Rosenberg too. But try not self pitying yourself, but understand your standpoint, and try working on it. I do however think you just trying to project what you just want to see. If you decide to be loving, no matter what, do it consciously at least, and see where it takes you. I hope you get use of this
  4. Hahahahhaha Vincent killing me I was flabbergasted too , what kind of control is needed for that kind of extreme stuff. He jumped in the ocean with that thing and didn't even detach from it :))) Ok, this is my recent and I am in love I'm very much into fusion oriental dance and music Body awareness and usage ultimate level , almost perfect detachment M? Besos
  5. Haha I like the idea, but I don't think Teal is that optimistic, given her core vibe and purpose and there are always two sides of the coin.. Cheers
  6. I want to share something. I turned on some online national tv channels, i dont watch tv almost never, but tried it this time. I was doing other stuff meantime, and felt somehow so low, and when i turned my attention to the programs, the screen, i realized the vibe was so depressed. News, culinary shows, but very low, i felt so low. Turned it off, got on youtube, and if not these lovely french people, so high they are, so aligned, a really good vibe. Though you might find the show "fake", maybe elsewhere, but in France, they are greatly upgrading it, feel it for yourself... So, yeah, be careful what you inhale, what you receive, because subconscious receives everything, the more aware you become, the more you are aware how influenced we are/can be, more susceptible you are... The more open, the more responsible of your own health you are, the more joy there is, but the more careful you need to be too., in this world, now, i suppose.. I mean, if you wish to accomplish something. If you want to conduit it all, then expose yourself to whatever, also an option. Tried, almost died. J'aime ces francais! Tell me what you think , I find the jury really authentic, real, kind, fun..
  7. @Scot, this person changes and has several accounts here and keeps on opening topics, with similar issues, doesn't respond, and seems to keep advertising some sites Though it might also be an unstable person. But you'll see what i am talking about, and stop avoiding my answers
  8. Hey Tatiana, how are you now? I love this topic to be honest because there is deeply seated personality and emotion of yours that i would like to help you with,.. Ok, so, first I would tell you dogs are perfect mirrors of ours. Dog felt the seated personality and feeling of yours, that's why it growled. It IS something a considerate and thorough shadow work would unveil and help you with, but i think you need assstance for this. The outbursts are not normal (healthy) and may escalate, why I think it's good you're looking for answers. Tell me how tou feel now regarding this, so we can keep on eventually (I can relate to some of this btw, that's why I am saying what I am saying, and... ) Best
  9. Dude, who are you? Are you legit or some kind of bot? I am going to consider you a bot if you don't answer as usual, or some really dissociative persona who actually needs help Or you advertise those sites ... but it doesn't work with tealers
  10. I followed online yayyy :)) though not till end Congrats then good luck :):)
  11. Hahaha I wish! We can exchange language lessons if you/we ever want to.. I can teach you French, or advanced English :))) Macedonian is too exotic and not really necessary unless you fall in love with a Macedonian girl and try to impress her with it (I know a case like this why I mention it :)) ) Anyway... mmm hmmm sss byyee...
  12. Whatever surrounds you, whatever you attract, is a mirror of your suppressed aspects, of you. Nothing outside of you is not you. Everything is part of you. Everything IS you.Healing yourself is healing others. Healing others is healing yourself. Intensity is part of our existance, what makes us ride, and drive faster when it needs. Wanting to know who you are, is another thing. Personal shadow work is another thing. But again, everything that surrounds you IS you. So you can either explore yourself by yourself for yourself , or you can discover through the others, what I would say... We will never be just one aspect of ourselves... I resonate with lot of what you wrote, but it's just an awakening
  13. Yes, to all questions, good insights... You also have to be open to the possibility it, never happening. Universe knows what you want, and it might not always be what You think you want. But yes... and Releasing resistance is easy to say, but sometimes difficult to do, at least in my experience 💚 I want to know your language.. .
  14. i am not sure how true this is: I find Shadow work to be more observant, revelatory, understanding the reasons, as well as your identity, while processes like the Completion one, are intended to change the causation of a trauma, there are more trauma targeted, and how to reverse the reaction of the nervous system... something like that. I love your answer, very complementary. I also sometimes identify shadow as something dark, but it's true it's not specifically that... The term is ambiguous though.