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  1. "Probable.." :))))))))) Hilarious Love ya! :))))
  2. Mai-da

    Do they mind losing this part of themselves? Or do they feel better? It doesn't really matter how you do it, maybe your conscious mind hasn't evolved yet to tap into the technique/way/process, while I guess your subconscious is what is doing the work.
  3. "...Unless, your desire is to assist people that are in a negative space" Exactly, thank you for offering the other perspectives, we all watch
  4. Yeah, ok, but I think it was too much Unless she felt it deep inside her
  5. Whats the crying about at 12th minute? Does she see all the judgment thoughts? :))
  6. Mai-da

    not interested, sorry. I don't mind whatever's policy, just that you seem pretty different than the ideology let's say behind teal's work so... But i am not interested, it was just a rhetorical view and questioning... Thanks for being open to answering though, if you were
  7. Mai-da

    Hi Nick, very nice post... I am almost vegan myself, I just sometimes consume eggs... I experimented with food a lot, not really intentionally or consciously, but on my path I dedicated to spirituality or health firstly, so I just gave in to my sensitivity, since i didn't have any choice anymore to be honest, my body has always been very reflective, especially when i became more sensitive emotionally and creatively, i noticed i wasn't able to consume anything anymore. I am gluten-free, sugar-free vegan now btw, just because my health couldn't handle any of it anymore. By health I mean emotional, mental and physical health. Your diet and post seem fine to me, I don't like the vegan propaganda now(UK and everywhere) that I find like a new religion - "injecting"/introducing new (reason for) guilt in people. That is not sensitive, nor spiritual, nor compassionate, nor in alignment, with humanity, and ourselves in general. I am also very sensitive and used to get very spacey, but it is just cleansing of the universe :)) organism... Your whole body is adapting, that is how i can explain it. You are cleansing. You are actually healing, emotionally and all. I don't mind your diet anyway, as I know society asks from us to be present, tough, strong, diynamic, whatever it is, and being spacey for some time, is not really acceptable. But it also might be your body and the way it works, i don't discredit that, we are different, meaning we are in different stages of development, physical, emotional, mental, so your body IS reflection of where you are at and what you need. So, from me of course you can do whatever you feel better doing. However, let me tell you that the ad that animals are treated well and brought up in peace and stuff, is a lie sometimes. Me I quit meat because i started sensing what they felt during the butchering or whatever, (i miss words (in english) sometimes), i noticed how low i get after i eat meat, it really lowers the frequency (vibration), and that didn't suit me anymore. To be honest, if you get really happy in life/joyful in you life, start freeing yourself from conditioning ("this is how i am supposed to be", this and that), follow your joy, you won't like its effect. You will notice it firstly, then make choices accordingly. Maybe I have a very dear friend that is a meat-eater, i can see he is very sensitive and still haven't gone through emotional growth maybe, or stuff like that, but i respect him hugely. I am like that myself, I need animal products sometimes so i get more rough (how i see it). Also, i am a slow oxidizer so in the results of the test it stood i am not supposed to go vegan or vegetarian. I did however ditch dairy, and i feel and look lot better without it, and am concerned about bees to be honest and our survival based on that, so no more honey. I even don't like the taste of it anymore (that much). Eggs i sometimes consume while in PMS, when certain needs of mine, for connection and intimacy for example, are not satisfied, and I reach for eggs. Though really everything is a habit too, outside i feel like eating meat or eggs, at home, i feel safer, so i get some rice for example... That's my input I am tall too Byeeee ❤️
  8. Mai-da

    Garnet I honestly often ask myself why the fuck/how come you are a moderator on this page/forum..
  9. Be/get less tired in your life (by doing things you genuinely don't like doing)
  10. I would also check the emotional root cause to it, which is actually emotional neglect and resistance to feeling emotions, I interpret it this way because hair represent emotions, so just check maybe, or metaphysical anatomy and rest... From there, you can have transplant, whatever makes you feel better, but also work on expressing emotions, being in alignment with who you are, what you feel, etc... I believe in "miracles", so your hair can and will start growing and thickening again btw, bald men are also very sexy
  11. Mai-da

    Great topic Garnet, and I love the music, and video!!!! Totally my style... ❤️
  12. Mai-da

    Find approval to why you are still dependent, that's what she says too. Find the aspect that likes that, in any way just find approval of why you still want to be where you at. Acceptance and approval are two different things, acceptance may come after finding approval, for this new age. Acceptance is not that easy, thankfully Teal talks about finding approval rather, if you are having difficulties finding acceptance. Then acceptance can happen. And of course after acceptance, you can move forward, how i see it
  13. I meant HIM learning something