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  1. AdamA

    Self Love

    I live this.
  2. This sounds as if she needs to change anything Especially the way the guy in the shadow is saying, the first guy Teal is okay she says become aware you're avoiding, and then choose what you want to do about it You might want to keep it as a coping mechanism, to me accepting first is more important, for as long as it needs Becoming truly aware goes with feelings too, very often shame, you need to process that too This is my experience But sounds as if we need to get rid of coping mechanisms, which in the end dissipate themselves as soon as you accept and love the part(s) in you that WANT and NEED those coping mechanisms So first accept, see how that feels You might be avoiding it because you want to, and are intended, to do something else For example People dismiss other opportunities immediately
  3. AdamA

    What Would You Prefer?

    Okay, then?
  4. AdamA

    Revenge & Forgiveness

    They ARE tcunami waves, but question How much are you ready to die, to survive What is surviving what is dying It's not dying, but first it is People need to be ready to die To drop
  5. AdamA

    Late Development Universe

  6. AdamA

    Peak Narcissism

    Like YouTube , that's why I like YouTube and the rise of the web and the transparency, we all know rest is almost fake, they all glorify their achievements, but only between themselves, the real judges sit behind the curtains or screens, thanks to you as well, And common people are more numerous, you raise them, things are going to flip, already are Cheers, thanks
  7. AdamA

    Beauty Queen

    I dont like marriage, so how do I look at my body? I liked your discussions, @Witt I agree with a lot of what you say, just I would add that it was the girls question on stage that needed that answer, not that there aren't plenty of other perspectives. Of course that we don't base our choices of friends based on physical beauty, but an ugly one and a pretty one, do complement each other. I actually created both in myself. What a fucker
  8. AdamA

    Ted Bundy

  9. Hey Teal, great I do wish there was a real actor or someone who really has a purpose or his/her heart is an actor, so I can hear on that perspective Good thought, I'll try to remember relating to the character, than becoming it fully I wear glasses too, a thing, or a thought that prevents me on believing in myself regarding this craft. Or perfectionism Who knows if I ever feel suitable Thanks a lot
  10. AdamA

    The Bridesmaid

    I will invite you to my wedding! :))) If ever **
  11. AdamA

    Teal Swan, The Opera Singer

    We want to hear you siiiiing!
  12. AdamA

    Splits In The Body

    I also fear looking at people's eyes. Some eyes are easier for me to look at, some I deny it seems and it freaks me out. Also getting very nervous and detached. I'm working on finding out what it is about, but goes slow I am nearsighted, and also kind of androgynous Maybe
  13. AdamA

    Splits In The Body

    Wow, amazing, regarding th second part of the update Regarding the splits, awesome too I know about which side corresponds to what hemisphere, but I didn't linked it to the female and male sides. My left side is very shakeable, shakes a lot is not stable when I workout or something Very interesting, I believe my logical and analyzing part is very strong, but my feminine is very weak So interesting Probably refers to sight problems and different eyesight on both eyes So interesting
  14. AdamA


    Bare foot Desensitizing is not so bad after all :))) Brave woman
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