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    My first trip to Israel was so traumatic recently, at the beginning of this year. Although a Jew with relatives scattered all through the country, I was put on the highest security check because I had (unwittingly) made a stopover in Emirates on the way. I found out at the end of my trip that my passport had been stamped with a requirement for maximum security checks. No doubt I was tracked throughout my whole trip in the country. I did a day trip to Jordan while in Israel as well. These countries since my trip have actually become friendlier and have re-engaged diplomatically however at the time I travelled they were still pretty much enemies, massive amounts of distrust and fear. I was caught up in all the fear and suspicion, to the point of having my passport examined via special machinery and being guarded at gunpoint on my way back into Israel while my passport was being checked. On my last flight within the country during yet another interrogation I broke down, completely traumatised at having this experience. Here I was finally in my homeland, and being treated through the lens of such separation. I understood what the Palestinian people need to go through, yet was a huge trigger for me personally, reminiscent of my own sense of "I don't fit in". I am really surprised that you had to experience this treatment in Australia. Such juxtaposition of experience, the beauty and the wonder and then the complete separation that is experienced between people. Is this not our planetary wound? That we live in such wonder and yet in such pain? Thank you