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  1. All I can say is thank you for reflecting this to me. Of course I want to believe in certain ideals again. I'm glad I put my honest raw thoughts about this though, rather than pretend I see women as more than pieces of meat by default. I'm fully aware that I'm way more fucked up than I realize. I even know some of the places I picked up these mentalities (porn addiction, past negative experiences with women, observing breakups, divorces, and failed marraiges). I'm in the process of adopting new beliefs and mindsets that serve myself and others better, but I'll always be honest about how I feel, no matter how fucked up. Edit: Hey wait a second, I don't actually believe women are just pieces of meat. I do however believe that they're sexual beings. Furthermore, of course I know it's not all about me (after all there is no separation). Didn't I say I want to give the gift of orgasms? I'm very serious about that. My first priority in sex is to GIVE first. Even if she's hellishly ugly I'll make her cum if it's the last thing I do!
  2. I think about it like this. The long-term, deep, loving relationship, might be my ultimate goal, my "main course" so to speak. I know the main course will come eventually and with perfect timing, perhaps in my 30s or 40s, but that doesn't mean I don't want a few appetizers while I wait. Also, I only have one life to live, I want to experience as many different kinds of women as possible. Monogamy to me seems like eating the same thing every single day for the rest of my life, I would rather die than subject myself to that. I like emotional connection, but it's not essential. My first time was not so good, I didn't like her personality or her musk, but I didn't have to see her again and it was still pretty fun. I have one very close friendship, dare I say a platonic soulmate, like we planned to meet each other before we incarnated. I'm very grateful knowing him and I want nothing but the best for him. It is very important. The idea that someone can have sex and not orgasm is probably the saddest thing I've ever heard. Worse yet, this is a reality for a huge percentage of women. I want to give the gift of orgasms, because what better gift is there for me to give? (rhetorical question) It's her first, even if she doesn't reciprocate the first time it's still quite fun for me. I'll give an extreme example to illustrate why I ask this. Let's say my strategy is to send a dick pic every time I get someone's number. Either they're into or they're not, no in between, and it's quick. I do however feel a little responsibility for hurting someone else by doing this.
  3. Your first inference is incorrect, I already validated my feelings and I don't care that much if I'm looked down upon (at least I think I don't care). Your second inference contains two inferences in one. Yes, my feelings were very uncomfortable coming here, but I was not looking down on others. Redpillers tend to think others are delusional for believing in things like unconditional love (hence the red pill) but I also know there might've been something deeply flawed with my thinking, no matter how much of their philosophy is based on evolutionary biology and observed behavior. Yes I was coming for gentle support, but I knew very well that it might not help at all. I just wanted straight answers, no need for that now though. Is there a [SOLVED] tag on this forum, like on stackexchange?
  4. So in a short amount of time I answered my own question(s). The fundamental belief that was causing me pain was that women love opportunistically. I hate this idea, but I was afraid it might be one of those "cruel truths," which I know deep down of course they don't exist. Now I realize that even if it's true that women only love opportunistically, then that means there's an aspect of myself that only loves opportunistically. I solved this one too, it had it's roots the first time I admitted to a girl that I didn't like her at all and only kept her around because I got to "fool around" with her whenever I was with her (this was also a very long time ago, I was 11 I believe, she was around the same age). I was under the belief that certain kinds of love were fundamentally conditional and I sought out to change the conditions (my attractiveness, my game, etc.) in order to be loved. The real problem hid itself as guilt even though at the time I thought I didn't understand what I had done wrong. Now I see it for what it is. I don't have any contact to this girl anymore, but I most earnestly practiced Ho'oponopono as I now understand what I had done wrong and I can only hope she'll forgive me. I was dishonest almost the whole time I had known her. Realizing this makes me feel much lighter inside. Now I'm going to see how much more differently I react in the same situations. Now going further, I think there is opportunity to give perspective to other redpillers. To help them find the cause of their pain and fears and give them a process to release it. Perhaps a video, an article, or something.
  5. Is it wrong to only want sex and nothing else? Just as the title says, am I being inauthentic or something to that effect if I say I just want to have sex and I don't really care about the person I'm having sex with? If so, how can I correct this? If not, what is a good way to state my desire and intention without hurting others?
  6. Hello everyone. I'm a little nervous writing about this but here it goes. I'm sure some of you have heard of The Red Pill reddit page. Maybe some of you are a part of it. I have no doubt in my mind that this community was born from the pain and suffering of men. When you are told that you can be loved for who you are and your girlfriend leaves you for or cheats on you with a more attractive man or high-status man, there must be something missing. Many men who come to the red pill find that they've been lied to, brainwashed, deceived by society, and the red pill has a solution. I want to discuss this because the red pill community, for a very long time, has given me a sense of power and the truth that would set me free. I have since put it to the side after having a spiritual awakening and discovering more about the nature of the universe. As I understand the law of attraction, what you believe in has a huge effect on what you see in the outside world. Your emotions show how far away you are from who and what you truly are. I definitely do feel a pain in my chest reading the red pill, so clearly there are some things that are out of alignment. I have not however found any effective sexual strategy other than the red pill. There are no spiritual teachers who teach how to find sexual partners, they believe relationships based exclusively on sex are somehow wrong or out of alignment. What if a man just wants to have sex and has no desire for anything other than that. What if a man doesn't want to be a provider or be in a long term relationship. I've been asking the universe to show me what it feels like to be objectified, to only be wanted for sexual gratification, and I have not felt it. I have felt however what it's like to be a "success object," the idea that it's a man's obligation to provide value and pursue material and societal success. Now as for discussion, I can do one of two things. I can talk about my own personal pain and ask everyone's help to resolve it or I can talk about the red pill community and the problems it is trying to solve and attempt to come up with a large scale solution. It's up to you now.