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    Spirituality 101

    Hi Teal! I watched a part of your workshop yesterday and like always it was super enlightening, a gift of awareness . I laughed so much with the jokes of the person with the money resistance, I relate to that resistance, so I did a little exercise to see if I truly considered money a need or desire, I think needs/desires are what always remain in you even when you have them already or there's emptiness/separation if you don't, because you came to experience them and feel joy for it. So I imagined myself having all the money that I want for the rest of my life, would I still considered money a need? And I realize that for me what I would still want even if I had all the money that I want is the experience of attracting the money, which to me feels like fun and joy and I also felt my emptiness of this experience. I also resonated with the attachment disorder, but on that one I think I resonated because I'm autistic and the social behaviours and interactions can be similar for both. Or maybe i have both, I'm not sure, it's a bit scary to look at the attachment disorder, so I'll leave it for when I feel more open
  2. Mari Tesi

    Funny Movies

    Well, i just watched Blades of glory and cried of laughter. Comedies are the best! I like Analyze this, the Pink Panther movies with Steve Martin, the one with Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler, Shrek, any movie where Jim Carrey makes his funny expressions, 50 first dates, rush hour, this is not a movie but Final Space on Netflix is so ridiculously hilarious for me
  3. Mari Tesi

    Recipe - Teal's Tamales

    Yummyyyy! In my home country, Venezuela, there's a similar dish called Hallaca for Christmas usually, same principle, corn masa with a filling, but it's wrapped in plantain leaves (our love for plantains is deep), it's a bit sweeter than tamales. And there is also the other version, called bollito, where the filling is mix with the masa (I've tried tamales like this as well). I think most of the latin american countries have their own yummy tamalitos
  4. Mari Tesi


    I have a story about healing water and space(?)... One day I was meditating and my consciousness took me to this place that was made of pure light, it had forms but they were not easy to distinguish, i met what i think is a spirit guide, no name, just "the helper" and he guided me to this mini waterfall-river like surface and the water there could go through your body, I didn't know what that water was doing but it felt incredible, I was having anxious times at that time and meditation itself feels good but this water was like another level of relief. I think it was healing because it could dissolve resistance. He told me I could go there whenever I wanted. I went there 2 more times, the second time, I think it was Uriel that was there with the helper, the helper is always there. I asked for where it was, and heard Antares, but idk, bc I've read about Antares and it doesn't mention a place like this. But anyways, just know that there's a place like that in a corner of our consciousness
  5. Mari Tesi


    ! Thank you Garnet!
  6. Mari Tesi


    Everyone is a healer, each individual carries its wound and its medicine. So the profession of healer is more of a supportive role, because we all have walk different lengths of our self exploration; than a superiority "I possess the cure for you" role. I used to believe that God created illnesses and disease so that healers could be healers, but thankfully that's not true
  7. Mari Tesi

    Teal's Spiritual Abilities

    Teal, how can you tell if you have this type of aura? Even if you go and see a person who can see auras, wouldn't theirs and your aura be the same in the moment? Also, Teal, I don't know if you have explain this already, but do you know how energy entrainment occurs? I now it's like comparing it to tuning into a radio frequency, but I'm wondering about the process itself. Let say I take a salt bath, is it that the EM field of the salt water creates like an envelop surrounding you and then your own frequency is shifted, or is it that your EM field and the salt water Em field start vibrating until harmony and a new blended frequency is achieved, or is it more like cords of energy, or all of it and more?
  8. Mari Tesi

    Teal's Split

    yees, I have something similar. Actually, 2 days ago I was working on this, it all came because I have this belief in that the universe doesn't respond to me, and whenever I'm happy rather than reflecting that happiness, all I get is some form of suffering back, like joy cannot build on itself it will collapse at some point, but suffering can very well build on itself. And while I was working on it, this memory of my 1year old niece came to me, she was dancing and singing in the living room and as soon as we saw her we started dancing and singing too, suddenly you have 8 adults all singing Little Snowman and dancing around her, just by looking at her, it was so heavenly that moment. Basically, we were mirroring her happiness. And after that, I saw the many times that I experienced the opposite, where I was happy and like any kid you look for your significant adults, the ones you love to mirror back your feeling, but if they are not attuned or paying attention to you, they don't mirror your feeling, or shame you for feeling. So, your joy gets unresponded and instead you focus and mirror whatever it is that they are feeling, which in my case was some form of suffering. So I thought, the Law of Attraction doesn't really work, because when I'm happy and look outside, for all the joyous things to keep coming, all I see is suffering, and then I suffer too, so the Universe doesn't respond to my joy. But actually it is sooooo attune to me, that my reality it's mirroring that childhood programming and many others, that I had no idea that I had. For me, that crumbled the childhood programming down, I saw myself loving my parents so much that I took what they were feeling as part of me, and although my childhood is full of self-abandonment and I cannot change that, I know that the self-abandonment was coming from that place of love (any child is taking their parents as part of themselves), so now I am free to take myself as part of myself as well, and the Universe will surely mirror it.
  9. Mari Tesi

    Source's Loneliness

    So our consciousness is a fractal of source consciousness. Lets say that Source's consciousness is a big romanesco broccoli, then, our consciousness is like one of the branches or points of the romanesco broccoli, the little branches are the same as the big broccoli. So why do we see individuality? the word perception came into my mind, and everything got complicated of the relation of perception and consciousness, so, perception is like an observer of the consciousness and the consciousness is what is, is like the real reality?, but there is a difference between observing what is vs. interpreting what is. 3 days ago, in meditation, I think I was out of body (i don't know if it is out of body, I just call it, "exploration of my consciousness" haha) and a spirit guide came and asked me "Do you believe in God?" it was shadow stuff for me, but I was presented this example. Lets say that there is an alien right now, unaware that humans exists, so the alien is thinking "do I believe or not believe in humans?" and this belief is shaping his reality, his perception. Does that belief change the fact that we exists? no, it doesn't. That's when I understood that beliefs can be wonderful tools to live a joyous life, but can also prevent from seeing what actually is. Today, in meditation again, I was not understanding the perception and the consciousness thing, so this time in the exploration of my consciousness, I was shown me above the Earth, and the view began rotating, as if I were taking a panoramic picture of the space. And there I heard, the perception is healed, or complete, or integrated when the view matches what really is, or when the consciousness can see itself as it is. I felt very strongly that I had to share this stuff, so here you go!
  10. Hi! I have only skimmed through the ascension subject. I like it but at the same time I don't. In the few blogs I've read, I always feel sadness or despair coming from the writing itself (it's one of those confusing times when the feelings are yours and not yours at the same time), so it's easy to see that it is escapism. it's another way to scream "save me higher dimension, pull me towards you so I no longer have to suffer". When I've done meditation I see the ascension more like an anchoring, it actually requires work from us, the movement is towards the Earth, rather than Earth moving towards a higher dimension. So instead of us ascending into higher dimensions, is us feeling right here the higher dimensions and grounding them. The end result it's the same in either direction: Earth's frequency and consciousness is higher. For me the idea of anchoring these higher vibrations or consciousness into the Earth resonates more, than ascending. Idk, maybe i'm just stuck at semantics :):)
  11. Mari Tesi

    Spiritual Cooking

    Yeees, true! ? i didn't mean to recommend anything toxic, oops! ? I buy mine at a local market that sells by bulk. But if you live in US or Canada, Amazon sells unsulfured apricots and I think Trader Joe's as well?
  12. Mari Tesi

    Spiritual Cooking

    https://lifecurrentsblog.com/apricots-with-basil-cream-cheese-and-almonds/ it taste amazing with cream cheese substitutes and agave as well!
  13. https://giphy.com/gifs/broad-city-kGZ4jJguXT5C0
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