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  1. That's me, suicidality w/ disorganized attachment
  2. Teal Thank you so much for sharing, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it! The one thing I want people to understand about me is that I am always trying my utmost best to live my life according to integrity. That is why I get very upset when people call me sinful or unconscious just because I am gay. I get so angry because the people who call themselves the most innocent and conscious judge me just by a label. Thank you again for providing us another chance to become conscious of our thoughts and emotions. I love you so so much!
  3. April Park

    Personal Truth

    Oh my god Personal Truth is what I've suggested on Instagram for frequency paintings! I'm so glad Thank you and love you Teal
  4. April Park

    Life In One Word

    Not a word, but my life in a phrase would be: do or die. My life tend to drive me into the very end of a cliff, where I basically need to choose between jumping or dying, for most of the times. I always feel like I'm living in the edge of the world. It's pretty intense.
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