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  1. April Park

    Worst Date Ever

    do any of you guys know the meaning behind the psychology quiz other than the favorite animal one? the other two was the color and the body/form of water.
  2. April Park


    i had a hard day today. i knew and felt that truth was going to hit me soon but did not expect it to be this hard. i am realizing some huge incompatibilities and dysfunctions in my primary attachment relationship. i feel like it would be better for both of us to find someone else as a primary attachment figure. but just thinking about it puts me in despair. i wanted us to be compatible and functional for each other. and she wished it too. yet here we are, faced with this truth, not knowing what to do or how to get through this wisely. i feel powerless and fearful.
  3. April Park

    China and the Hive Mind

    Please come to South Korea
  4. April Park


    I love it!! It's actually very funny that I drew the "empowerment" card from your tarot deck yesterday when I asked the universe where I currently stand in my life. Now I'm pretty sure it's no joke! xD
  5. @alicejoanirene Thanks for the suggestion and your beautiful words! Now I'm definitely planning to watch the full workshop once it's uploaded.
  6. That's me, suicidality w/ disorganized attachment
  7. April Park

    Personal Truth

    Oh my god Personal Truth is what I've suggested on Instagram for frequency paintings! I'm so glad Thank you and love you Teal
  8. April Park

    Life In One Word

    Not a word, but my life in a phrase would be: do or die. My life tend to drive me into the very end of a cliff, where I basically need to choose between jumping or dying, for most of the times. I always feel like I'm living in the edge of the world. It's pretty intense.
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