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      "Default Assault" Lyrics

      by Ayo~

      I wonder of the things I think and do. Reframe
      my thoughts, a better point of view. Default dissolves,
      take no prisoners I’m resolved. Until the next assault;
      discovered, observed and returned to whom it belongs.

      When I think I can’t. I observe. And then I say I do.
      Default assault aint the end result. If you do nothing
      there is no fault.

      Default beliefs have been my misery. No benefit so I
      set me free. The end result, cycles broken life moves
      on. A root sustained from youth; adjusted, embraced
      and exalted to a higher form. 

      When I think I can’t. I observe. And then I say I do.
      Default assault aint the end result. If you do nothing
      it is your fault.

      Assault comes fourth as oogie feelings. Observing self
      seems unyielding. Shift to reverse assault, observed, 
      returned such a strange ass battle going on. Until 
      the next assault; discovered, observed and returned 
      to whom it belongs.



  1. The Beneficial Perception IThis song is about how I realized that I can alter the way I was taught to think. I can feel my thoughts vibrationally; that allows me to adjust my line of thought to something that feels better than the way I was taught to think.
  2. Received my copy of "the completion process" tuesday

  3. S.Ex

    One of my first attempts at shadow work and this was barely scratching under the surface. At that time I was surprised at what I found out about myself that I had to write a song about it. Expressing my introspection this way is somewhat a process to accept my internal findings......after I get past the initial shock............. it was comparable to living in a house for years never knowing someone else was living there with you?!
  4. Hey now loved one thank you so much *giggle* and I'm working on a new video. I've had a few sync's but the most recent one was not an intentional one and interestingly funny. There is a guy that myself and another female coworker see all the time at work that has a thick shag beard. ugh. When we walk past him in the lobby we just see the beard. Last week we spoke about it for the first time when we went back to our office, neither of us appreciate the fur look. I randomly said I just want to shave it off ; as we were chuckling about the possibility of his suga getting hair in his or her throat. I didn't really care about it but as the law goes; after all the moments spent casually speaking to a beard this week he was shaved clean! There was actually a good looking man hiding under there. My co said, no way! You were just saying something about shaving him the other day!! She doesn't have awareness of synchronicities but she noticed that one. *giggle* I'm thinking this was a collective sync from all the grossed out women that walked past him everyday and said good morning and good night to a beard. *giggle*
  5. Hey now Onyx, that is awesome! It is so pleasing to know something so simple can relieve pain *giggle* OOOOHHHH and belly dancing is sexy I'll have to try that next. Yes, and Yes , i did write the song and it is me; thank you loved one
  6. oh my the sound is soooooooo sexy.......so sexy indeed. That guitar, have mercy!!
  7. What's interesting about this is; well one day I was having hip pain that was pinching me for almost a week and I felt like i was leaning over kind of like i was being pulled to the left a bit....anyway you know how you sometimes get that discomfort in the joint area like the bone needs to crack, that pinch sensation that hurts like a cramp in your toe....so, I was in the middle of doing my yoga and was observing the pain and i thought out loud internally "damn why is my hip hurting"? I then hear or feel an inner voice say "gyrate your hips"......I'm like huh?? gyrate my hips? I was just coming out of child's pose and started gyrating my hips right there on my knees....next morning the pain was gone. How bout it.............. Sync Lyrics -
  8. Hey now Thank you loved ones, there's more......
  9. One of my favorite feel good songs Lyrics -