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  1. Definitely feeling the resistance! Like trudging through knee deep mud. And with kids, man is it in your face. I am SO grateful to Teal for shedding light in many ways , all the pieces are beginning to fit together and I now have many tools up my sleeve to be more and more whole and authentic. Not so afraid of the dark, Thank you Teal ?
  2. 1,2, 3x read "The heart is another word for core, which is another word for source. That thought dissolved the heart into blood". So beautiful, thank you for sharing this Teal. The fractured glass 'selves' reminded me of Anna's colored glass analogy from the book Mr God, this is Anna
  3. After reading this I looked through photos of my time in Costa Rica and reminisced. It was uncomfortable to read this because although I have fond memories of my time there, I had to admit that i had similar thoughts and reactions at the time. I remember that the most difficult things were the heat, the poverty, communication, hostility toward foreigners and the sticky relentless heat. The driving was pretty scary also! But this was always over ruled by the excitement of discovering new things that make my heart beat and soul settle. I remember being determined to reach this waterfall that was
  4. This post made me smile so hard. It was like I was reading my own description of how Irish I am. I have grown up in New Zealand not really having a sense of belonging or culture. Lately I have been compelled to dig up my ancestral roots to find some resolution. This process seems to involve watching men in kilts playing bagpipes on youtube, and having tears streaming down my face watching 'Song of the Sea' with my little boy. I know I would have a similar experience settling my feet in Ireland, not the most tropical holiday destination though is it. Thanks Teal for enlightening my heart as you
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