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  1. omg thank you for the girl & Teal talking about consensus reality!! Really cleared up things for me since I have been struggling with this ♥
  2. huntik06

    Favorite Things List

    Cat smell - Vanilla, macadamia, coffee flavor - chocolate Littleleaf linden Food - wok French Macaroons Place - NY, Spain Book - Divergent [if I am not listing self-help or Teal's books xd] Movie - Mean Girls/ Last Holiday Color - red + black + deep pink Fruit - nectarine Vegetable - zucchini/bell pepper Season - spring Sport - Volleyball geography - grass fields Car - Porsche Cayenne Outfit - black, red sweaters ice cream - french vanilla Game - monopoly, sometimes sims Flower - orchid : ))) and ro
  3. huntik06

    Back In The U.S.

    omg I didn't know you got stuck there...crazy. The US situation is bad and getting worse... In Latvia they removed mandatory masks for pub.transport a month ago and most people don't care about it. Yet this situation has transformed the world in a bad way for now...ehh
  4. huntik06

    Call To Action

    did u watch the first video about being responsible about feelings? : D Teal mentioned the problem you have (me too lol), where basically we need to let others take responsibility for their own feelings. I feel like since u r attuned u won't hurt others but if u trigger them or smthn then it's their not ur responsibility to deal with it.
  5. huntik06

    Boulder Mountain

    right?:D magic
  6. huntik06


    thank u ;/ : )
  7. huntik06

    Teal's Spirit Mineral

    Ruby!! Because it's intense, gorgeous, and mysterious!
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