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    I loved watching Teal's passion for this process, I could feel towards the end, that this is her baby. To the magnitude of everything she's ever shared with all of us being part of what had to be invested strategically through divine timing. Her sharing her own personal wholeness through this beautiful process gives me a sense of encouragement I needed when I was 6 and again at 15, alone at 4am wondering how senseless it felt to be told "you always have choices." Just by watching this webinar, i was able to nudge my 6, and 15 year old aspects and say "wake up sleeping beauties, you'll never believe what i finally found! You WERE right all had no choices that could have been better than the ones you were making in that place in time, it feels like the waiting game is finally paying off for us and your wishes were heard because you weren't alone. I've come back to get you so we can safely embark on this part of our journey as we were meant to all along." Id say, this webinar lined me up in a way that's enabled me to have courage and intent to heal by 'committing to trying this process' without uncertainty as my opponent. Im ready to receive my book and get started! While watching or attending the webinar, did anyone else reconnect with a significantly huge aspect(s) of past self? I'd love to hear if anyone has a story like mine!!