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  1. BeyondTheRim


    Sound like the daily update question....
  2. Great article, Teal ... "The Importance of Keeping Your Word"

    Sticking to the truth does make life a little easier... What was that saying that struck a chord with me..."There are many lies and only one truth." Take the essence of the saying and paint a picture with sdrow (words in reverse)....How you can get trapped into trying to remember which lie you told to which person. Its worse if you told one lie that contradicts another. Me. I'd rather not go through that chaos.  Now there are a few complications ....what if the person, like Alex, makes the mistake of .... underestimating a task....being late on a deadline....I really like how you shed a little light on the different ways people handle it.....I do that at work....simple concept of 'communication' and 'responsibility'.

    Better to say something than let the someone eat static....explain the situation and work something out.....don't leave people hanging...try to treat others as you would like to be careful with expectations here as well.....thing may go a different direction and plans can change....but not today....

    Anyway....great article.

  3. Isn't that a Gemini trait? Many interest, but one you. Does it have to be completely an alternative life dream with so many different 'pulls'? Try planting some of those seed and see what happens. There is only one you. I see it like the proverbial starship captain puzzle. A captain knows intricate details of the ship and its functioning, but you still need a crew to keep it running smoothly; preferably like minded people. Especially useful if you can't be everywhere all the time. Learn to delegate part of those dreams so you can focus on what you really like to do...with horses ...for instance. Fine to know the ranch functions from top to bottom for managing it all...but you need a good crew to make it work, especially if they have the same desires for seeing the ranch work. Maybe you own the ranch....maybe not....there are also alternatives where you can get the advantage of being near horses and perhaps some access as well. This aspect of Gemini life is not easy nor is it difficult. I take it as a challenge. Jokingly......Cooking for horse to ease their experiences.... Something along the lines. Ut Oh....666 posts....
  4. Just tried some dry roasted scorpion pepper pistachios....I like hot spicy food....these were store bought gourmet pistachios with scorpion pepper that my sister dropped upon me.

    When its a 'hot' spicy food I'm not familiar with, I test it out on the tip of tongue.  I'm looking for a few qualities. How fast acting is the 'heat'? The initial fizzle. How quickly the intensity builds? Is it a quick bite or slow bite. How long is the effect and how easily does it spread? When I researched afterwards, the scorpion pepper was rated No. 2 on a few lists for its hotness (keep in mind the hotness for one person may differ from another.) There is a delay to the 'fizzle', the bite is pretty intense, but well within my tolerances. The effects lasted a few minutes. The 'heat' did not overwhelm the pistachios taste either. Quite good. Jokingly....this stuff has got to be a COVID killer (It you can prove it exist with a proper scientific analysis).

  5. BeyondTheRim


    Expectations are predictions that haven't happened......
  6. BeyondTheRim


    This year is loaded with all sorts of is overwhelming... I grew up in a family of 'planners'..... its not a bad thing as long as things run according to plan....but was also taught things don't always run according to plan....flexibility is a must and flexibility means you don't always get the results you want or need. need to experience it to learn this. How to deal with it. Take a deep breath and get ready for the trial by fire. At least three things to consider. 1. How really critical are the result you desire? Go ahead and rate it. Life or Death? A unpleasant detour? Helps to ground the event by bringing back a measure of scale. Do be careful not to bulldoze yourself and your interests. Sometime it is better to calmly mete out what your needs are to others....they might be able to bend their schedules as well. Lighten the load a little. Or flat out do what you need to do. 2. Options or alternatives. Yep...more planning....but you may find unexpected pleasant alternatives. IHas another door opened. You may find a weight lifted from your shoulders. 3. Your time. If time is important, then move on and do what is required at the moment. I think its worse if I remain stationary with nothing accomplished. I rather get something done than not and feel al the worse for lost time. This is usually when I take a deep breath and put my focus where its needed....Sometimes it unexpectedly enhances my focus and I can complete everything...that's only once in a while.
  7. The size of the sea of information and news is beyond words. Really taxing and expanding my own capacity to absorb and digest it as best as a human can. 

    So part of the supply shortages are being caused intentionally under the auspices of 'The Green New Deal'.  I have nothing against sun and wind power, but you have to live with the realities that it has some big cons.  Not as compact a source of energy as fossil fuels. The tech is not where the 'leaders' would have you believe. Money and power without wisdom. Where does that get you?  But the use of fear is so intoxicating to how things get done when the people are not with the program....Never let a good crisis go to waste and if a crisis doesn't happen....manufacture one....A lesson still in progress... But it is awaken many.

    I see a lot of people loosing the facades of nation, ethnicity, gender, religion. When faced with a common problem, how those dividing walls fall to the wayside; at least for a time. Good to see a rising unity out in the world. Governments are a necessary 'evil' for the formation of a civilization. Referee and judge to keep the peace. What happens when this institution turns against you. No longer performs its function for its citizens, but to secure power and control. Government works well when the people are awake and aware what its doing. Not so much when apathy is abound. I've seen that apathy grow stronger over time.....everything will work out....everything will be alright.....Not if the pilot leaves the controls....whose flying the plane.....It will crash if the pilot doesn't return and that is not a good thing.

    Anyway.....I see a couple of articles that I will peruse....

  8. BeyondTheRim

    New York 2021

    Good to see Teal in her element again. My time is limited. I do need sleep. Busy day. I watch an hour. Will certainly watch the rest during my next break. Good stuff. Couple of threads that I see. 1. During the exercise explanation. I sometimes feel the pull in two directions. Limitation of the physical world where I can be in only one place at a time versus the 'spiritual' component where I can be in many places at the same time. But what if you enjoy your physical location, but it is not quite in sync with the spiritual location. Daydreaming. Home sickness. Part of that dynamic. Add into the mix the complications of remembering another physical location you enjoy. Pile on the people of the past that are no more.... 2. The vet. That is the dynamic of the individual versus the collective. Not all 'herds' remain together. We are more like birds. Ever watch the birds flock together when heading off for the winter.....but they aren't always flying together like that all the time. For the vet. I wonder if the conditioning toward the 'collective' or hive-mind aspect (mind you this may be necessary for the group to survive) bulldozes the 'natural' individual aspect. May seem counter-intuitive that too much 'team' time pushes you toward isolation. Imagine if the conditioning tell you its for the better...its for the team...gaslighting yourself. Times are rough.....not at the peak yet....
  9. I caught that yawning........ Pain can be tricky to pinpoint and can be from multiple sources. Take your time to be through. Separate the known and unknown sources. You might even find things upside down and dizzy for a while. Time to catch some sleep....that is my push me pull me of the moment.....
  10. Interesting.  I look for dynamic patterns in the fabric of life. What one fit and what ones don't fit; like a gigantic jig-saw puzzle.

    Why is it the every time people find a way to save up 'resources', some hidden vacuum cleaner seems to pop in and relieve everyone of those very resources.

    Take FDR's seizure of gold back in 1933 (before I or my parents were born). I see...mismanagement by the government required some collateral to borrow more from the FED.... O my God...a crisis....But didn't the FED create the Ponzi scheme in the first place? I'll loan you a $1.00 in debt pay me back with interest...You owe will owe $1.10.....buuuttt. But you gave me only $1.00.....How am I supposed to pay it back......Easy....I'll loan you another dollar.....It's akin to a pyramid scheme....You can never pay it back....Pretty soon....the FED will have to convince you that you lost everything.....over a criminal act....WAKE UP.....School time. YOU CAN ONLY KEEP, WHAT YOU CAN HONESTLY HOLD.....ALL STOLEN GOODS MUST BE RETURNED.....NO GREAT RESET.....NO NEW WORLD ORDER.....GO TO YOUR ROOM bankers.....Well discuss what you did later and decide on an appropriate 'course of action' starting with returning the stolen good.....A very tall order....

    But wait....the show is just beginning.......what manufactured (still very real in the consequences) crisis is next......Food shortages......Power outages......

    Were the outages in Texas just a warning of thing to be done to us all...if you don't step into your powers.....So what is in the way.....Our dear leaders have been influenced....Seem to think they make the world go around....An awakening is needed....Without the worker bees.... the leaders starve......eventually...... We rule this world collectively....for the good of the man left behind...

    Where we go one, we go all......

    Anyway.  Weather caused a shortage of air traffic controllers? Over a thousand flights cancelled.  LOL.....What a world.

    I am not kidding about the food shortages or the electrical outages.....I heard a few rumors.

    Farmers being paid to plow food under and destruction of herds due to imaginary disease; but the payment received is good. Who is paying for that? 

    How about the pipeline shutdowns, attempts to close down coal mining and the attack on fossil fuel right when CO2 levels are at their lowest in centuries (CO2 is plant food...there is a critical level required for plant to function)? Makes zero sense. Unless you need a crisis to instill fear and confusion.....Easy to control the sheep...Bahhhhh.


  11. Trial by fire is becoming passe....

    Where we go one, we go all.....

  12. BeyondTheRim

    Salt Flats

    Looks like a fantastic place. Good place for a wandering mind.... Now salt is pretty common necessary item if you consider the oceans. Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink.... Salt is a purifier....yet also can be destructive... Replacement of wood poles at the shore comes to mind.... A desiccant that strips moisture away....yet the oceans are full of it.... Is it not abrasive to the feet and does it strips the moisture from the skin? Still is seems quiet and calm.....yet your in an area full of crystals.....Can it get a little noisy if the salt is too talkative or the unfettered winds are unleashed? Like with all of nature, be mindful and observant of the environment. Also, as with sunlight, too much can be painful, but do enjoy your time on the flats.
  13. The technology episode is interesting...

    Just a thought to ponder....I program an AI to learn to learn. Does it not still have physical limitations that we humans live in; being a physical entity? It may be faster...for now. It may also have its own inherent weaknesses as well. AI does really strike up the debate of what is consciousness and even boiling over into the nature of sentience. 

    Anyway, the world is upside down, but ripe for change. Funny, even a little Matrix-like.... I'll take the red pill.

  14. One side of the coin. Receive...Other side of the coin. Sending..... I just received some packages I ordered. The best of both worlds self contained. (You know. You give payment and then receive) Seriously. Giving has the same 'potential' complications as receiving. Are we talking about 'unconfirmed' perceptions again? There is that 'blind fear' bug again. So if you have trouble receiving today....look a little closer to see if the 'blind fear' bug is at work. It works on both the physical and spiritual aspects of receiving. Have a wonderful day, all.
  15. Must be volcanic rock week.... La Palma Activity Increasing At Southern End Of Island Where Tsunami Danger Could Occur*G.Fed Update. (Nothing like an 80 foot wave rolling over Florida...or not... I have a geode....that has a purple coloring on the interior... amethyst geode...Keep it on my desk in my home office....soothing to look at and when strangely provides the atmosphere for focusing and meditation. Geodes are also a volcanic rock. Not all geodes are the same. Geodes can have many different minerals within them....Endless variety....

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