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  1. BeyondTheRim

    Root Chakra Crystals

    Little thought experiment. Think of chakras as the instruments in an orchestra. If there is harmony, there is music. Bass instruments seem set the underlying tone and beat. Root chakra? Why the experiment? Because the root chakra has been likened to a foundation and called the 'first' chakra, does that imply any of the following: A place to start...the most important....the bottom rung..... etc... Harmony seems to be the missing ingredient in todays world. Don't chakras represent this? How can you have a barbershop quartet with a missing singer? Sleep well..... Fortunate for me I also have a small rock collection, including a fossilized fern imprint and some petrified wood. Both I found among the stones in the driveway. Interesting things if you look around.
  2. BeyondTheRim

    Cinnamon Rolls

    Those rolls look good. We used to have cinnamon buns and coffee every now and then from the bakery. As for a favorite...depends on how the wind is blowing at the moment....the mood. After a hot summer day working outdoors....real Italian lemon water ice hits the spot.... or if its twilight after dinner....some homemade ice cream and RItz crackers. Come to think of it....after a little reflection.....some spicy pumpkin pie with a scoop of mint ice cream... then again, my circle of foods has expanded with several decades of tasting.... ...Try using poppy seeds in those rolls.... A basket of those rolls rarely lasted more than an evening... Why limit growth to spirituality....
  3. BeyondTheRim

    Teal's New Book

    Sometimes you need to tack into the wind to get where you want to go. It may be a little daunting or frustrating at first, but with practice it can become as natural as walking. So what have you been avoiding or dragging your feet on today? Novels are a great way to communicate and start conversations about difficult concepts. Sometimes they transform into movies or series. Star Trek, The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits to name a few. Just remembering the episode of The Twilight Zone called 'Eye of the Beholder' That episode took you on a ride with the typical twist ending. Down is up. Don't get to technical on your novel writing. It's not that different than painting. Only you using words, paragraphs and maybe a few illustrations instead of brushes and paints. Its all communication. What a novel idea!
  4. BeyondTheRim

    Divine Masculine

    Yep...the world is a changing....teeter-totter, teeter-totter. How has Chicago changed in the last five years. Seems like a shooting a day. The again....the news reporting of the day seems like an overdone smokescreen (focused on guns) intended to blind us and make us dependent on chosen 'experts' (politicians) where the solutions proposed are worse than the problem (focused on the mechanics and not the origin). You can be part of the real solutions of tomorrow. Keep on trucking forward. Anyway, looks like painting is really your element and helps you to unleash that creative side. Replenishing and recharging your batteries at the same time too. Somebody mentioned kitchen sounds. I heard the noise too. Sound like glass or ceramic clattering. Like someone getting a glass or bowl out of the cupboard. Have your started planning out the European venture. Pick a few spots of a 'spiritual' nature on multiple topics. For example, food, culture, energy, music, entertainment, painting, nature...hell....just follow that pull of gravity. Whooshh.....
  5. I haven't quite settled on how another dimension may be described without providing some context. Then again, would we be able to envision other possibilities if we only knew the 3 dimensions of space and 1 dimension of time. Always thought scale was also a dimension; the small, the here and the large. A fifth dimension in rudimentarily described. Science will teach you that there may be more than just 4. Nature can be defined. But that means starting with rudimentary boundaries and parameters and going from there to provide context. Leaves is a start, but to specific. Something more general like alive. etc.... It take time, patience, an open mind and creativity. Relax....
  6. BeyondTheRim

    Chicago Bound

    Hope you didn't get blown away. It is the windy city.
  7. BeyondTheRim

    Teal's Pet Peeves

    Bad Taste? It's really about not being allowed the space to be truthful about somebody else's garbage. One man's food is another man's poison. That saying is also very reversible. It's almost an extension of 'Everybody else does ' ... Yes, sure they do. Not. Because that's not my way. Do we always need someone else's approval....Can't take critcism? Pop music. There were some good music and songs during the 80's and 90's, but many did sounded like a broke record repeating endlessly. Going round and round...I enjoyed a lot of quiet time. Funny.... Round and Round like a 45 (a record player for the uninitiated). Grays. So I guess black and white television would be out. The ones I remember were shade of gray with little contrast. Almost a neutral color. Its a shade of black? So it lacks color and vibrancy. But it can work with vibrant colors. There is one advantage in cars. Dirt. Hide it better than black of white. Nothings Up. Just dive in with no fear. See what happens. Treat it as an invitation. I never did like diversions. 70's. It was time of the pseudo sixties, but not. Almost like it wasn't decided if it was going to be more radical than the sixties or an about face course correction. Backing off and cooling down. You forgot era of the Disco with the disco ball and lava lamps. Orange was a popular color. In the eighties, I had fun turning a wall in a basement from a pumpkin orange to a off white beige. Wow. Th change in lighting was incredible. I could see my hands again in the fluorescent lights. I can say the 70's went out with a bang. 1980, just a few days before my birthday. The year Mount Saint Helens blew. What a blast. Singing badly. Only if it sounds like fingernails scratching on a chalkboard. When closing a door doesn't help. Damn my hearing. Make me want to go deaf for some peace. I'm no maestro, but some times enough is enough. Maybe that's why some people sing and whistle to themselves. Or it could be what they are 'hearing' is not what is being produced. Could a hidden shadow be at work? Share and Enjoy.......
  8. Sci Fi with a mystical twist. Perfect. Almost caused a little confusion. A prequel, kinda like Star Wars was done. The original was Dark Crystals back in 82. This is Dark Crystals: Age of Resistance (2019). There was a mention on one site about some comic book series that may be released later this month. We'll see. "While we await word on season 2 from Netflix, however, fans can take some comfort in the fact that the Dark Crystal world is getting another outlet on September 25 in the form of a 12-issue comic book series. It will reportedly explore the history, characters, and events references in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. The comic book series will "go deeper into the history of Thra and its inhabitants than ever before, making it an essential read for any fan of Jim Henson’s beloved film, but also illuminating the Netflix series in ways you won’t want to miss," series editor Matthew Levine told The Hollywood Reporter." I've run out of thing to watch and 'Video game cutscene' movies have really seized the day. I remember when video games started to add cutscenes and form a storyline, evolving to let the player control the story being told. All sorts of great video game stories out there if you get bored with traditional movies and books. Was watching some of the Star Wars cutscene movies that take you in a different direction about the light and dark side of the force, putting forth an idea the the dark and light side are not in and of themselves evil or good, but rather how they are put to use. Anyway. Enjoy.
  9. 1. I had braces to correct the bite, or how the teeth mesh, when I was a teenager. Had it gone uncorrected, I could have worn the base of the teeth down in early adulthood. 2. I had my badly decayed wisdom teeth pulled in early adulthood. They first had to treat the infection of those decayed teeth with antibiotics. That was a very painful time and I have a very high pain threshold. I always had trouble cleaning my teeth and thing like the 'strands' from bean and corn on the cob would get stuck between my teeth easily. Very tightly packed teeth. A little too tight to the point of one of the upper incisors being damaged (partly split off an damaged) which necessitated its removal. Replaced the incisor with an implant. With removal of the wisdom teeth came some extra space and I've had very little trouble keeping them clean since. Even the dental hygienist mentioned that there was much less plaque buildup between visits. Plaque producing bacteria are similar to termites. Builds there homes on the teeth. At least that's how I think of them. My dentist does not push for implants. He believes in keeping the natural teeth in place. I've had one dentist, in the past, that I visited only once or twice. Not a pleasant experience. Never going there again. So its all in the dentist you've chosen. Choose wisely.
  10. Oh. I've done a lot of deep diving as I am of European descent; family tree comes both east and west Europe. There were plenty of conquerors and empire builders out of Europe. Alexander the Great, Charlemagne, Napoleon, William the Conqueror. The list goes on and on. Names large and small. All of them had pros and cons if you cared to look at the historical accounts of both sides of the conflicts and conquests that they were involved with. Did you reread your comments? Chingis Khaan conquered almost half of the world. "Although he took over countries he never messed up their culture." By definition and in this case, conquering or taking over a country is messing with its culture. You can't avoid that. Some would call it forced coercion. That country becomes little more than a vassal state. Did all of those countries invite him to take them over? Did he ever use the threat of 'military' might? What happened, if the culture declined his offers and overtures? Were these conquered cultures invading Mongol territory? Hard questions require deep diving. Not whitewashing. That is where the heavy lifting is located. How do you feel about unprovoked military conquests? There are many ways to achieve lofty goals such as empire building, if that is your goal. And that usually take time ... a lot of time ... to do peacefully. Some cases, it is simply not possible. One shortcut is conquest. And a bloody shortcut it is. This should be a hard and uncomfortable question in a modern context. You're the one talking about my ancestor Another trigger.... How many generations removed are you? What does that have to do with the discussion? You are not Temujin, any more than I am my grandfather's brother. My siblings have very different personalities from my own and from each other. Stand on your own two feet. Do you agree with every action and every decision made by all of your ancestors. Ancestors are family but it doesn't prevent me from critiquing mine. Can you say the same? If you can't, that would be whitewashing. When at the beach or in the desert, there is always one grain of sand that irritates the skin. Sometimes its so small that its difficult to see. thats white-washing itself and stereotyping as usual - something westerners like to do Since when did stereotyping become a western thing. LOL (lots of laughing). I can reach Mongolia by traveling west. Does that make you a typical westerner? Sorry. Couldn't resist that. The earth is not flat. I think? You may be confusing stereotyping with generalizations. They are different beast. I don't see how either of them come into play. Its hard to learn about who someone was. A good technique used by historians and archaeologist alike is to review multiple sources. Say the Mongol sources and those the 'conquered'. I forget the name of the civilization in the Mesopotamian area, but it was uncovered by reviewing Egyptian and Greek accounts. They kept referring to third empire, that was difficult to track down. Fascinating. Anyway, I'm not judging Temujin's life and its affect on the Mongols. Just keeping it as real as possible. Keep in mind the era that he lived in. Take a look at the video for battle tactics. So many empires and lots of backstabbing all over the world. One quality I identify with. I don't like betrayers either. https://www.nationalgeographic.com.au/history/genghis-khan-lord-of-the-mongols.aspx https://documentaryheaven.com/genghis-khan/ https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/genghis-khan-dies https://historycollection.co/day-history-genghis-khan-dies-1227/ This one was a good one to get a look at some of the battle tactic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzatw32j-i4 https://listverse.com/2016/08/27/10-brutal-moments-in-the-conquests-of-genghis-khan/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Q31t_4SZsk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAFnxV2GYRU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbbJHCrln6U
  11. I think that individual free will is the greatest strength and the greatest weakness of humans. It allows for great creativity and great destruction. Creates solutions and problems. Generates fear and hate, but is also the seat of compassion and love. I could go on and on. It's a hard thing to master, isn't it? If everything ran like a well oiled clock? Fortunately it doesn't. We couldn't advance in such a rigid environment. I thinks problems highlighted start with individual free will without the awareness of consequences of our actions. But we also need to be careful not to be lead down blind alleys; such as manmade climate change. All you need to do is follow the money trail and you'll break the code.
  12. Relax and reread your own comments. He was no different that any other CONQUEROR of that era. Plans never go as planned. What about those that refused to bow to a foreigner? I am sure he just left them alone and did not harm a single hair of their head. Of course he didn't. He butchered them; except for the women and horses and whatever else was valuable. But as 'warlords' of the era, he was a complex man. First he had to unite the tribe of Mongol. Not an easy bloodless task, you always have differing levels of resistance; people get butchered along the way. But he didn't stop there with the Steppes. Had an empire to build. A very familiar pattern for rulers from many different cultures throughout those ages. You have to be a bit of an explorer, a tactician and ambitious dreamer. A typical empire builder. He never made it to Europe. He never conquered half the world; that is ridiculous. That reputation belongs to his sons' conquest and that may have consisted of half of the 'known' world; North America, South America , Antarctica and Australia were unknown at that time. I doubt the Mongols would have had success in Central and Western Europe as the terrain and tactics would not favor cavalry armed with bows, being mountainous, hilly and forested. They would have lost the advantage of mobility. According to historical accounts, Mongols found the Europeans were a lot tougher than expected. Pause for a moment to consider non-Mongol accounts, especially those cultures no longer existing due to their extermination. Respect for other cultures? Maybe some, but not others. If he respected them so much, he would not have conquered them and been welcomed with open arms. This is the dark side that conquerors seem to always have to contend with. Theft, slavery, torture, rape and murder. It is par for the course, just like wars are rarely bloodless. Please don't whitewash Chingis Khaan. You diminish the interesting contrast of another well known historical figure with all of the glory and the gore. It could also be that Khaan was being confused with Attila the Hun. He was more of a raider than a conqueror. He is not the only conqueror, but he has the misfortune of having a well known name. A couple of side question. Is Khaan a title earned or inherited? What was his birth name?
  13. When you hear someone talking about 'artificial sun' that is usually a reference to fusion, the process at the heart of stars which includes the sun. You may be familiar with nuclear power. That is fission or taking atoms that contain large nuclei and breaking them down into atoms with smaller nuclei. That releases large amounts of energy and unfortunately radiation as well. Science has tried to make this tech cleaner and safer, which they have, but it still has a long ways to go. It is however still a viable tech. A lot of modern subs and ships use this tech without incident. It is postulated that these elements, the fuel for fission reactors, were formed originally at the heart stars, long before the planets in the solar system formed. Fusion is the 'opposite' process; the process that drives stars. Smaller nuclei, usually hydrogen, are 'forced' into closer and closer proximity to one another. When a certain 'closeness' is passed, which is extremely difficult to achieve en mass, the nuclei combine to form larger nuclei, helium, etc.... This releases large amounts of energy. This tech is still a work in progress and currently not viable for energy production. Current test designs still requires more energy to start and sustains such a reaction, than they would get in the energy releases. So its not viable. Current tech is using lasers and magnetic containment, which is very different than what is known about process stars use. Stars are so huge, that gravity drives the compression of the nuclei. I don't think the term 'artificial' sun is correct as it does not used the same mechanics. The terms are more for the sales pitch to attract investors and to get research grants. You'll also hear scary terms like 'hotter than the center of a star' or 'millions of degrees'. Get comfortable with the idea that temperature is and average kinetic energy of molecule, atom and particles. Take a million degrees. If one in a billion billion particles has high energy, it will not likely harm you. However, if it is one in three, it would vaporize you. It's likely just another dramatic selling point. I am still unclear as to how they intend to extract the energy release into a usable form. Heat water driving turbines? Induction to coils? https://www.britannica.com/technology/fusion-reactor https://www.zmescience.com/ecology/renewable-energy-ecology/us-fusion-reactor/ https://www.sciencealert.com/the-uk-has-just-switch-on-its-tokamak-nuclear-fusion-reactor https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/mar/09/nuclear-fusion-on-brink-of-being-realised-say-mit-scientists China has even made contradictory remarks as to what achievement they made. I thought they already surpassed the goal they have recently claimed. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/20289/china-touts-fusion-progress-as-new-details-on-lockheed-martins-reactor-emerge https://newatlas.com/fusion-china-artificial-sun-east/57237/ https://www.businessinsider.com/china-east-experimental-advanced-superconducting-tokamak-nuclear-fusion-reactor-100-million-degrees-2018-12 Don't expect to see this in stores, anytime soon. Every decade as people have forgotten the last claim made. The empty hands a re thrust forth toward our pockets again for more money and another claim that in 10 to 20 years, we will be producing clean energy. The devil is always in the details though. Look at hydroelectric, geothermal, solar and wind energy. They all have their detractors with some serious concerns, but strangely not advertised. You might also want to look into 'cold fusion' . They was a lot of hype many years ago. That seemed to have fizzled out. https://coldfusionnow.org/what-is-cold-fusion/ Hope this provides a jumping point.
  14. BeyondTheRim

    Volleyball With Mark

    Truth is stranger than fiction. I've seen how complicated families trees can get. At a funeral viewing for the ex bosses wife, ex's and ex's ex's. They all got along OK, just only as friends or acquaintances. Don't even try to figure out how they were related. You'd need a road map. Not all the separations I've observed were fiery or violent, almost all went peacefully into the night. Relationships are complicated interactions inside and outside. I like to think of myself as a ship with a crew. Each crew member represents a different facet that I view the world through. They are constantly interacting with the captain, myself. Keep in mind that the 'crew' is always evolving. I've rarely refuse to listen to my crew or I'd get one hell of a revolt. All voices must be listened too. I assume that the strength of a relationships and type of relationships is the sum of the interactions of each crew of each ship. BeyondThe Rim Out.
  15. BeyondTheRim

    Volleyball With Mark

    Nothing wrong with 'introducing' Winter to sports, but don't be disappointed or frustrated if you don't see interest. I am one of four children. We all have different personalities and diverse interests that are still evolving to this day. We do have a blast when we do get together. My parents generation and my generation were not really involved with traditional sports, but its another story with my nephews. One rode horses in some riding events and later went onto track, running. The other went into scouting and became an Eagle Scout. Like me, he was never really into sports either. Though I do enjoy a good game of horseshoes and like shoot some pool. And as I've gotten older, I've adopted regular physical exercise and have really enjoyed stretching and the increase in strength that follows. Something else to consider this. My parents took me to a martial arts demonstration once. I wasn't certain why they asked me to go, but I later understood that they were trying to expose me to different activities to see if anything struck a chord. I am the quiet scholar in the family. It was a great demonstration and there is nothing wrong with martial arts, but I had my own form of kung fu in mind and it didn't involve my hand and feet. So there is a lot to explore with your son. The more you explore with him and observe his reactions, the more you will learn about his world. Some advise from the quiet one.
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