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    Let that moose be. Out for a snack.....No cameras please. Might get spooked if the flash goes off. Of course, you could say from its perspective, it came for a visit out of curiosity. Oh look. Tourists again, didn't even get a tip.
  2. Consensus. I take it with a grain of salt. Still good practice is to listen and then to evaluate the opinions for yourself. Neither myself or the 'consensus' is entirely correct on everything. You always have the conn of your ship, just don't fly blind. On that note, its a shame. Sense that there is someone in the outside world attempting to foment violent destructive divisions on a grand scale. Yet, I see numerous emerging consensuses forming in this maelstrom; calming the currents and binding people even more strongly in common cause and heightened awareness. Still a ways to go to the Great
  3. Is the why more important than the where? So many why's make it difficult to choose. You did narrow it down a little... city in the world. So I am assuming on planet Earth. I'd like to visit the International Space station or perhaps the proposed orbital hotel (Yes...I read an article where one was being proposed). I'd like to go into space. See the stars outside of an atmosphere. Be a blast. A city on Earth. Can't it be a town or out in the middle on nowhere? I'm not partial to cities....too many people....However, that doesn't rule out ancient long forgotten cities... That might
  4. So does the card at 12 second in......maybe whoever did the title thought it was a long.....weekend or confused it with a vacation (1 or 2 weeks)... but it kinda sounds like she was talking about more than a couple of days on a weekend too..... Easy to lose track when focused on week in weekend.... Good catch.
  5. Meditations. Breathing is not essential. Reconnecting to that natural rhythm is essential. Returns focus toward the basic foundation for action. You. Who are you? What do you want?
  6. BeyondTheRim

    We Need Change!

    Everyday is Earth Day, unless you wake up on another planet. The four 'emotions' of the Earth. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Funny how someone, who created earth day, choose to celebrate spring. Why celebrate just the earth. Stargaze each season. Marvel at the universe at large. Each season has its markers in the night sky; at least in the life span of a human. Enjoy the remaining spring season.
  7. BeyondTheRim

    We Need Change!

    A variation I've seen coming for a long time. "Experience life with all its horrors and delights." That's where the 'undertow' seemed to be flowing. Be careful what you wish or ask for before you come into this life. It is often given in spades.
  8. BeyondTheRim

    We Need Change!

    Speaking of Earth day. Get to know mother earth and a little astronomy and a little bit of the idea of Mayan cycles. What do the ice cores have to say about climate? gets hot and cold all the time.... Come to think of it. Oil may no be the 'zero sum game' I was led to believe it was back in the 80's . We're running out of oil.....until they found more....until a theory that its created below the earths mantel in vast quantities... Teal could be onto something. Let's be a little more skeptical of the zero
  9. BeyondTheRim

    We Need Change!

    Funny. Love is not real? So those readouts on the space shuttle or in the control room of a nuclear reactor are not real? Love has an elusive definition because it is a status indicator or readout like all emotion. Could be physical, mental and/or spiritual. Further compounded by the different types of love, each defined to suit each persons particular needs. I would posit that Teal's has more than one definition for love, depending on what the subject is. Where we go one we go all......
  10. Truth, whether it hurts or not, should be a good thing to raise your awareness. How that truth comes about..... crying shame some use the truth to falsely elevate themselves by unnecessarily knocking another down ; rather than to elevate another.
  11. What will self-awareness achieve on its own other than diagnostics? Combine it with awareness of what is going on outside of self. Can't play the game of life if you don't learn to use your internal controls to sense, respond and react; where the rubber meets the road.
  12. Have you been flipping the tables of the money changers again?
  13. Garnet, You might find this of some interest. So much pressure being applied for vaccinations. Does anyone ever think one man's meat is another man's poison? Experimental medicines and treatments may not be for everyone. I am especially skeptical of the nature of these new experimental treatments from Pfizer and Moderna. They are not vaccines. Dr. Tom Cowan & Leslie Manookian: Facing the Truth About the Serious Harm Caused by Vaccines & Deep Lies Pushed by "Health Authorities" Interview with Leslie M
  14. Hope you had a pleasant curveball. Sound a little drained and/or distracted. Some more great insight. I look at awareness as a surveillance system. You're radar. Your compass. Your telescopes. Your weather station (barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, thermometer). Your sensory system (eyes, ears, nose, toungue and skin). What is the status of the ship and obstacles ahead? Are we on course? What if you didn't have such systems? Would you have sufficient warning of potential difficulties ahead? Could you adjust your course to minimize or avoid pitfalls? You need awareness

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