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  1. You are a skilled  writer. Thank  you for doing so!



  2. BeyondTheRim

    Southern Utah

    Red rocks, shear cliffs and the base of the canyon strewn with debris. Don't forget the history exposed. A walk through time, from oceans past, beyond the volcanoes wrath and creatures no longer there, connections to people of the distant past through their artifacts left behind. Are you sure there is no one watching? If its that easy to get lost, it quite possible to not see or be aware of what is there? Everything west of the Appalachia was a vast territory, once upon a time, until it slowly was settled. The farther west, the further from civilization, the further from law and order. You're on your own; especially out west. I just hope the atmosphere doesn't get smothered by too much population growth in the future. I've watched farmland and forest disappear on the east cost. Congested roads seem to appear overnight. Funny how an open space can go from being a lonely distant place to inviting home. Part of being human. That's also why we don't all live in cities. Be careful though. What dangers lurk that you may be wise to study. Animal, plant and nature itself can be a danger to the unaware. You're along way from a hospital or a doctor. Even on the east coast where I live. we have the occasional copperhead snake ( can give a nasty poisonous bite). Can all of this raise you're awareness? Not only physically and mentally, but also spiritually.... Looks like you shook off the sickness......Enjoy the fresh air...outside.
  3. Extrasensory + suffering =? An extrasensory perspective is by its nature an amplified and enhanced. Adding suffering amplifies and in a visual sense, magnifies and intensifies the experience. Perhaps expands it as well. Put it in terms of smell. Imagine your worst smell. Rotten fruit. Imagine it 100x stronger. Did you pass out or heave? Kinda reminds me of the time when I came across a barrel of used grease or something, behind a restaurant in the city. I was just getting some dimensions on the building, but I almost couldn't not avoid heaving. The smell was so intense. I move away from the vicinity of that barrel quickly and without heaving. Never smelled anything like that since. Wait until you try to share that experience with someone else. Part frustration, part patience. Translation from extrasensory to sensory is necessary. It take time and patience and is not easy. Many people don't like to hear, that many good things come to those who wait. Too much of a 'must have now' society. One thing caught my attention. The reference to "The universe is...." isn't helpful when you can't pay the bills or put food on the table. Well....that might help if the spirit needs attention...its not a visit to the supermarket or the bank....those are physical things/needs. It not like the lights are out or the pantry is empty and you can't figure out how to remedy it. Those items are more in the mental realm. What happens if you added joy to the extrasensory? Are there inherient pitfalls there?
  4. BeyondTheRim

    "Scary" Stories

    There may be at some water parks. Just hope that the genius who designed it knows what they are doing. A story, not too long ago, about a patron who lost their head going down a defective water slide. Right over the side past a hanging wire.....They had the water velocity for the slide a little to high for the weight patron. Sides weren't high enough to keep him on the slide. Ouch....
  5. BeyondTheRim

    "Scary" Stories

    I can relate and believe that story about the train, easily. I had a colleague I worked with. We swapped stories of youth. He told me about trains near where he lived in the city. You've heard about train switches. He knew about another kind of switch, when his mother found out he was playing near the train tracks. He and his friends 'pranked' a few trains. As the train passed under the road overpass. They would throw a gallon jug of water into the smokestack for fun. I've always liked fire. Liked to manage the campfires. Stack it. Start it. Add fuel and rearrange for better airflow as it burns. Fun to set a branch with dry leave into it while its pitch dark. Really light up the surroundings, but a little wind can make that dangerous. So...you do have to be careful. Especially as the fire size get a little bigger. Even learned how to create a match rocket. Two wooden stick matches, a piece of aluminum foil and a paper clip. Just don't launch them in the house. Be safe. If you ever play with sparklers, don't try to put them out with sneakers. It melts the plastic soles a bit. I would get some the paper 'roll' caps for the cap gun. I liked to stack them up a little to get a big bang with a hammer. Singed a few hairs on my knuckles that way. Lucky some debris didn't fire off in the wrong direction. Just a thought on safety, I've lived by. It's not the dangers that you're aware of that are the most dangerous. It's actually the dangers you're not aware of that are. For example. Never get closer that about five feet from the electric line entering your house from and overhead line. If the insulation on that line is cracked, even slightly, the electricity can jump that far to anything that provides a quick route to the ground, including you. I know of a trucker that lost his toes that way. Lucky to be alive. For those of you who liked to play in the water during an electric storm. Ever seen a bolt of lightning hit nearby. It will certainly get your absolute attention. If you hear that bull whip crack sound. Hit the ground. The point is driven home by looking for a video of a lightning strike to a tree. Nothing like a tree instantaneously boiling and exploding...... Now the question is....did you learn anything from the experiences?
  6. Fun. Input....Number five is alive. Around 37:40. Buddhism. "I need to vanquish the anger." Well. You can push it back. I think you call that bulldozing. Temporarily; like a rubber band until it snaps. Or. You can accept or 'integrate' (accepting the anger into the chorus of voices within); at which point the 'anger' vanishes. Which way would you choose? *Note: What follows is for emotions in general. For example. Anger is the status and not the actions that occur afterwards. To integrate is not simply to accept it. It is as full an understanding of it. The how, the why and to what ends that may require some 'deep diving'. What you choose to do with the anger is driven firstly by experience, What you've seen and what you've done. Secondly by imagination...that can sometimes be dangerous as with all ungrounded imagination (fantasy vs. reality). Lastly by the interactions with the other emotions (status signals) floating around in there. Another way to think of this: When the military receives a brand new piece of equipment. Without training, it could be dangerous and ineffective. Over time you may learn of other hidden or emerging capabilities and vulnerabilities. Learning is an ongoing lifelong process. Embrace it. Religion in and of itself is not bad. Some good messages within it. Its how its delivered and 'interpreted' by the 'teacher' or 'author' that flavors it so. Around 43:30. Is it attachment.... or excess attention to or too intense a focus on....that is the problem Around 49:00. Talking about the devil. Please remember that Satan or Lucifer was once upon a time one of God's angels. Does that make God evil? Following through with that thought... Did God create evil? Considering first that Lucifer was one of his creations? Perhaps it is the intentions, the succeeding actions and final results that we describe as evil and good; that in turn becomes attached to a being...like his rap sheet. 1:40:00 What are the video guys shooting? Its not what we are watching? Looks like a video camera fight. A standoff! Put a miniature go pro on your shoulder. Get the real Teal perspective. Sort of like a first person shooter game. Something to use in the future for them to be so exposed and in the frame..... 1:50:00 Perhaps some exploration of what he really likes to do might help. What you call inner work. There are some 'interest' test out there. It will ask some non specific questions; like do you prefer to work indoors or outside; to assess what types of work you might be interested in. It can help to home into your true likes. It removes some of the bias such as whether or not it is a high dollar job. 1:53:00 Sound like the current culture in China. I better say the right thing or keep my opinions to myself of else.....Bang..Bang...Bang Bang Bang......Thud. 1:56:00 What is he trying so hard to do? Staring at the grip. Distractions. Not relaxed. Part 2 another time.
  7. On this holiday......just another day..... work, eat and sleep. Question: Do we have too many holidays in the modern era? Why the need for a specific honorary day? Remembrances? Fear of forgetting. Something to further process......
  8. Do what feels right and safe. There are 7 billion people on the planet. Perhaps even a doppelgänger or two. It's OK to replace the standard reply of "Have a great day." on this holiday. So.... Happy Valentine's Day.
  9. That caused some memories to resurface. Felt familiar in another time. Elementary school (between 6 to 10 year old). The curriculum included art class once or twice a week. Every year at Valentine's day. We would make a few cards. Glue, glitter, scissors. craft paper, maybe some stickers. One for out parents. One for ourselves to display. And one for a random classmate; pulled a piece of paper with a name from a box. I makes more sense now and in line with the origin of the holiday. Here's a clip from another webpage: "The holiday began in Finland in the 1980s and made its way south to nearby Estonia by the end of the decade. In the beginning, the holiday was for school children who were encouraged to make handmade gifts and cards for their loved ones. By the 1990s, the holiday became popular among adults." Have a great day.
  10. BeyondTheRim

    One Thought

    The ecosystem is a great analogy for being part of something bigger. When you mention bacteria and its importance, brought back some memories and information that I still digest. I wanted to explore the idea of building a reliable usable meaningful spaceship. One of my lifelong dreams from the age of eight. One of the problems with long term space travel is the concern that the radiation, occasionally encountered in space, would destroy our natural bacteria. Oh, how we are much more complex than we appear on the surface. The female astronaut that just came back from the International space stations will need some lengthy rehabilitation and a little pain after spending close to a year on the space station with less than earth gravity. By the way, that happens to all astronauts with lengthly stays. Just a part of the job and a little worse than sea legs. Hopefully these ventures will pave the way for the future of space exploration. Comics, movies or the original paper ones. What characters does Winter like? Add to the experience and learn a little of the dynamics behind comics and what role they have played and continue to play. Marvel is one big one. DC Comics is another. Comics started out in paper media. All sorts of interesting changes in what content was explored (or allowed) depending on the year you are looking at. Insight into cultural changes. Difficult social issues explored. It is the imagination on screen. Jump in. Changing backstories to every character. What are they now. A villain, hero, antihero. How did the get to where they are? Even the villains have some interesting backstories. You can look those up. Thor has had a rough life in some ways. Loneliness. How about DC Comics Batman. He's also painted as a loner of sorts. Always preparing for the worst case situations. A little kryptonite...you know....just in case Superman turns villian. Some trust issues there. Well back to Marvel. Golden age. Silver age. Costume changes....Dive in. Don't forget to have a little fun. Not all the endings are OK. They need cliffhanger endings. Sometimes left open. It's not always just the kick ass endings. Sometimes its more the dazzling journey. Watch out for the cameo appearance by the late Stan Lee. Those are Easter eggs of a sort. The old bird enjoyed them. And why not. Rhetorical thinking. Loneliness is a one of many perception of the status of your being. Can occur in any one of ... the soul (you, the whole inner you), mind (the processor between the body and soul), body (you, as you interacts with the outer world) or a combination thereof. A status of disconnection of your inner self to your outer self. An example. In terms of the soul. Ever have an idea on the tip of your tongue...a thought just out of reach...something not seeming quite right...timing is not right...or the conditions are not 'correct'...Something not expressable....a longing in the soul. In terms of the mind. Contradictory thoughts. Information is there. A direction (from the soul) is there. But no actionable answers. Another type of disconnect. Frustrating. Lonely. Stuck. In terms of the body. Physical separation can create the same status. Think along the lines of a sensory deprivation tank. Why do we need pictures of family and friends? Perhaps they are far away. Processing continues in another background pathway.....
  11. BeyondTheRim

    Strong Bond

    Good to see you painting again. Did you mix any gorilla glue with the paints? What does the flu look likes?.....
  12. BeyondTheRim

    Flu Realization

    The flu has got to be more difficult in a modern day with the clock and calendar lives. Schedules to keep and those hard to break daily habits. Time for a break and maybe a little reflection, now that you have the time. What is the good side of the congestion, high fever, headaches, muscle aches, dizziness, difficulty focusing, etc. Did I miss any more favorite symptoms? Learn to focus on one's inner self and learn to be patient or slow down a little. Who would have thought you could forget yourself and your own needs. How about that splitting buzzing headache and extra sensitive hearing that picks up everything while you're trying to get some sleep. What haven't you been hearing? With the flu, you get a reminder of this whether you want to or not? Strange how we can relish the return to the routines again after we heal up. I tend to be highly focused in a potent way. At least for a while. Sounds like you have a little ways to go Blake. It will be full steam again soon enough! Plenty of time for fun and trouble.
  13. BeyondTheRim


    Gaslighting? Not that different lighting a grill. You could get burned. PS. I know the origin of the term has nothing to do with grilling. Harmony in your internal voices helps. Self confidence is a good side product. Since doubt and confusion seem to be an integral points to gaslighting, careful mindful listening to your interactions with others might help. Teach yourself (not a destination but a hobby) to listen for contradiction or invalidating statements to what you believe. Discussion and not confrontation is important. Watch for the reactions to your questioning of what you perceive to be invalidating statements. Be careful not to gaslight in kind, however unintentional. Not a destination but a hobby. Down time. It's perfectly fine and right to have some down time when you body is either telling you or screaming at you to do so. Make is so. Part of taking care of oneself. Health first. Without it, life can be much more difficult. The office where I work went through the flu. Nine people simultaneously. Everybody had that hack of a cough. Very strange. Never seen anything like it. For me, big thing was the energy drain. Those types of health events require sleep for recovery. Mornings can be decieving...feel energized...then by noon if not sooner....Damn I'm tired.....Nights, the mucus starts rolling. Congestion. Found the right, upright position to sleep that doesn't kill the back. At night, keeping toasty warm seem to help a lot. Don't forget to cover or wrap the head up. A lot of heat loss aka energy loss. This particular flu made my allergies exacerbated for a month afterward. Its great to be back to full steam ahead. Treating the flu or a cold seems to consist of lessening the discomforts until the body defeats it. I've used a hot water mix and mint before to help with stuffiness. Inhale the steam. Chicken soup, mainly the broth, but that might not work for those whom are vegans. What do you use for the home remedy side? Perhaps you should have also worn a mask too. I thought masks were to help protect the uninfected.Teal and crew may have already been infected before Blake showed symptoms. Some flus seem to be contagious for up to a week before symptoms and other after. Hand washing. Controlled sneezing, etc... all help. Great that my habit of washing my hands seems to have reduced the flu incidents over the years. Sometimes I feel like a squirrel or a raccoon. What are your thoughts and fears of this new corona-virus out of China? Something doesn't quite add up. Can't quite put my finger on it. Funny how many scares we've had in the past. MERS. SARS. etc...Somebody making money on vaccines? Incompetence in a lab? Overuse of antibiotics? Old menaces reappearing? Odd? Still calculating.... Be careful if you medicate. Hope you're feeling better.
  14. Wow. I was born with a logical analytical mindset. I sure hope I have some skepticism. It actually really healthy. Just not in excess. Those stories, or facts, add to the discussion, not subtract. But that my not be your perception and that's OK. So in essence your calling me a liar and accusing me of deception. Just a lot of assumption. No. Judgements without any discussion. Sounds like these might be your shadows. I think I hear one of your thoughts...."Hear I come to save the day....." You may not like what my next comment is, but you'll get a full dose of my personality today. There is a little function called ignore in the profile settings. Bad name. It's really a filter. I think I'll utilize that once more any put both GreenDagny and yourself in my penalty box for a week. Have a nice day.
  15. Thanks for taking the time to reply to an elevated off-topic discussion. My first post was focus on the fascinating use of 'source' and 'universe' in ways I have not heard it discussed. Source is not a person or thing; for lack of words, it merely is. Enough of my fixation. What I think happened was that I choose a bad choice of words when I used 'poor person' in a sarcastic way. It was not intended to be taken literally. I definitely don't get any joy out of hearing that someone committed suicide; that include the soldier jumping on a grenade. Thanks again for taking the time to reply. For the website .... Here's an interesting topic for future discussion: How are the mental health system and the prison system alike? Neither has a a lot of success diagnosing and healing their patients. Strangely, I don't think a lot of the patients are satisfied with the treatments either.
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