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  1. Kohl Pierce

    How To Rehab Crystals

    Thank you! I was just gifted some polished crystals and I didn’t want to turn them away I wanted to take care of them and right now I have them together with my raw ones. Thanks for the elaboration teal
  2. Straight fire from the beginning! ? I wish there was a fire vote button. That’d be more suiting for most of these vids.
  3. Kohl Pierce

    Self Love

    I’m buying this ecourse as soon as it comes out!
  4. Kohl Pierce

    Narcissistic Service

    lol, What a relief...This is honestly one of my biggest takeaways from teal swan, letting go of the need to look like a good person, or let what random other people say override your feelings about yourself.
  5. Kohl Pierce

    Do You Live In A Fantasy?

    I feel like I overlay myself. But yes also others too, and I am one to see potential in everything... I want everything to turn out as the best case scenario... it’s hard for me to look at the facts... it can be discouraging especially when you daydream a lot. Teal, do you think presence meditations would help with this?
  6. Wow. I’ve been there before, I felt it’s magic and I didn’t want to leave. Thank you for the beautiful insight about feminine energy. I am so clueless when it comes to feminine energy but I have been trying to let more feminine energy in recently.
  7. Kohl Pierce

    Teal's Safe Space

    Mine is a never ending field of grass that also has a grove of trees to the side lined up in perfect uniform and always right at sunset. Or flat desert dirt land with concrete sidewalks right after the sun has gone down. Both places are only inhabited by me and maybe one other friend if I need company.
  8. Kohl Pierce

    Hot Seat

    Yayy that course sounds nice teal I’d want your perspective or the perspective of anyone who seems like they’ve got their shit together ?
  9. “So you’re walkin down the street, a lil Jewish hipster...” god teal you are brilliant and make me laugh ?
  10. I can't wait to try this. thank you!
  11. Damn. I wish I would have become aware of this a year ago before I did so much damage. This describes my relationship exactly and I feel so bad about doing this to someone I love. I definitely became the abuser. . .
  12. Most fire quote from the vid: “Patience is for people who don’t do internal work” lmao ? such a solid statement.
  13. Kohl Pierce

    Nourish Yourself

    Feeling this Would your “replacing the pain” meditation be good for this?
  14. Kohl Pierce

    I Know

    Snow and i have the same birthday! This is a frequency i need as well, thank you
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