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  1. Bjork

    Should We Start Prepping?

    I have no money to start prepping. I can only afford enough food week to week. Guess I’ll die.
  2. I don’t have a career :’)
  3. Arcturian destiny grid is one of my favorites
  4. Bjork

    Online Workshop OCT 2019 - 1/2

    Thank you to whoever asked the question at 53:25. I wish Teal would do an ask Teal episode on it.
  5. Bjork

    Today's Mission

    I can't find the blog.. could you give me a link?
  6. Bjork

    Today's Mission

    she said soul star chakra, i think
  7. Bjork

    Spirituality 101

    I'm glad we get the encouragement for positive focus practices today. Time to get those Abraham Hicks books out and do some "wouldn't it be nice if.." lists
  8. The sad thing is those of us that care can't do anything but watch.
  9. Yeah, it kind of is, but it answers a lot. And it's really good incentive for us to at least try to become enlightened in this life.
  10. I remember this one, all the people that went up there were so interesting.
  11. Bjork

    Today's Forecast - Be Excited!

    Glad I bought Premium yesterday lol guess this message really is for me
  12. Bjork

    Seattle Workshop 2018 - Part 4/4

    this hit home ? i'm literally that woman. she says what i'm thinking. wow. thank u!!! ????
  13. is this from an interview? I love this idea
  14. Bjork

    What's Cooking?

    unrelated, but will they be posting the seattle workshop?
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