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  1. Bjork

    Miami 2021 - 1/2

    it's fine for me. it has to be the connection... try lowering the video quality.
  2. Bjork

    Miami 2021 - 1/2

    I relate very much to feeling better off not making a decision. Teal said "you're more committed to how things are" .. I don't want to do that anymore. I do not want more of what is.
  3. Bjork

    Miami 2021 - 2/2

    I've been waiting for this one !
  4. Bjork


    I feel like she was going to say more? maybe? lol thank you teal, i've watched that video many times already and have been thinking of how to be the antidote
  5. Bjork

    Energy Technology Pt2

    it's the amber model. she wrote a review on their site. both products, it would be a little over 3k
  6. Bjork

    Toxic Masculinity

    when have men been aborted before being born just for being male? you sound like a woman that wants to remain safe by being in the favor of men and throwing other women under the bus. The ultimate "i'm not like other girls' type of woman. good luck with that and let's see the type of man you end up with.
  7. Bjork


    Hey Gabija, not to sound pushy or impatient I'm just really curious when the workshop will be posted? I miss watching new content of Teal in workshops and she said she comedic side really came out this time lol so i'm excited to see it.
  8. Bjork


    it's the blind spot deck not the frequency tarot deck
  9. Bjork


    Responsibility grid.. I'm sure I need that lol
  10. Bjork


    My hometown is Mexico City and most people would advice against drinking the water from there lmao we would just drink bottled water, who knows where it came from.
  11. Bjork

    Card Of The Day

    That won’t create calm at all. Maybe wait for tomorrow lol
  12. Bjork

    Frequency Card APP!

    I have the physical deck. This is good idea too. I wish you’d added all her paintings not just the 77 but then I guess it would be more of an Oracle deck then tarot. ?
  13. love the music it's not my name but i chose this username cause i love her
  14. Bjork

    Online Workshop - Sep 20 2020

    it would take all day if she was going to talk about every perspective you want, she goes for the majority to help the most people
  15. Bjork

    Chicago Workshop 2019 - 2/2

    You guys complaining Teal didn't have compassion for the guy on stage.. If he had gone up there and said "I want attention" Teal would've been fine with it, I think. There's people that have done it before. His problem is not owning up to it and making us waste almost an hour when everything Teal was saying was going in one ear and out the other and could've been there all night if it was up to him. Even when told directly he wanted attention he didn't get it, or didn't want to own up to it. You guys know Teal if you've seen enough workshops. If there was more going on she would've called it out and tried to heal it. But there wasn't, he just wants the stage.

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