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  1. I loved this blog post so much! The Harry Potter books are very close to my heart. I was exactly the kind of child you described (isolated, misunderstood, etc.) and at one point in time, Harry Potter was the only friend I had. It was a safe haven for me. I still love the books even today as an adult, though the way I perceive that world has shifted and changed over the years. I'd love to visit someday and attend one of your extra-dimensional classes. Fun fact... I'm a Slytherin, too. Who could pass up a common room under the lake? And green is just so my color. Haha. <3
  2. Teal... you were right. Long ago (well.. 2 years ago) you told me in a consultation that Portland was the place for me, and after reading this I'm more sure of it than ever. I always feel like a beached whale in "shallow" places. Right now I live in Phoenix (it was awesome seeing you in June!!!) and I'm really looking forward to moving farther north. While I find a lot of beauty in the desert, the heat and the dryness kill me. Dry skin. Dry sinuses. Constantly-running-dry creative juices... and lots of shallow people. So yeah. Portland. It's gonna happen!
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