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  1. Saarah

    Expecting Rain

    oh i thought it was going to be swan colour, dammit lol
  2. 00:10 - My problem is that by becoming more authentic and speaking my truth to people, I’ve been losing so many people. It feels right but it hurts, people take active steps to hurt me, I don’t know how to deal with that, how do I come to a place of feeling safe? 23:54 – I have a couple questions 1) what do you see in me? 2) I have a skin picking compulsion which I don’t know how to heal from Includes @ 52:32 – 1:02:57 – The three questions game (Relational Psychology)
  3. Saarah

    Orlando 2016 - 1/3

    24:15 – exercise on presence with external environment 26:27 – exercise on presence with your internal world 31:10 – exercise on putting both internal world and external world presence together – focus on them both simultaneously, try practicing during everyday tasks 33:50 – new exercise - instructions begin 39:15 – exercise on looking at meanings we associate with our experiences and challenging those meanings, done in groups of 3 1:11:18 – after exercise dialogue 1:13:30 – how do you balance committing to your joy with instantaneous joy in the moment? E.g. wanting to commit to a business long term but then wanting to commit to something else instead 1:25:00 – birthday wishes & I grew up isolated due to medical situations, it is a pattern that keeps happening to me, I don’t know why I can’t stop having medical issues even though I’ve exhausted all possibilities to resolve it 1:36:00- discussion moves into commitment, working off grid and resistance to ‘the system’ 1:45:06 – I’ve achieved a lot of peace but I have become a hermit, I don’t feel like a real person, I’m just going through the motions and I don’t know how to do life, I’m stuck in a holding pattern
  4. Saarah

    Orlando 2016 - 3/3

    5:35 - workshop exercise on intimacy - get into pairs, 3 minutes of silently tuning into the other person 15:10 - workshop exercise on positive focus and appreciation of another person 37:00 - how do you change your subconscious definition of love, i feel like i keep attracting the same person that just looks different (1:12:00 - discussion expands into trust) 1:28:50 - where do you draw the line between selfishness and selflessness - relates to helping an addict
  5. Saarah

    Orlando 2016 - 2/3

    0:42 - i'm an artist, i have loads of great ideas, i feel ok creating art for clients but when it comes to making art for myself where i'm not making money or doing a job, i feel guilty, what negative imprint is causing this? 17:00 - Can you tell me what is wrong with me because i can't pinpoint one thing, i just don't know how to be happy (1hr 3mins - extra stuff on co-dependent relationships here too) 1hr 20:19 - end of video - LUNCH BREAK yumyum
  6. Saarah


    I feel like because we're more identified with our conscious desire over the desire that our resistance demonstrates, we call one desire 'opposition' but really they are both desires, so it's all desire, opposition is not there to hold us back or keep us tempered but to keep us moving all in the direction of full desire without being held back, there is only 'overextending' when we are pushing for only our conscious mind's desire with tons of resistance present, but when pushing for all parts' desires, it is flow and not overdoing. And then because of this conscious mind desire, we view being all in the resistance as 'stuck' because we are over identified with our conscious desire and not looking at the desire of the resistant part. To the resistant part, it is not stuck, it is actively moving in the direction of it's desires, it is our conscious mind with it's personal desire that sees the resistant's desire as keeping it stuck. These forces, from what i gather, are not there to keep us using controlled movement, they are urging us to move into the total and true and full direction of desire, and this happens like you say, bringing consciousness to both the aspects, this allows for creating healthier avenues for our true desires to be met and then integration of the desires of both parts without compromise, to create a powerful third option which allows fully in flow, aligned and effortless movement in the direction of desire, that feels like firing on all cylinders with no need to be tempered or controlled but you can still be gradual since integration as a process usually takes place gradually, hope that makes sense!
  7. One possibility could be that it encourages resistance because it's treating the suppressed aspect as a negative problem that needs to be changed so your conscious aspect doesn't have to deal with the unhelpful behaviors that are symptomatic of the suppressed aspect, instead of accepting that aspect Also, i think because of the 'cognitive' approach, it could be very cerebral and maybe doesn't pay as much attention to the emotional body and the realities of early childhood trauma that is stored there Finally, it's just another coping mechanism that will run it's course until it stops working as effectively! ?
  8. Saarah


    Aww thanks i'm not on facebook though lol My birthday is 17th march, very late pisces! Venus in aquarius sounds really cool, i like the freedom and future thinking of aquarius xD
  9. Saarah


    Almost like mine! I'm a pisces sun, cancer moon and scorpio rising! And venus in pisces conjunct the sun hehe
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