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  1. This was a god sent of a video. My childhood made me fear “evil” things like the devil and his demons. This put it all into perspective for me and was very healing. Thank you Teal.
  2. John Hammer

    Dublin 2016 - 1/6

    Example of someone who makes money to help transform the world: Elon Musk. In some ways he’s unpopular but far from a bad person, and seems unconcerned with how much money he makes vs how much progress he is making for the world.
  3. Lol she predicted trump being elected
  4. They know everyone ships them that’s why they made this ?
  5. John Hammer

    Toxic Masculinity

    Thank you Teal
  6. John Hammer

    Online Workshop June 2014

    I gotta go wee wee ?
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