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  1. HeatherEdwards

    Back In The U.S.

    I am sorry Teal and your team. I can't imagine the stress of it all. You inspired me to get clear masks. My son has ADS & I'm very anxious, so I bought a few. I feel so scared in public when everyones mouth is covered, I do not feel safe. I am so thankful for your insights.
  2. Thank you Teal. I have been stuck because I am starting my business and I feel like I don't have enough knowledge, like I should complete more courses. I feel like I want to write an e-book, create a course and yet, I don't feel I have learned the lessons completely, so I am not ready to help others out. I feel unqualified and unprepared to start the business that I feel so passionately about. i have the ideas and I can't seem to make it reality and the truth is, I don't put in the time or the effort to write the e-course.. I think this is the classic; if I don't do it, I will not fail... thank you so much for this, I just want to start somewhere, anywhere.. it's more than I am doing right now!! xx
  3. I wonder if this has to do with parts within you that were not on board with the desires you wanted at the time. So with the polarity and the non-agreement to want that desire, you didn't get what you wanted. Maybe you released the resistance within you when you found the alternative option. I would love to hear what others have to say. This is just the first thought that came to me! Thank you for sharing your experience.
  4. https://tealswan.com/premium-workshops/2020/online-workshop-april-19-2020-r173/ is this the one you're looking for?
  5. My coping is obsessively 'checking' Facebook, watching YouTube spiritual channels, Cleaning is cathartic for me (especially if I’m angry), Practising psychic readings for others b/c I want to help others, but to avoid my feelings. Eating Chocolate. Swearing... but I have littles, so its not good that they hear this... My pain is needing to be seen, but I haven't figured out the right way to meet its need...
  6. HeatherEdwards

    Happy Mother's Day

    Happy Mother’s Day Teal!
  7. Great exercise!! I feel this will take me a week. I started with my sister and one replied to tell me she was brought to tears. I don’t think to say what I feel for someone I love and I didn’t realize how important that is. also, had to accept that I would not receive an answer back and that would be okay. I needed to see clearly what my intentions were for sending these emails... I had parts within that really wanted a reply and felt disappointed and kept checking to see if someone replied... other parts accepted. I also learned who I care about and who I don’t connect with from my contact list. The placate video hits home again, with this exercise.... thank you so much for this!!
  8. Wow Teal. Thank you for owning your truth and being a trail blazer for those who are truth seekers and those who can see through the bullshit. I can’t say I’m shocked to hear about the spiritual community... I am so sorry it has cost you so dearly in some ways, but I’m sure in others you see how you’ve surrounded yourself with other beings like you, on the similar path. It’s so inspiring and it makes me feel like I can do the same (in obviously a different capacity), but seeing you fully encompassing your raw truth and in that, authenticity, it feels safe to me. It empowers me. So grateful for you.
  9. For me: With COVID I am avoiding feeling like I could be a match to it at all. I feel a false sense of immunity for myself and my family. If I was to be totally vulnerable and honest right now, I am using facebook & looking into working with magick & spells to avoid feeling the pain that is underneath the surface... I am literally doing that and I appreciate this group b/c I can admit my weirdness and feel less alone in it. So thank you all. The spiritual me is different b/c she feels confident in her intuitive abilities and feels empowered in her knowledge from the spiritual realms. The embodied me still apologizes for being less then. Feeling like she is not smart enough, not socially acceptable for being her authentic self... I am using the belief that I am invincible to justify true feelings of fear and insecurity within myself. I am using facebook, TV, a sudden interest back into Magick so that I do not have to do parts work and CP etc. the deep work that makes me face my pain. Avoiding the little girl that is in fear. She does not feel safe. I am avoiding feeling her pain within me. Thank you Teal for showing us the truth of what is happening right now. Individually and collectively. It is so spot on & thank you and your team for all that you are doing to help us all right now. xo
  10. Awe I love Teal's excited moment!!!
  11. YAY!! I missed this too! I am so excited to watch!! xo
  12. HeatherEdwards

    Teal's Resistance

    I have 2 small kids and so what makes the motivation less for me is finding the time to fit it in. Sometimes I'll sneak it in when I'm showering, but it's a very short interaction with the part. I try to do it before bed and I end up falling asleep in a part... although the falling asleep, is most likely resistance coming up... Integration is what I want, but I find that I am trying to fit in, working out, managing kids, making food for the family, having a break to turn off and watch Teal or Ralph videos. Maybe it's overwhelming, maybe I am distracting myself so as to not have to feel... but I am so glad you brought this up Teal. It's a good reminder that integration is the work we need to be doing right now. We can choose to commit to it and work it into the day to day while in lock down. Teal, thank you for the manifestation frequency painting, I am looking forward to working with it. Wishing you good luck! xo
  13. HeatherEdwards


    Thank you Teal. This is a very powerful message for me today. I have created overlays, 100%. I have made many by being inauthentic. My tactic has always been to be like others so that they will like me, but not show up as myself, for fear of rejection. But I now see how my inauthenticity has hurt both me and the people in a relationship with me. Because I do not show up as myself, they aren't really in a relationship with me. It's all pretend. As my awareness grows and I work closer towards becoming authentic, I am making progress. but it is a slow process to get out of an overlay.
  14. Amazing message today Teal, thank you! Wow, we truly are in the emotional dark ages, aren't we... I feel so very lucky to have found you. Bringing my unconscious, conscious has become my passion, ever since I could no longer keep up the appearance of being inauthentic. Finding you and practising your teachings, has been life changing for me. Of course it is going to be painful to face our reality, but suppressing it, is really painful too. Thank you for the work you continue to do for us all. Much love xo
  15. HeatherEdwards


    This is a wonderful message today. For some reason, yesterday was extremely harsh... I was in total resistance.... To be prompted to be gentle is a welcome relief for me today. Thank you Teal
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