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    That documentary makes me want to forge more constructs that would allow intimate relationships. However the people at the beach were not emotionally aware enough (duh) for me to really dig the documentary, but it was still interesting to get that vibe, that emptiness, that social one-dimensional restraint, that drive and the disrespect at the same time.
  3. Kevin Sun


    Please don't use my name like that. I feel like I'm getting schooled by a snob. I didn't ask for that info. Ok so a paper book is more popular alright. I'm confused here although I made mental link relating to your first piece of info: not enough pages = cost-efficient as an audiobook. You might also be making another point which is that the esoteric content is adjunct only to some but not all her content, which I don't get the point of but ok. Your text is very broken and jerky (as in hard to follow). Please look into fixing this for future candidates yo
  4. Kevin Sun


    Interesting to separate the two but if they are not going to be bought separately it would kind of defy the purpose a bit... Unless if it's for sharing the book separately after buying. Super stoked about the books by the way. I have high expectations for them, assuming I am optimistic. Thank you in advance.
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    So coool!
  6. Kevin Sun


    Hahaha I didn't hear anything, the kid had my attention.
  7. Kevin Sun

    Teal's Birthday

    Your earrings look lively on you.
  8. Kevin Sun

    Beauty Queen

    Jojoba oil and coconut oil pulling. Ok lol.
  9. Kevin Sun

    Money Issues

    Eww, breathing in money, filled with germs xD Diamonds would be a bit hard, and gold well, hmm I don't think I would like the smell of gold if it ever had one. Diamonds in powder forms maybe.

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