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  1. Roy ben itzhak

    Toxic Masculinity

    teal is castrating men and she isn't even aware of it, lol!
  2. Roy ben itzhak

    Toxic Masculinity

    so women being shamed justifies man being shamed in a superball ad?, lets make everyone feel like crap and take men to our level of shame... which is the opposite of what you teach, not even to mention that if a similar ad about women were to be presented in the superball you would react 10 times worse than the average men reaction to this ad. also, i don't remmember ever having, since women got equal rights an ad like this, do you? if so, please, someone, show it to me, show me just how much justice has been done by taking men down with shame for their actions to make us feel like how women "always feel" in our society.
  3. Roy ben itzhak

    New Lights

    blake has a wolf in sheep's clothing look to him!
  4. Roy ben itzhak

    Slow-Mo Tennis

    i am a professional ping pong player.
  5. did she say she has one life path? can someone explain that part to me?
  6. Roy ben itzhak


    so it basically puts you in psychosis.
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