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  1. 1776 was also the year which the first cross-governmental organisation for the study of medicine was set up! In France, during Enlightenment era; and interestingly the creation was in response to an increase in epidemics, and to regional economic devastation! Interesting synchronicity Just came across this when reading about the development of modern medicine. Michel Foucault's Birth of the Clinic.
  2. Andrea Barrett

    Returning Home

    Synchronicity moment! Found out yesterday (when this was released) that I will likely be moving back home.
  3. Andrea Barrett


    haha, sooo as a heart transplant recipient who was thinking of which transplant adjacent synchronicity i was gonna submit to Blake's Facebook call for synchronicities... to suddenly see Teal giving heart transplant as an example to illustrate synchronicity is a meta-inception of a synchronicity for me
  4. Andrea Barrett

    Trauma Spectrum

    Thank you for sharing! Especially the part on organs! (I had an organ transplant, when I was a child, so what with incorporating the genetics of another and having to take lifelong immunosuppressant drugs to prevent organ rejection this metaphysical topic is infinitely fascinating to figuring out my life purpose).

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