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  1. Beau (as my 2yr old daughter says). Thank you. Hanalei, Kauai, some day. Love Always, Your Cherry in NM.
  2. Dear Teal! I've been in anticipation of this blog for days! and never disappointed... I just recently visited Kauai, and while I'm certain each island has it's own vibe, I resonate so much with everything you wrote. From the intense and literal feeling of isolation, to the plants watching you...I totally realized the plant consciousness was aware of my presence. Also how dangerous the consequences can be if you're not aware of this exchange between human and plant consciousness. I commented before (something provoked me to edit out my comment, though...) how, on one hand, you're not going to freeze or starve there...but somehow, you could get swallowed up, if you're not care full. And the sexual and fertile energy, so true! One adjective I came away with of the North Shore of Kauai is "Romantic." We totally noticed so many locals with babies, and I even overheard some native ladies in the bathroom literally talking casually about how fertile they are! The paragraph about natives in America, I just so needed to hear it from you, all these years, your comment on that specifically, so succinct and spot on. I felt excluded even before I visited. And now that I've been there I fell like I'm "in," like "yeah I go to Kauai (well I've only been once, but I fully plan on returning ha!)." Actually, Kauai feels even more exclusive, probably because it's the smaller island, more "laid back" as people say, but less range of what the city has to offer. What's more, it's the oldest of the islands, and it's the "Garden Island," even more ancient plant consciousness surrounding you muahhahahaha! The Water! I am such a water snob, having artesian mountain spring water 24/7 here where I live, but I definitely noticed how I was not just OK with the water in Kauai, but I received it well. It was pure and sweet and ancient. Teal, find your self being in Hanalei, Kauai someday. I promise. True Love. I could go on and on. Thank you. Infinite Gratitude and Love. Cherry in NM
  3. Hey Mountain Girl, So good to read your blog. I miss it, as I realize it’s one of my favorite contributions you make. Teal, have you watched the amazon series “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel?” You HAVE to at least check it out. Not only is it a fantastic production but the character Miriam Maisel reminds me of you SO MUCH. Just, see for yourself. You’ll Love it too. I think. Cherry in N.M.
  4. Thank You for this Wonderfully Magic post.
  5. marella

    Snow Moon

    This was very confusing until I realized it was a “throwback”
  6. Dear Teal, the Rose that grew from concrete, Damn, this was an eye opener, and also hard to hear. As a long time supporter and lover of you and your team, I create a dreamy impression of what life must be like with you all. I think sometimes how maybe there is an alternate universe where I am a part of your family and I totally help kick ass for the team, and we grow and transcend and are super healthy and happy together. Haha! I am glad I live in a small, quiet, secret paradise with my small family, but that's destiny. (I do see you all still living with these joyous qualities). Remember you are Free. I feel like there was a sweet spot, before this bullshit about that chick, where it felt great, your message was getting out, you were reaching people, your fame was on the rise! Yay Teal, you're so Beautiful and Badass! We're all human beings here with our paths and you just need to take care of Number One. You're not putting yourself out there to be fed off of and drained. You're offering to share the message that your well tuned vessel is delivering to help us reclaim our power. You're not letting anyone down. Their karma is not your karma. The act of suicide is not your responsibility. How ever you choose to proceed with the topic, or any time, remember to bolster yourself and keep your space clear and sacred. Consult with the field, see what it has to say. You are so Loved. Things are changing. Trickster Uranus just went into comfort oriented Taurus for the next seven years and there is considerable shake up in values, career, the monetary system...make way for the Rowdy Revolutionary (that's you too!)! Energetically this needs to be burned out and, I'm most positive, that your Phoenix will rise again. Onward through the Fog. Infinite Love from your Sister, Cherry in NM
  7. I STAND ON THE SIDE OF FEELING Wow, thank you so much for flawlessly verbalizing everything I've wanted to say in regards to this subject. A person in my family has been given the bi polar and mental illness label, and, I don't buy it. The medication just makes things weird, and the label seems like an excuse to continue behaving in ways that no longer serve anyone. My contribution is rarely received in a the way I intend it to, that it is an interesting and difficult time to come in, that this world is hard on sensitive spirits, that it's a good thing to not be like the rest! And I'm simply not allowed to bring up anything in regards to feeling better though diet and nutrition or else the hammer comes down. This person is young and beautiful and talented and sensitive, and now believes and accepts and embraces this label to the degree that their perspective on it is completely rigid. It is difficult and I feel powerless to the institution in this relationship, but your post inspires me to stand my ground. p.s. Nice cadence on your poem, and at age 17, deep...
  8. marella

    Awaken Love

    Beautiful. Hope to hear more on the parenting topic, my own personal expansion has been of most benefit for the new legacy I will pass on to my daughter, but anything in relationship to parenting/working with a baby/child, I'm all ears! Thank you, Eternally, Cherry
  9. marella

    The Python

    "no step on snek..." Awesome post!!!!!!
  10. Thank you for the new meditation, the recipe, and the inspiration! I sense a cookbook in the works (that would be so cool!!), and I really hope you use Lavender as your pen name!
  11. Omigawd. Men fall in love with you because you're freakin' beautiful and have an amazing presence. This is not your fault! It is each individual's responsibility to manage our own disjointed thinking! Great post, Teal, everything you wrote feels spot on. I love the saying, "Don't 'should' on yourself!" I also am reminded of the zen saying, "Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water." Thank you for always keepin' it real. *With a little gained perspective I've totally realized how it takes time and consistency to get better at parenting my emotional self, and it does get better, but I'm okay with not becoming full blown enlightened 24/7 in this life, I'm more than okay with journeying with the love and the tragedy of my being. And my being is ever expansive, there is no standard or value based on "shoulds" that can contain that aspect.
  12. Nice to have you back on Turtle Island... Good one, thank you for always keepin it real... Holding my sweet new born in my arms now, being grateful to you Teal, and your whole team, for the thread of hope that you maintain for humanity, for my daughter. Grateful for the insights and the guidance that have helped create the woman I am now, that I might pass them on to her, and create a new legacy. We're here right now, nourishing the "Teal entity" with energetic love and happiness from NM.
  13. Congratulations! You're creating a big wave! You are revolutionary, and that is what is happening now, Revolution, these are the times, and we desperately need leaders speaking the big truth. So good for you, and the way I see it, is that these polarities are an indication of the result of someone really making a difference, and the more you're on one extreme end of the spectrum, the general rule seems to be the other end reacts as strongly. It comes with the territory, perhaps we won't see it smooth out in our lifetime, but we need to keep that ball rollin' for our future generations. I stand unwavering in support. And I urge everyone else to not be weak, don't be scared sheep, think for yourself!
  14. Thank you, for this stimulating post...I'm on board, baby and all.
  15. marella

    My Philia

    Congratulations! So Awesome, great choice. Very excited for you and all of us!
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