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  1. You're Not Going To Get It Right

    Beautifully worded.
  2. You're Not Going To Get It Right

    Omigawd. Men fall in love with you because you're freakin' beautiful and have an amazing presence. This is not your fault! It is each individual's responsibility to manage our own disjointed thinking! Great post, Teal, everything you wrote feels spot on. I love the saying, "Don't 'should' on yourself!" I also am reminded of the zen saying, "Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water." Thank you for always keepin' it real. *With a little gained perspective I've totally realized how it takes time and consistency to get better at parenting my emotional self, and it does get better, but I'm okay with not becoming full blown enlightened 24/7 in this life, I'm more than okay with journeying with the love and the tragedy of my being. And my being is ever expansive, there is no standard or value based on "shoulds" that can contain that aspect.
  3. Mirror Image

    Nice to have you back on Turtle Island... Good one, thank you for always keepin it real... Holding my sweet new born in my arms now, being grateful to you Teal, and your whole team, for the thread of hope that you maintain for humanity, for my daughter. Grateful for the insights and the guidance that have helped create the woman I am now, that I might pass them on to her, and create a new legacy. We're here right now, nourishing the "Teal entity" with energetic love and happiness from NM.
  4. A Very Real Risk

    Congratulations! You're creating a big wave! You are revolutionary, and that is what is happening now, Revolution, these are the times, and we desperately need leaders speaking the big truth. So good for you, and the way I see it, is that these polarities are an indication of the result of someone really making a difference, and the more you're on one extreme end of the spectrum, the general rule seems to be the other end reacts as strongly. It comes with the territory, perhaps we won't see it smooth out in our lifetime, but we need to keep that ball rollin' for our future generations. I stand unwavering in support. And I urge everyone else to not be weak, don't be scared sheep, think for yourself!
  5. Forecast for 2017

    Thank you, for this stimulating post...I'm on board, baby and all.
  6. My Philia

    Congratulations! So Awesome, great choice. Very excited for you and all of us!
  7. The Rat Cage

    Thank you for saying it like it is! It's difficult to discuss this topic in this light, so many want to indulge in the pain and the drama and the feeling of hopelessness that it's all over, and they get angry when you try to say "Hey, this will activate people more than ever, it's actually better that we don't continue to normalize what is taking place in this system, it's better that we don't drift into a false sense of security." I won't be in denial by covering this up with pretty words, I'm not afraid to get dirty, and I won't contribute my energy to just being angry. I stand strong, I let out my battle cry, I take back my power, I question everything, and I am willing to risk everything to protect the sacred and the beautiful. This is not a suit that I put on and take off, I am the beautiful sacred, I fight for my baby due in January, for all those who fought before us, all who live it with us, and all to come after us. Mitakuyeoyasen All My Relations!
  8. Dublin, Ireland

    Dear Teal, I really loved this blog post, thank you for sharing!! I resonated deeply and joyously with your list and descriptions of what it is to be Irish, it feels good to self reflect in a basic and accepting manner. I have deep Celtic roots in my DNA, my father is a Campbell. I've never met him, but I realize that it's not as important as my choosing to have his bloodline, as well as my mother's. Also, I can see that we have been Sisters for many, many lifetimes. I'm so blown away by your Selkie experience, and then seeing the seal playing, sending you a farewell. So cool! So beautiful...powerful, sacred dream and encounter, being visited by a Selkie. The places you visited, and the way you wrote, and your pictures, all reveal an aspect of you that really shines, like Super Goddess. I think visiting Ireland was really good medicine for you, I feel excited for you and in spired in myself. Don't stay away too long! Eternal Love, Cherry in NM.
  9. I highly recommend to Teal and to everyone to go on youtube and watch Eckhart Tolle's 10 minute video titled "How do you deal with unconscious people?" It is so spot on and applicable to this situation!
  10. The divine knowledge that you channel and have learned through your own trials is very clear, comprehensive, and easily applicable, and is the type of information that should not have constraints. Thank you, for so willingly sharing this with the masses and for making these effective tools accessible to all your brothers and sisters. I am deeply grateful to be an individual that gets to experience this level of freedom in my life. You are improving humanity, Teal and Family! And your ripple is profound! I am upset about the behavior these people have chosen to demonstrate, but I am truly confident that you will find (as it has found you) the necessary growth and expansion to get through this, and come out the other end even more glorious! This is a revolution for ourselves and our future generations, that we may break the fetters we were born in to, and start a new legacy of consciousness, it is what feeds my hope for the future of my child. You are a Bodhisattva, revolutions are not easy. Embrace the aspects of you that are Fierce, Warrior, Princess, and ground yourself with the aspects of you that are Compassionate, Priestess, Queen. Eternal Love.
  11. Hello!?

    Hi Cady, I see you posted this months ago, but, I'm from New Mexico! I live in Mora, up north, an hour east of Taos. It's nice to see one other New Mexican, thank you for creating this post.