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  1. This town sounds like hell and snob central.
  2. GreenDagny


    Does it matter? Society will never be mature enough to actually heal. She would kill herself or realize she never wanted to be here anyway.
  3. DEAD. see you all in hell. yes, you will be there. 

  4. GreenDagny

    Releasing Resistance

    Really? This is why society will never change. Even people that follow Teal do not actually believe her core teachings. I give up. Fuck this place.
  5. GreenDagny

    Releasing Resistance

    I want to say a big FU to the people who abandoned me because I am suicidal. I see straight through your fake spiritual BS. I know none of you will read this or care or believe you are frauds but suicide is NOT bad or evil. Teal, teach people...oh wait you cannot because 99.99% of the world has the abilility to comprehend of a 3 year old that suicide and murder are not always bad. I despise this society.
  6. I am fully on board of complete integration not playing mind games resisting integrating parts I fear. I want to be fully present and loving with my entire being. I want my parts and fragments to know they are valid and loved. I am unconditionally present with you. I do want to do this. I want you to heal so you are not suffering, for your good, not that you are not good enough. Please give me positive energy, any negative will be put back on you. I needed to type this out for myself.
  7. I wish it was easy to identify parts and fragments. I am terrible at it. I do not know why.
  8. Do the people actually heal on a deep level or do they sugar coat shit and deny any truth of the negative of the world needing love so do not integrate the entire spectrum of human? I am not sure who this teacher is so I am genuinly curious.
  9. GreenDagny

    March 2020 - Live Q&A

    I have realized that people into spirituality are some of the biggest lying hypocrites out there. Egoists. They do it to put others down and feed their own ego. I hate this entire universe and source itself. I do not belong with any of this. At all.
  10. I am starting to genuinly wonder how much longer it will be until I murder people and then myself or manifest someone who murders me. I genuinly despise living in this universe. I am crushed I have to return to a source I despise and have no choice but to be part of. I will forever hate source and will murder anyone who bothers me even as a ghost I will make them very ill and kill them and their fear and negative energy and trying to get rid of me will strengthen me. 

    Healthy sexuality is NOT subjective there is only one objective truth on it: which is genuinly loving the person you are with and caring if their needs are met. ALL else is shadow sex and mutual masterbation as Teal puts it and rape (even if there is consent it can be the same as rape vibrationally if the person does not want it). 

  11. You should have killed them. They must have deserved it.
  12. I wish I could kill every human alive except for myself. I have no idea how to integrate this part. 

  13. I wish people could put down their fears, pain and shame. I wish everyone could be ok. I am sick of the victim villain hero dynamic. When will it end? When will justice or revenge be enough? When will it stop? When will the suffering end? For EVERYONE. EVERY INNOCENT BABY DESERVES A GOOD LIFE FOR THEIR ENTIRE LIFE. 

  14. I wish Teal would have an open question forum. None of my questions ever get answered. Such as how to deal with disgust for human bodies (all human bodies not just obviously gross) and how to deal with fears of reincarnation in a species I despise and am trapped in only because of the LoA that keeps me trapped and stagnant due to non acceptance this is where I am trapped. How can I accept a species I despise and am one of?
  15. I always thought empathy *always* equals compassion and I am just realizing it only means being aware of anothers energy whether compassionate or psychopathic. I think many psychopaths are also empathic to a persons emotions and mind it is how a person chooses to use the empathic abilities whether to love or to use someone.

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