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  1. Adelaide

    Online Workshop - January 2019

    This is my second time watching some of this workshop. I wish there was a way on Premium to say, "Show me all the videos I have not watched yet."
  2. Adelaide

    Art Day

    I'm a day late, but I just now shared my art on Teal Tribe! https://www.facebook.com/groups/TealTribe/permalink/2092798134163833/
  3. Teal, I view your darkness as the perfect soil for the lotus of your life, and all the other beautiful flowers you give birth to as well. You are a source of nutrients for the soil in my life too. I speak about you fondly, the dark and the light, to all of my friends and family, and often to strangers as well. I accept you as you are. I've got your back if you ever needed something. ~ Raederle
  4. I love this part, "Since when did cowardice become a virtue? My favorite part about myself is the fact that even though I get hurt, I will throw myself head first into life and into love again and again." I had the fortune to be in three different long-term abusive relationships in my teenage years. Each relationship was a huge catalyst for growth (as you put it) and helped me mature into a better person. Each relationship (of roughly two years) prepared me for the next two years. I was able to live with my partners and enmesh myself fully with their lives very early in life, so I was able to make a marriage at the age of twenty which I've kept for ten years now and have no intention of letting go. (Although, without polyamory it would have failed.) It if were not for those seven years of serious relationships and serious failures first, there is no way I could have the relationships I have now.
  5. It is really beautiful how you were able to stay in community together (at least for a time?) and grow. For me, polyamory has been the answer. I have two husbands now. The first one I committed to in 2010, and in 2015 we were having serious problems that almost caused us to divorce. Late in 2015, I met a man who became my second husband in 2016, perfectly filling the holes in my existing relationship. Now, in 2019, the three of us are still happily sharing a home and a family. My husband since 2010 and I are still very close, but our relationship is almost platonic. He had started identifying as asexual. We cuddle and talk and spend late nights together. He is capable of incredible emotional presence. My newer husband (since 2016) is a source of sexual connection and romance which never really sparked between my first husband and I. The three of us together balance out in a way that no two of us could have.
  6. Then you make friends . . . Or, like me, you wish you made friends, you sometimes try to make friends, you sometimes think you've made friends, and then sometimes you realize your friends aren't as much your friends as you thought, or that your friends think of you as a friend but they aren't actually the type of deep-friend connections you want . . . Anyway, I have a very detailed article called "Why is it so hard to make friends?" that you might benefit from. You also @Andraeleis13 and @Rahul Johar.
  7. This was really fantastic for me. I listened to the whole thing while watercolor painting in the coloring book I published last year (Waveward Dreams). I resonated a lot with a couple of the questions, especially about needing someone else to facilitate because some part of me resents having to heal myself, take care of myself, or do everything myself. I have never directly worked with this feeling because I'm afraid that if I heal it, then others will be even less likely to help me. So that overlaps with a few questions that were asked, actually. I am now seriously considering investing in hiring a Completion Process Practitioner because I believe my needs around having this done for me are directly conflicting with needs of my husbands, which is why we are hit-and-miss with processing one another. Thank you so much for uploading this to Premium for us! ~ Raederle (Ray-der-lee)
  8. I related a lot to the second woman on stage. I hide at home, and I use difficulties with my body as an excuse to stay safe . . . and lonely. I have a great life at home, but it's too small a life. I know I want to emerge more into the world, but I keep choosing simplicity, safety, solitude . . .
  9. Adelaide

    Late Development Universe

    Well illustrated. I'm often frustrated by the swarms of critical, suspicious people who want to scream there is a "lack of evidence!" I want to tell these people to read The Continuum Concept or any thing else that might help them glimpse the power of intuition, the crucial significance of it.
  10. Adelaide


    I'm very much looking forward to the new video on the law of mirroring and the birth trauma episode! Where did you get that idea from? I've never heard it before.
  11. Adelaide

    All About Codependents

    Oy! I wish this one were public. I want to share it with a friend of mine who essentially dumped me for some of my narcissistic tendencies. She's self-identified co-dependent, and she's really sweet . . . And smart. And possibly open to seeing herself.
  12. Adelaide

    Revenge & Forgiveness

    I chuckled when Teal twitched her mouth . . . Because the other woman said after anger would come curiosity. Ha. After anger comes a lot more "negative" emotion before you get to curiosity. But Teal obviously let it go, lol.
  13. Adelaide

    Salt Lake City 2014

    Having watched around twelve of these workshops from beginning to end, this is the first time seeing someone on stage who really sounds and acts like me. The first woman on stage, a writer, up her head, who Teal compares to a butterfly (which I believe is my spirit animal) . . . Terrified of joy and other positive emotions because those emotions mean loss to me. Terrified that expressing emotion means losing someone precious to me. Up in my head, where it is safe. Always thinking, thinking, thinking about feelings, because that's the only safe way to interact with them. Lots of drama about Mom. Dad was just "there." God. This is so me. So me that I can't even let it in. I think about it . . . Write about it . . . So as to keep the understanding but not yet let the feeling overtake me . . . Whew.
  14. Adelaide


    I wrote about that before during one of my fever awakenings. Those "friends" are so energetically loud when consuming them that they can be very, very overwhelming whilst one is feverish and in a bit of a trance!
  15. Adelaide

    Online Workshop June 2014

    It would be amazing if the subjects with links to pars of the video could be added to these older workshops. ~ Raederle PS: I always find it interesting how Teal has yet to run into any long-term polyamorous relationships. I can't imagine not having my two husbands at this point. They are my family, my community, my support system, and we all watch and read Teal together.
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