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  1. sunandacarmela


    A life partner
  2. sunandacarmela


    Bigger - ?? Drawing a blank lol. Maybe some delusions of grandeur. Smaller - constant comparison. Changing my mannerisms in public. Undervaluing my talents. Putting off making art
  3. sunandacarmela


    An artist. In all manners. Writing singing fashion dance painting drawing.
  4. sunandacarmela


    Viewing others as either dumber or much smarter and inherently more competent at navigating life than I am. Not trying to understand others.
  5. sunandacarmela


    I’m generous to myself. I don’t skimp on food or clothes. I try to be honest with myself. I try to get to know myself.
  6. sunandacarmela


    The future, what others think of me, how world events will unfold.
  7. sunandacarmela


    Loneliness. Not feeling connected to others.
  8. sunandacarmela

    Season Change

    Aww wow! I took a lot of Holy Basil last fall/winter. Will return Thank you Teal
  9. sunandacarmela


    “I’d probably have horrible things happen to me and die.”
  10. So I pulled a BlindSpot card around mh situation and it said I was being gaslit! Which is a very opposite message to this video. Kinda more confused lol. I am going to go with my gut and figure this consensus message was about a different situation in my life. And we’ll see!
  11. Finally got it! It arrived towards the end of my moon cycle so will have to wait a month to really find out how it affects me. Also I love the taste of beetroot haha. I agree it tastes like dirt but I like it. Possibly because I was born with an iron deficiency.
  12. sunandacarmela

    Childhood Story

    Mine was Thumbelina. She was the only girl of her size in the world and thought it was impossible for her to find someone who would love her. But one night she met a fairy Prince, they fell in love, and despite the many forces against them they got married and lived happily ever after. Yeah. Goes to show you that my longing for a counterpart runs deep.
  13. sunandacarmela


    Trying to understand the mainstream and trends etc. Being quiet and exploring the world for myself
  14. sunandacarmela

    Sleep Minerals

    Amethyst is LOUD

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