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  1. What a kitchen! I love you’re orange tiles and colorful kitchenware
  2. sunandacarmela

    Chicago Workshop 2019 - 2/2

    Somehow it feels like part of why this workshop went into the shadows more is due to fact of it being held at night the crowd starting to boo (almost) and things crashing in the background suggest chaotic/demonic energies present - the kind of stuff that comes out when you have unmet needs and need to meet them indirectly. And to the ppl complaining about Teals use of the phrase “my stage.” It’s entirely her stage - made for work that she does (actual work not running around in circles for attention “work”) And ppl have gone on stage openly stating it was because they wanted attention (see the end of the Prague workshop in her white dress) and she received it well. The problem here is the WAY he went about meeting the need which was manipulative and a time suck not the need itself.
  3. sunandacarmela

    Chicago Workshop 2019 - 2/2

    This was super intense. I’ve never seen 1) Teal get angry with someone who came up and stage and 2) someone caught in manipulative behaviors and either truly not seeing it or sticking to the facade that they don’t see it because acknowledging that they’re being manipulative is perceived as worse. Wild stuff! Very uncomfortable. I recognize a part of myself that fears losing my “struggles” and getting unstuck and moving forward because I don’t think people will pay as much attention to me if I don’t have issues going on. Tough to look at!
  4. Is someone doing a documentary on you, Teal?
  5. sunandacarmela

    Teal's Pet Peeves

    What part of you is the matte gray car
  6. sunandacarmela

    Shadow House 2014

    Would love to see more Shadow House Episodes!
  7. Maybe I'm not understanding this fully: Lynn was feeling happy at the gym and Teal wasn't. By not feeling Teal's pain Lynn was in denial and pretending she, herself, was also not in pain? But originally Lynn was feeling happy so how is that denial?
  8. Woohoo! Thank you. i love these “Today in the Ether” segments.
  9. 5:08 - So don't describe everything - tell us about a book in the Library, a chapter, a paragraph, a sentence!
  10. Just be careful that you actually teach c o n s e q u e n c e s. My parents "taught me consequences" but it the same thing as punishment (time-outs, spanking, grounding, taking away certain privileges, etc.) The term 'consequences' was just a way for them to feel good about themselves as "New Age" parents.
  11. I love these! Community, friendship, and food. Keep 'em coming.
  12. That was Stockholm but they didn't post that segment on premium, unfortunately.
  13. sunandacarmela

    Peak Narcissism

    I was driving to the Expo and got psychic flashes that you would be danger there or that something terrible would happen to me. So I drove to a friends house instead. I'm very glad to learn you are physically safe. I love you, Teal. You are my choice now and forever.
  14. sunandacarmela

    The Bigger Picture

    Awesome!! I'm excited
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