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  1. Parth


    I love your handwriting.
  2. Parth

    Boulder Mountain

    Amazing vibration!
  3. Parth

    How To Ruin Your Community

    That's why you should self-sacrifice for the community. Yaaayyyyy self-sacrifice!!!!
  4. Parth

    How To Ruin Your Community

    Damn. When I was listening, I was like 'I'm guilty of that one, and that one, and that one...'
  5. Parth

    Best Book Ever

    My favorite is 'Thinking in Systems' by Donnella Meadows. I'm a nerd. Sue me!
  6. Parth


    That productivity isn't everything.
  7. Your level of excellence amazes me every time I think about it. You've created a whole new standard of expertise that very few people will ever know. I have a lot of respect for you because of this. My highest value is Technical Mastery. I need to be building something all the time. There's only one movie I can think of that somewhat resembles my personality - the movie on Steve Jobs which shows the time he built the Apple computer.
  8. Parth

    The Truth About Empaths

    Soooooo I gotta be unsafe to have someone attune to me, right?
  9. Parth

    Personal Truth

    Resolving paradoxes between different perspectives is a bit of a specialty for me. Looks like it's my day to shine!
  10. Parth

    Quarantine Fatigue

    Writing lists takes away from my energy lol
  11. Parth

    What Gets You In Trouble?

    I value my time and energy a lot. This makes me shy away from mindless entertainment and social situations where everyone is 'just hanging out' or 'just having fun'. I generally disagree with today's social norms in general. I'm not a very 'fun person' or entertaining in the prosaic sense. My rejection of survivalism is another one.
  12. Parth

    What's Ending?

    I think in my life, me living with my mom is coming to an end. I hope that is the case!
  13. Parth


    I found myself to be biased against survivalism, like I tended to be resistive to people who are survivalistic and aren't growing, or don't have a vision they're wanting to actualize. People clinging to the status-quo of their life and not moving forward.
  14. Parth


    When you look into the camera it has a nice, intense effect. It's like you're perfectly able to make eye-contact with the person who's watching.
  15. Parth


    Good stuff.
  16. Parth


    Well, in the real world, Hogwarts ain't a muggle-free zone xD
  17. Parth


    What's kinda unnerving me is that the only way to collectively break out of 'have-to' is if people fail harder and harder at what they 'have to' do. Then when they completely fail, their mind will open to the possibility that 'have-to' isn't true.
  18. Parth


    If I had one naive wish, I'd snap my fingers and all 'have-to' beliefs would disappear. Being a part of structures and systems that function on 'have-to' beliefs is overwhelming me today.
  19. Parth

    Own People

    You are an amazing mirror. I can give you synchronicity stories everyday about how what you say in your updates mirrors in my life. It is incredible. I am working on manifesting a relationship in which I own her. I'm currently living with my mom, so when I manifest my relationship, my partner will replace my mom in my life, or so I expect. The issue I'm working on today is as follows: She is a complete codependent, such that she will have her identity revolve around me. She doesn't have an identity of her own. Now I want a relationship in which I'm able to have a role in my partner's life (take ownership), but that can't happen if she doesn't have an identity of her own. Here's the synchronicity, I happen to be working on this issue today, when your daily update is about owning people!
  20. Parth

    Childhood Story

    I wasn't identified with any character cuz I had no identity lol Now that I think about it, I was heavily identified with this movie in which there is this kid, who can't afford to go to college, who then impersonates a rich kid to go to college, doesn't get the degree cuz the rich kid gets it so what he gets is knowledge. Then, he goes out and starts his own innovative business and makes it!
  21. Parth

    The Most Difficult

    Thanks! I'll check it out.
  22. Parth

    The Most Difficult

    Not knowing where my income is gonna come from! I'm wanting to write a book but since all bookstores are closed, I don't know who will buy it. I don't know which publishing house will take it cuz of this situation. I guess I'm gonna write it anyways cuz hey, what else have I got to do in lockdown?!
  23. The expertise of the Teal Swan rules! Your level of consciousness and expertise is insane for our times and for the current industry. Authenticity is the future.
  24. Parth

    Lucid Dreams

    Looks like you're figuring out how to do the Inception thing in real life! Dreaming together and having a shared dream....
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