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  1. Parth


    I love your handwriting.
  2. Parth

    Boulder Mountain

    Amazing vibration!
  3. Parth

    How To Ruin Your Community

    That's why you should self-sacrifice for the community. Yaaayyyyy self-sacrifice!!!!
  4. Parth

    How To Ruin Your Community

    Damn. When I was listening, I was like 'I'm guilty of that one, and that one, and that one...'
  5. Parth

    Best Book Ever

    My favorite is 'Thinking in Systems' by Donnella Meadows. I'm a nerd. Sue me!
  6. Parth


    That productivity isn't everything.
  7. Your level of excellence amazes me every time I think about it. You've created a whole new standard of expertise that very few people will ever know. I have a lot of respect for you because of this. My highest value is Technical Mastery. I need to be building something all the time. There's only one movie I can think of that somewhat resembles my personality - the movie on Steve Jobs which shows the time he built the Apple computer.
  8. Parth

    The Truth About Empaths

    Soooooo I gotta be unsafe to have someone attune to me, right?
  9. Parth

    Personal Truth

    Resolving paradoxes between different perspectives is a bit of a specialty for me. Looks like it's my day to shine!
  10. Parth

    Quarantine Fatigue

    Writing lists takes away from my energy lol
  11. Parth

    What Gets You In Trouble?

    I value my time and energy a lot. This makes me shy away from mindless entertainment and social situations where everyone is 'just hanging out' or 'just having fun'. I generally disagree with today's social norms in general. I'm not a very 'fun person' or entertaining in the prosaic sense. My rejection of survivalism is another one.
  12. Parth

    What's Ending?

    I think in my life, me living with my mom is coming to an end. I hope that is the case!
  13. Parth


    I found myself to be biased against survivalism, like I tended to be resistive to people who are survivalistic and aren't growing, or don't have a vision they're wanting to actualize. People clinging to the status-quo of their life and not moving forward.
  14. Parth


    When you look into the camera it has a nice, intense effect. It's like you're perfectly able to make eye-contact with the person who's watching.
  15. Parth


    Good stuff.
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