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  1. Parth

    One Thought

    Oh man you made a terrible mistake committing to watching all the Marvel movies! I really doubt you'll like them. (I don't like them one bit so this could be me projecting hehe)
  2. Parth

    Pre-LA Workshop

    Holy shit I was at a start-up/business fest yesterday! Met a lot of people xD
  3. Parth

    Teal's Current Shadow Work

    About the whole misinterpretation of words thing : I see what you're saying. The BBC article on you did misinterpret what you were saying when you called suicide a reset button. This is a doozy! Good luck with this.
  4. Parth

    Graci's Bday Presents

    Happy bday Graci! You guys could have put some nice background music in the editing, maybe one of Blake's compositions xD.
  5. Parth


    What's blowing my mind the most about this is the timing of the update! It's unbelievably accurate timing as I've been making some strides myself in personal empowerment in the past few days.
  6. Parth


    Blake's like 'getting in trouble (looks at Teal) with people!'
  7. Parth

    Life In One Word

    My life in one word : Forward-moving!
  8. Parth

    Mulberry Cobbler

    Teal as an extrasensory are you able to communicate with animals and stuff? What about other species?
  9. Parth

    Ask Teal

    Teal is one hell of a fighter!!
  10. Parth

    Picture Time

    The struggles of being famous AND extrasensory!
  11. Parth

    Welcome To Marwen

    Teal can you talk about Fight Club?
  12. Parth

    Star Wars

    I thought Blake would be Yoda and Teal would be, like, Darth Vader!
  13. Parth

    Teal's Hair Secrets

    She'd probably rather get a sponsorship from them first!!
  14. Wait a second, why did Teal say she wouldn't trust anyone else with this process? Doesn't look like something very dangerous
  15. Hmm.. I didn't know people had sleep as a coping mechanism. I'm more conditioned to push through something and resist sleeping even when I'm genuinely tired! Also, when I do intense shadow work, I get tired. When the parts have been at each other for decades, they need rest. It's like you fight a continuous war with yourself for decades, the conscious mind sees it and resolves it, and now you need more food and sleep!
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