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  1. Parth


    You have a lovely presence!
  2. Parth

    Frequency Masks

    I'd appreciate if the linked site opens on a new window when I click on it!
  3. Parth

    A Metaphor About Now

    The silver lining of this 'car flipping' situation is that you're in the same car with us! It matters a lot in times like these when you're there connecting with us and guiding us.
  4. Parth

    Terms Of Rescue

    You know what?! I've been asking the question 'Which void do I want to fill?' for quite sometime now, so much so that I was putting pressure on myself to figure it out. You mirrored the aspect of me that was putting pressure on me!
  5. Parth

    Self Love Question

    I rewatched the movie 'Inception' for the 50th time!
  6. Parth

    Acceptance Challenge

    I was kinda hoping you wouldn't say this... Lets see what happens now!
  7. Parth


    This has been happening since quite a few days with me tbh! I was dealing with lower back pain and I found quite a few support issues. Thanks!
  8. Parth

    Expectations Exercise

    I expect my mom to have no clue what to do in a crisis, but convince herself (and everyone else) she knows what to do!
  9. I'd have never figured out some of this!
  10. Parth

    Delicate Arch

    Oh noooo!!! I couldn't hear your voice!!! The scenery was nice, it would've been nicer to hear you.
  11. Parth

    One Thought

    Oh man you made a terrible mistake committing to watching all the Marvel movies! I really doubt you'll like them. (I don't like them one bit so this could be me projecting hehe)
  12. Parth

    Pre-LA Workshop

    Holy shit I was at a start-up/business fest yesterday! Met a lot of people xD
  13. Parth

    Teal's Current Shadow Work

    About the whole misinterpretation of words thing : I see what you're saying. The BBC article on you did misinterpret what you were saying when you called suicide a reset button. This is a doozy! Good luck with this.
  14. Parth

    Graci's Bday Presents

    Happy bday Graci! You guys could have put some nice background music in the editing, maybe one of Blake's compositions xD.
  15. Parth


    What's blowing my mind the most about this is the timing of the update! It's unbelievably accurate timing as I've been making some strides myself in personal empowerment in the past few days.
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