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  1. There is nothing I can say about those feelings, I’m not famous thank fuck. And for the abuse you receive for caring about the suicidal, that is disgusting. If you weren’t cursed with beauty Teal, you may have been able to get away from it all from time to time.
  2. A c Parkinson

    Family VS Career

    balance is meant to be automatic. I’m so lucky to be just a man. Thanks for reminding me Teal.
  3. A c Parkinson

    The Boulder

    Reward for effort. Absolutely spot on Teal.
  4. A c Parkinson


    Thanks for being so kindly direct Teal, my need is to know you some more.
  5. You gotta laugh like the Kookaburra here Teal, the authorities at Melbourne airport disgust me and the locals hate them seriously. Such an embarrassment. A pox on them, done.
  6. A c Parkinson

    On The Road

    Thanks for coming out to Melbourne, Synchronized yeah. xoooo.
  7. It's a beautiful Autumn day in Melbourne.
  8. There was a great crowd at the Latrobe synchronisation workshop. I gotta thank the universe for having things lined up for me. I like the way the activities raise ones Vibrations. It's important to follow through and be the change you want to be. So let's meet up today Melbourne Myer Music Bowl. midday.
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