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  1. You have R Mars and R Saturn in Scorpio so you are someone who dives fearlessly into the taboo and uncomfortable darkness with focus and maturity. I've experienced a lot of suicidal ideation and it is really unpleasant, I feel like I can provide some insight on a true solution... I have had a NDE where I crossed over and honestly I feel like death is pretty beautiful as a result of what I experienced, so I don't blame people for wanting to escape the madness and pain of life. Humanity is totally disconnected in this old paradigm from the truth of who, what, when, where, how and why they are. This disconnection causes the misery and suffering, so you are hunnit percent correct in saying we need to reconnect. On the surface level, I can say that in treating my condition a product called colloidal gold really helped me, and I always recommend this for people going through depression. In addition, I believe that wireless frequencies and gut flora/probiotics play a huge factor in mental health, so I raise awareness about that as well. In healing our emotional body, we must consider the positive impact of conscious eating to help balance unstable thoughts and emotions, and re-calibrate the spirit. A supportive community is important, where you can be authentic and intimate and heart-centered and grow together without judgement. Nature is therapeutic, hugging trees and grounding, fresh air, sunshine, pure water, creation. Entheogenic substances used respectfully in safe environments can also really help bring the unconscious to the surface and connect new neural pathways to open up new possibilities previously not thought of. But what truthfully kept me going was much deeper than all that. The only reason I am still here is because of my Dharmic soul purpose and sense of self. I know who I am. I know what I'm supposed to do in this world. I know how necessary I am. That's what saved me. Astrology has given me even more insight and confirmation into this, but it is this deep sense of self and sense of my place in this universe that was the key for me and that has given me a sense of.... unconditional self love? pride? duty? obligation? reason? purpose? courage? I found a reason, something to believe in. My Dharma is to establish Anark-Eden (true freedom in paradise) on planet Earth, to inspire and initiate a Conscious Human Uprising 2018-2025. I feel like this concept I have been envisioning and manifesting can provide everyone with a light at the end of the tunnel, where currently people see hopelessness and no way out! This is what it provided me. Anarkeden is astrologically aligned, divinely inspired, spiritually encouraged, and most importantly, it helps people discover their self, creates a beautiful, good and COMFORTABLE life that no one would want to escape from, and it would really connect people with the truth of this universe exponentially. Anark-Eden is a decentralized, wild system harmonized with Natural Law; a symbiotic, mutually-beneficial, ecologically-stimulating, spiritually-liberating, automatic-abundance economy, never before tried – except in Atlantis! By rising above the old paradigm and channeling our energy towards mutually-beneficial initiatives, we will create a thriving state of Anarkeden! The Uprising involves a lot of emotional and personal work, as well as collaboration to co-create a symbiotic life, the solution strategy is available on my website for free. I feel this is vitally important because depression is a symptom of a much larger causal issue which is society is broken and people are unconscious and disconnected from the Love vibration. It is those whom refuse to acknowledge suicide or any of the darkness in human society that are causing more, through their ignorance and denial and lack of personal responsibility to own up to their own contribution to this condition and their own ability to make a difference. By working from this causal plane of reality - the why before manifestation - we can provide true and permanent shamanistic healing to this planet and prevent and mitigate these symptoms from manifesting in the first place. This is the true solution to every single problem humanity faces and I know you are already aware of this. I just feel the word Anark-Eden is a very beautiful vibration and can be used as a mechanism to initiate a RISE in consciousness and LOVE and inspiration in order to reclaim our Right to Freedom in the Garden of Eden. I can't do it alone but I believe this idea has so much potential. Problem: Disconnection Malnutrition Poor Health Artificial Scarcity Violent System Unhealed Trauma Unconscious Parenting Unnatural Environment Solution: ✓ Love ✓ Nutrition ✓ Shamanism ✓ Permaculture ✓ Anarkeden ✓ Self-Awareness ✓ Conscious Parenting ✓ Natural Environment PS: "Never knowing for sure if someone is a friend of yours or just someone pretending to be, so as to catapult their own self-esteem or career manipulatively with your fame as the springboard." I genuinely think your work is really awesome and want u to know my only motivation is to free humanity, heal the environment, and end suffering on planet earth. I don't want to make a career of it, not looking for fame, of course I'd love some money but I am providing my content for free as a philanthropist. I just want to share the idea with as many people as I can because I am so enlivened and impassioned by it and excited for what it can achieve in reality once enough people see it.
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