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  1. Exactly! You are already born into your soul family...and I know from experience that this is a hard concept to grasp, but the difficult people in your life are the ones who end up serving your expansion the most.
  2. I believe we all do that consciously at some point. I'm Carla, also 30.
  3. Holistic/Natopathic various inquiries..from a someone living Cerebral Palsy. Hi Everyone and thanks for help in advance. I am currently fasting for the next four days and taking this opportunity to taking steps to solidify this shift I've been wanting to make... My main challenge as I see it is finding online stores that will give access to fresh goods, supplements, ect. I figured that the only I'm going to achieve anything is by taking charge myself. While I work on the mobility obstacle, the internet is the tool that allowing me to take action on my own. So far I haven't been very successful, does anyone know of any? Is Brandless any good? Also, Any good books on the subject? Suggestions and tips of "sure" steps om my own?
  4. Yeah...depends on the day. Ethereal and tribal music help me as well..
  5. Well that's a you understand all that you've seen? Has curiosity killed the cat yet? Do you wanna sit on your ass all day because you truly enjoy it or because you feel most comfortable there? Sounds like you need to have a good conversation with yourself...writing has help me do that. Good Luck
  6. Name: Carla R. Question: Hi Teal, its in part to you that I'm still here..Thanks. What's the point of disability from a spiritual standpoint? I was born with Cerebral Palsy. I understand that my question is not guaranteed to be answered: I understand that my question is not guaranteed to be answered