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  1. I see a huge green cube made out of an unknown glossy material resembling a cooler. It’s about 2 feet from me and it is tall and wide. I can’t see inside but I can feel the cool/calm sensation of what might be inside. The ladder is actually attached and securely a fixed to the exterior of the cube so that one can easily climb into the cube. This ladder reminds me a ladder on the side of a boat or on the side of an above ground swimming pool. The ladder seems like it has about 12 rungs. There is a shiny coated sleek, muscular, well groomed, brown horse about 10 feet from the cube. He doesn’t have a saddle and his black mane is beautiful and flowing and blowing with the wind and his movements. He looks “at one” with this space and appears extremely content. On the horizon, I can see dark clouds which may be a storm, but it appears to be passing from left to right, fairly quickly. I see a huge patch of flowers on the left side of the ladder. There are 100’s and 100’s of them, too many to count. There are soooooo many colors and types and shapes and I see myself enjoying the beauty of these flowers as I climb the ladder and catch eyes with the horse from this uplifted view.
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