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  1. I see a huge green cube made out of an unknown glossy material resembling a cooler. It’s about 2 feet from me and it is tall and wide. I can’t see inside but I can feel the cool/calm sensation of what might be inside. The ladder is actually attached and securely a fixed to the exterior of the cube so that one can easily climb into the cube. This ladder reminds me a ladder on the side of a boat or on the side of an above ground swimming pool. The ladder seems like it has about 12 rungs. There is a shiny coated sleek, muscular, well groomed, brown horse about 10 feet from the cube. H
  2. Food... I love the exercise Teal posted. And that is a practice I have enjoyed for years. And, there is so much more... As I connect with as many aspects of the food in front of me, I find it’s easy to for me to notice/feel the energies of the “growing” process. Then I, infuse my divine presence of love, into that growing, transporting, prep etc. This becomes my “love” ceremony with food and all beings who have handled it including Earth, Sun, Moon, and so on. From this perspective, I know my heart centered presence and heightened awareness shifts the energy of the food, including a

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