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  1. Hi Teal Swan, Thank you so much for that post! it is the first blog post I have read of yours. I love how you write! I come from New Zealand and was in New York a couple of years ago and your words took me back to the feeling of being there. I have recently found your you tube channel and then heard you talk about your story in a Hay house podcast. I am very glad to have come into contact with your work and to know about your story. It has really helped me. Thank you for your work. I found this post beautiful and incredibly heartening. To have in words the description of that kind of pain. It put into words how difficult times feel and that brokenness - I could imagine hearing you speak the blog post as I read it. It was very comforting - like being seen and loved. Maybe these words have helped me see parts of myself and to accept them or to see that they were always intact and whole despite some of the things that have happened. Also being sensitive to about trueness to who you are in your work is the best thing we can do and I like that its something that is a constant thing to be aware of. Because everything is fluid and moving. I know that this post will touch many people who read it. ? Rebecca
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